A/N: I know it's short. It's just a premiere though. More chapters to come. Hope y'all enjoy it :) I have plenty of story ideas I would love to write!

"Look out, Sailor Moon!" A soothing, male voice yelled at a girl with blonde pig-tails and buns atop her head. Sailor Moon looked up in time to see a lancet flying in her direction. She screamed and clenched her eyes shut, waiting for impact. A few minutes passed and she felt nothing. Opening her eyes, she saw the fluffy white clouds floating ever so close above her. She looked up at an angle to see her favorite man in the world: Tuxedo Mask. He peered down at her through his white mask and a smile crept on his face.

"You should really be more careful and less of a space case." He teased. When they landed, he removed his arm encased in a long-sleeve from his black suit and adjusted the white gloves covering his hands. Sailor Moon stood upright and looked at her friends across the lot. They stood in a posing stance on the other side of their enemy, ready to fight. There were four girls, five counting Sailor Moon, and they all dressed in matching mini-skirts and leotards with a sailor's collar and bows on their chest and lower back. Each had their respected color though so they didn't look weird in the exact same thing.

"You sailor brats are getting on my nerves." Their enemy, a man in heavy purple armor growled through clenched teeth. His eyes moved from Tuxedo Mask to each of the girls, one by one. The man's head hid underneath a matching purple helmet. "I'm going to take care of all of you right now!" His deep voice turned into a trumpeting yell. The girls hastily ran to Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask's side. The wind around them picked up. Dirt and leaves blew in chaos, and the girls' long hair flew into a mess in front of their faces, and Tuxedo Mask's black and red cape wrapped around his body like a blanket. "Enjoy Hell!" The man added and waved his lancet around; the wind picked up even more, and the earth seemed to start spinning.

"What's happening!?" The tallest of the girls exclaimed. Her chestnut ponytail nearly choked her on her words. Her respective colors were green and soft pink. She dug the heels of her green ankle boots into the ground, bracing herself. The rest of the girls followed her actions, preparing themselves for the attack as well. They covered their faces before feeling the world they knew around them disappear.