October 20, 2012
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By RahXephon [847246]

Author's Notes: I went to see the new Dredd 3D movie and it was awesome. While the violence was a bit over the top, I love the setting and universe. Unlike a lot of people, I actually enjoyed the older Judge Dredd movie even though it had Rob Schneider. It's too bad both movies flopped. I'll probably have to wait another 20 years for a new flick to come out.

The Star Hegemony

A Question of Loyalty

The fallout from the press conference was enormous. Not only did that slime bag Admiral Mikhailovich unilaterally force Harry to become part of the Second Fleet, the wizard turned the game around and crowned himself the commander of the newly instated Cerberus Task Force. The repercussions were enormous, and almost no one was prepared.

No one was happy with the results. Mikhailovich had to deal with an insubordinate and impertinent squadron commander. Harry lost much of his operational freedom. The crew of the SSV Cerberus weren't all that happy about serving a fleet different from the one they were raised. The Second Fleeters themselves were a bit baffled by Harry's civilian background and lack of military experience. While the discovery of medi-gel distracted much of the populace, a lot of long-serving officers grumbled privately why an outsider received the privilege of leading a detachment of valuable warships.

All in all, Harry gave the good admiral a lot of grief. Mikhailovich let his displeasure known to Harry in no uncertain terms.

"You filthy rogue. How dare you demand concessions from me?"

Harry sat back on a lavish seat in Mikhailovich's office. He idly looked around the opulent quarters of the head of the Second Fleet and whistled. The admiral sure enjoyed good taste. He spotted golden chandeliers, priceless Van Goghs, and was that a Picasso?

"Pay attention when I'm talking to you! You're my subordinate now."

"I'll pay attention to anything I like. I'm an irregular, remember? I'm not really sure what that entails, but I'll be damned before I salute a greasy snake like you."

"You are this close to insubordination charges." Mikhailovich snarled out, and gestured towards Kaidan, who readied his biotics.

"Is that supposed to scare me? I'm not afraid of your pet. Let's talk this out like gentlemen."

The three maintained a tense silence. Eventually, the admiral backed off, ordering Kaidan to stand down. "Fine. Let us discuss then." He took a calculative expression. "I am willing to instate you as a captain of the Second Fleet and accept you as the commander of the Cerberus Task Force if you abide by certain restrictions."

"And they are?"

"First, you take your orders from me."

"If you are ordering me to kill myself, then you can forget about it, buster."

"I shall endeavor to keep my orders lawful." The admiral reassured the boy with a half-sincere smile. "The articles of war are in effect. So long you act competently and follow my orders you have nothing to fear. But if you break them in any fashion, you will be relieved from command. Staff Lieutenant Alenko shall accompany you as your new chief of staff to.. ensure compliance."

This caused Kaidan to startle. "Sir?"

"You heard me, Alenko. Keep the good captain in line."

"Yes, sir."

The thought of having a biotic lackey following him around did not assure Harry very much. 'I might as well call him commissar.' Still, it appeared that the admiral did not have the power to act with impunity. He learned from his talks with Traynor and other crewmen that the fleets were notoriously rule-bound. The ancient regulations which kept the Systems Alliance disciplined still reigned today, with all the limitations that resulted from that. This was why Harry publically emphasized the informal nature of his own command. He didn't want to become a cog in the Systems Alliance machine.

"What other demands do you have, admiral?"

"Second, I will assign.. two frigates to your task force. I originally planned for five, but with this unexpected development, I do not wish to overburden your command."

Harry expected something like that. The admiral would be a fool to trust him with five ships. Granted, he was still a fool for leaving him with two of them. 'I can do a lot with two fully equipped frigates.'

"They better be combat capable. I don't have any use for wrecks."

"Have no worries, captain. They shall be adequate for the task." The admiral had to keep up appearances, after all. As the alleged originator of the Cerberus Task Force, it would look suspicious if he did everything to sabotage the initiative. "Lastly, you freedom of movement will be restricted to the SSV Cerberus for the time being. I do not want you walking around in your new frigates or the rest of my fleet."

'Is that even legal?' Harry wondered, but from the serious tone he guessed he had no choice but to abide by that rule. It wasn't as if he intended to leave his ship often. Still, the order prevented him from making his home on one of his new shiny frigates.

"You understand that a lot of things can happen in combat. If the Cerberus is damaged, or my presence is needed at a battlefield, I will have to leave the confines of my flagship."

"If you want to run headlong into combat, then by all means do it, captain." Mikhailovich said with a smirk. "However, be warned that if you lose or heavily damage a single ship, that there will be repercussions. Your suitability for command will definitely put into question when that happens."

