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I had only seemed to jinx myself when I had said that. I had already had a bad feeling that the day was going to be terrible when I heard by name. By a certain o so annoying female teacher, in her high-pitched "friendly voice'' that I hated so much. Picking my head up, I looked up at her. My soft black-brown bangs in my face, covering my clearly uninterested look. It seems only lifting my head provoked her, causing me to hiss slightly. "Are you sassing me, girl?" She said, her lips pressed together in an angered expression. I didn't know what was her problem, she seemed to hate me the moment I entered class. She wasn't the only person mad at me though, I could feel Shawn's eyes glaring into my back. I understood that I calling James an annoying, mumbling fool was harsh but I can't stand people touching me. He should have taking the hint for him to stop; I had a scowl on my face after the 10th poke. Maybe I should apologize, I probably should. Ignoring the teacher, I slowly turned to James. He didn't look at me in the beginning, only until I silently whispered his name. "James, James I'm sorry. Perdoname?" I said, biting the bottom of my lip and looking down at my lap. He looked at me, tilting his head looking adorable. "mmitsph mmokayph." He said, giving me a double thumb up. Feeling instantly relived, I sat up straight in my chair. I no longer felt Shawn's eyes glaring at me to make me feel even better.

I guess this day just got better, oh wait. Knocking on the wood of my desk, I managed not to jinx myself. I would always knock on wood when I jinxed myself. Something I learned from my Colombian mother. My father wasn't one to care about jinxing something, maybe that's why he died fighting. I still remember what he said before he left. "It's not like anything bad will happen." It was a lie, such a gigantic lie. I snapped out of my daydream, weirdly actually listening to the teacher. She was talking about our classes and our importance. The teacher mentioned my class, saying how the Multiple class was offensive, defensive, and supportive. Both James and Shawn looked at me in astonishment, making me feel nervous. I think the teacher liked me being nervous, mentioning that I can also use every class's primary weapon. Aleks gasped, "LITTLE GIRL CANT HOLD SASHA." He said, looking at me shockingly. I slowly nodded, pointing to my arms. "I am strong Aleks, you haven't been around me long enough..." It was true; my immense strength confused my parents greatly. When I was 3, I was able to hold a large block of wood with just one hand. By age 6, I was able to carry large weapons such as a machete with no difficulty. I didn't want to tell anyone though, getting more attention then needed was not what I wanted. After about 5 minutes, the teacher finally stopped talking about my class. I had only felt stares on me the entire time. Then I heard it, the blessed sound of a bell. I quickly picked up my bag, fixed my jacket, and was about to jet out of the room before I felt a hand grab my wrist. "Do ya kno' where you are even bloody goin'?" Said a familiar Australian accent. "No…" I said, it was true. Shawn gripped my wrist even tighter, dragging me to the next class. I guess he's my chaperone now.

Reaching the classroom, I opened the door right before the bell rang. Sitting down with the same group as last class I sighed. This was probably going to be a long class, but the male teacher seemed nicer than the long-faced female teacher from last period. " Hello class! My name is Mr. RupertBerg. But you can all call me Neil." He said, sounding very nice and proper. I could already tell I was going to like this teacher. " So, a little birdie told me we have a new class here. Alexcia is her name isn't it?" He said, pointing to me. I slowly nodded, a small smile crossing my face. walked up to me, his hand extended out for me to shake. I shacked his hand, his large fatherly looking hand consuming mine." It's nice to meet the infamous daughter of Colonel Xavier Lopez. Your father was quite a hero." I could hear gasps from everyone in the class, causing me to sink into my seat. I guess finally hearing my father's name closed their suspicions to why my last name was Lopez. Trying to stop the classroom from becoming even more awkward, coughed and walked to the front of the classroom. " Now students why don't we go to the shooting range?" He said, causing every student to cheer. I guess now was my time to shine.

Cracking my fingers, I looked at all the selections of guns. From a scatter gun to a grenade launcher, I was itching to use every single one of the weapons. I had finally made my choice, a standard flamethrower to occupy my current fiery mood. James was right next to me, making a confused mmph sound at my choice of weapon. " mmyourph mmgoingph mmtoph mmuseph mmaph mmflamethrowerph?"He said, making me slightly laugh. "Si. You did hear that I could use your weapons right?" I said, laughing and gently punching Jame's shoulder. James laughed back, but stopped when the Shooting Range teacher appeared. " ALRIGHT KIDS. AFTER YOU CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON I WANT YOU TO ATTACK THE DUMMIES. CONSERVING AMMO AND BEING PRECISE. IN 3, 2 ,1. GO!" He yelled out, the dummies soon appearing. I let out a puff of flames at the dummies, all of them retracting back quickly. After 10 more dummies they stopped popping up. The sound of a alarm alerting us all ( even over the sound a mini guns and rockets). " NOW THEN MAGGO-I MEAN STUDENTS. YOUR TRAINING IS OVER AND YOU WILL CONTINUE TOMMOROW. TIME FOR LUNCH!" Soon the bell rang, my stomach growling. I followed James and Shawn, soon reaching the cafeteria. I wasn't prepared for how many students was there, I definitely couldn't prepare. To make it worse, they all looked the same.


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