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I had almost wanted to screech at the amount of people in the cafeteria. Everyone looked the same, a few distinctive features allowing be to tell the difference. To add to the shock, I hadn't seen any girls at all. I was all alone, little Alexcia here by her own. A hand gripped my arm, making me almost jump out of my skin. It was James, the only way I could identify him was by the dog tags hanging on his neck. Something I recently noticed, but silently dismissed. Dragging me over to get food, I was impressed. This food looked good enough to eat, sadly though no rice or meat to satisfy my taste buds. Just plain old America macaroni and cheese, classic. Taking my lunch and some milk, I looked for the adorable Pyro I knew as James. It had taken a while to find him, after some intense adventuring and pick-up lines from other boy, I had found James. He had been sitting with the others, Aleks next to Robert. They seemed to always be sitting next to each other; it was nice to see that they were good friends at least. Taking a seat across from James, I took in a deep sigh. Man was this place confusing, the students looked alike, hairstyles or trademarks to identify differences. However, it was easy for me to tell which Pyro was James. He always seemed more cheery then other Pyros for I could see, his mask also seemed to be more of a light grey than black than others. I continue looking at James to see anymore differences until he turned to me after having a quick conversation with Aleks. I jumped, looking down to my food as if I was eating a few seconds ago. Slowly looking up, I saw James staring at me with his head tilted. Taking a deep breath I let out a hello to James, he replied back with a hello, the awkward tension between us increasing. I look down at my food again, engulfing the Macaroni and Cheese with deep gulps. Unfortunately, I managed to choke on a stray macaroni. I pounded on my chest, hitting the table with my right hand. James jumped, running to my side while Aleks and Rob looked very surprised. Putting his arms around my abdominal, James did an action that caused me to stop choking. When I was finally fine, James let me go patting my back gently after I sat back down on my seat. The whole lunchroom looked at me, the cause of my almost plausible death. The looks however, unnerved me more then the presence of all the people. Looks of surprise, lust, or plain huh were directed towards me. I let out a soft cough, "James, T-Thanks." Looking at James with a thankful expression. After a few minutes the lunchroom stopped looking at me, I noticed something was out of place. I looked over our table, James check, Rob check, Aleks check, Shawn…Unknown. Looking at James, I pointed to the seat next to me. He seemed to get my message and shrugged. Dear God, where is he? There's probably five minutes left in lunch. Standing up, I went to the garbage can to drop my lunch. Although, the walk to the can wasn't as pleasant as I wished it was. I kept on getting wolf whistles and the occasional "Hey Babe you busy later?" Quickly walking to the garbage can, I dumped my food out and swiftly ran out to James' table. Although, I got slapped in the ass before I sat down. I turned around quickly and went to punch the person who did so but I stopped in mid-air. It was Shawn, a large smirk on his stupid Australian face. I let out a deep growl, a grim expression on my face. "Why in the name of FUCK, did you do that!?" I yelled out at Shawn. He seemed to smirk even more, "I wanted to see what that rump of yours was like." Shawn said, Australian accent giving him more of an edge to his voice. I closed my eyes shut and took a deep breath. " You are so lucky I'm trying to be nice today, you Australian annoyance…." I mumbled under my voice. The bell than just rang, causing me to look up and walk to the door. This day just got even worse. Fun. Let's see if we can get through this day. 3 more hours to go, three more hours. I said to myself, walking side by side with James.

With James at my side, I walked to my next class. Science, it was said to have the teacher called . I heard she wasn't that bad, but you never know. This school has already has caused me more anger then I thought it would. Reaching the class, I walked inside behind James. Following him like a lost puppy, I sat down at the table with James. This time though, Rob and Aleks weren't sitting with us. It was a male with a blue mask and official looking business suit. He had green eyes, which intrigued me for a few seconds before I went to look at the second male at the table. The second male was an older male, he had a yellow hard hat, along with some black overalls. I was able to take a quick glimpse of his eyes, they were hazel. I liked hazel.

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