Harry got the message. Screw up and damage precious fleet property, and the admiral gained enough justification to boot him from his rank and possessions. This, he realized, would be his biggest threat.

"Are you done?"

"That is all for the moment." The admiral nodded. "You will receive your new orders by the end of the week once the paperwork and crew transfers are completed."

"Just to make this clear." Harry said as he stood up and planted his fists against Mikhailovich's oak desk. "You may have pressganged me into serving you, but none of my subordinates answer to you. I will command the task force in my own way, and with my own rules. You want results? You'll get them, but not in the Systems Alliance tradition."

Harry knew just enough about the system to know that the admiral had no means to countermand this development. He had declared the task force as an irregular unit, which made it subject to fewer rules and restrictions. With this in mind, the admiral conceded this point. "As long as you fulfill your mission parameters, your autonomy stays intact."

After a bit of officialdom was taken care off, the admiral booted Harry from his office with Kaidan in tow. He walked down the corridors digesting all of the recent events, and concluded that he needed to implement changes immediately. The addition of two frigates and their accompanying complement of Second Fleeters meant that he needed to adjust his plans.

"Captain." Kaidan spoke, and took hold of Harry's arm. "You're heading in the wrong direction."

Growling aggressively, Harry yanked his arm from the soldier's grip. "Don't touch me you traitor. Lead me back to the Cerberus."

"Very well, sir." Alenko complied stoically, and displayed no emotion as he guided Harry out of the dreadnought and back to his flagship.

As soon as Harry returned to his home, he had to deal with a second crisis that resulted from the press conference. Virtually all of his subordinates were waiting angrily for him in the mess hall. And why wouldn't they? All of this came out of the blue. They thought that they were only here to trade with the Second Fleet, not to join up with them. For months, Harry instilled the virtues of independence as opposed to being part of a fleet in order to discourage such talk. That he did exactly opposite was construed as a gross betrayal for personal ambition.


"I didn't sign up to this!"

"The Second Fleet is not my fleet!"

Most of the loudest people were the men, but the women were also looking concerned. Harry understood the sentiment, but the last thing he needed was a breakdown in authority. He had to nip this one in the bud.


That sure shut up the crowd. Harry leveled a measured gaze at them, staring at each potential troublemaker until they averted their eyes. It was an effective intimidation tactic that reinforced his dominance over their pathetic lives.

"First, let me make this clear. I did not sell you out. The good Admiral Mikhailowhatever fucking forced us to join his fleet. If we tried to run, then he probably moved to brand us as deserters and take our ship away from us. I had no choice but to play along as best I could and retain as much independence for ourselves as possible."

Harry explained the difficult decisions he made during his press conference and his meeting with the admiral. He was truthful for the most part, having no reason to lie, though he did keep some details under the rug. His men and women slowly wound down as they heard the tale, though they were still unhappy with their new lot in life.

"What do you intend to do, captain? Will you turn us into Second Fleeters?"

"No." Harry replied emphatically. "Not in the least. That is why I demanded autonomy. If I am to lead you into battle and fight for the good of humanity, I'm not going to roll over and let the admiral dictate his terms. I will say this now: we are Cerberus. We serve the Systems Alliance as a whole, not this narrow part of her surviving forces. We will not bend our heads for an arrogant admiral who thinks he can boss us into submission. Mikhailovich thinks he has us under his thumb. The truth is very much different. It is he who we have wrapped around our fingers. While he pretends to order us here and there, we will take advantage of his resources and employ them in more effective ways."

This caused his people to raise a combative cheer, though not everyone was pleased by Harry's tone.

"We're supposed to be fighting for the good of the Systems Alliance." Ashley said, interrupting her reassured colleagues and planting further doubt in their minds. "Yet you openly speak of exploiting the Second Fleet, sir. I don't want to be a part of an outfit who looks down on other branches of humanity. We need to work together, not find new ways to screw each other over."

"Lieutenant Williams." Harry began, his tone even in order to hide his displeasure. "I just explained that Admiral Mikhailovich forcefully took over the Cerberus. I have done nothing to offend him yet he repays us by taking away our freedom. Is that a person who you want to serve under? Is that someone who you trust to keep you alive?"

His point hit them deep. While Ashley instinctively wanted to defend the admiral, the others were thoroughly swayed by his words. Harry had them now, right where he wanted.

"We trust those who respect us. We do not place our lives in the hands of a borderline tyrant who ignores the rules at his convenience. We will play along for now, but when the admiral takes a step too far, he is unworthy of our service. Remember this, and keep it to heart. Dismissed."

Much of the anger against him had dissipated by now. The risk of mutiny had been minimized. Still, Harry had to maintain a careful balancing act from now on. He had to keep his men loyal to him while not appearing to go against Admiral Mikhailovich's authority.

'I've got my work cut out for me.' Harry thought, and headed to his office quarters to begin the first stages of planning.

The readjustment took a lot of work. First, the Cerberus herself had to undergo modifications in order to perform up to standard. The Second Fleet possessed quite a bit of proprietary technology that enhanced the existing capabilities of the Batarian hauler. While some upgrades such as an improved navigation computer with pre-programmed coordinates were free, Harry had to bargain away much of his cargo in order to obtain more substantial improvements such as stronger kinetic barriers.

'Seems like it's still every captain for himself.' Harry observed from the way other captains demanded favors or goods for every service.

For weeks, the SSV Cerberus was docked at a mobile drydock while dozens of technicians ripped out obsolete parts and replaced them with human-fabricated equipment. Much of the work was too complicated for Harry's regular crew to help, so he assigned them to other tasks.

While Mikhailovich forbade Harry from leaving the Cerberus, the rest of his subordinates were free to move about in the public areas of the fleet. The wizard methodically spread them about the civilian ships. They were tasked with gathering intelligence and help with recruitment. Even if Harry had little faith in them, just letting his men and women mingle with the crowd would help with exposure.

Mikhailovich was very clear in one matter: Harry would get his frigates, but not the crew required to operate them. Harry had to attract qualified personnel on his own initiative, a task that proved to be quite challenging. Oh sure, he received a lot of applicants. Unfortunately, most of them were little more than low-skilled labor and losers stuck in dead-end jobs. If Harry wanted to make a strong start with his task force, then he needed genuine talent.

"Something needs to change quickly, and soon." Harry announced to his assembled command personnel, keeping an especially close eye on Alenko. "The good admiral informed me if my task force isn't up to strength in two weeks, he'll replace me. I don't intend to let that happen."

The officers looked at him uncertainly, as if knowing he had something drastic in mind. "What are your plans, captain?"

"I'll show you." Harry smirked, and beckoned Gabby to come closer. "Come here, Daniels."

The woman nervously stood up and walked along the table until she came up to Harry. "Is there anything you need, sir?"

"Oh, lots." He said, then leaned up to grab Gabby and pulled her down into a sloppy kiss. Everyone was shocked speechless as the engineer squirmed in Harry's possessive grasp.

"What.. what is the meaning of this?!" Ashley stammered, shocked at the brazen display of affection.

After a few seconds of sucking Gabby's mouth, Harry withdrew and forced his little slave on his lap. He kept his hands firmly on her waist, silently telling her not to make a move.

"According to Alliance regs, fraternization is something of a taboo, is it not?"

"Correct, sir." Jacob answered haltingly as he still tried to figure out his captain's ploy. "Intimate relationships between serving Alliance personnel are prohibited in many cases, particularly when they are serving on the same ship."

"I plan to do away with that rule." Harry stated as he tweaked Gabby's smooth stomach in an affectionate way. "We're not going to be a stiff military outfit. I want the Cerberus Task Force to be a cohesive family, not a heartless machine. From now on, all the rules on fraternization will be off the books. I'll bet a lot more talented people will jump at joining me once I've advertised this throughout the entire fleet."

Almost everyone else in the conference room still appeared aghast at the suggestion. Kaidan was the first person to make an objection.

"Captain Potter, Admiral Mikhailovich will not approve of this deliberate violation of the Systems Alliance Navy Code."

"I don't give a rats ass what my dear admiral thinks. Cerberus is an irregular outfit. I may not be very well versed in Alliance regulations, but I am pretty sure that every dictionary defines 'irregular' as different." Harry waved at Kaidan dismissively. "Go back to your master like a fucking dog and whine if you want. I don't care what he says and I doubt he'll kick up a fuss on this trivial issue."

While Kaidan backed off, others were still not subdued. Pressly slammed the table with his palm. "You don't know anything, Potter! Those rules have been in place for so long because they work. Servicemen need to rely on each other in the heat of battle as brothers in arms. These kinds of emotions will only get in the way of performance."

Jacob also had something to add. "With all due respect Harry, relationships between people of different ranks in the same hierarchy is inappropriate." He looked a little accusingly at both Gabby and Harry. "Organizations tend to show debilitating cases of favoritism due to these developments."

They both made good points, Harry privately conceded. Just thinking back on the old and corrupt Ministry of Magic was enough of an example for him. That rotten organization had become a virtual mafia over the years, with high-placed families doling out prestigious positions to each other for money and favors. Yet despite these long-term issues, Harry didn't really give a shit. He had managed to gain command of a task force but had way too few volunteers to crew his new assets. He needed to fill up his ships immediately before he could think about anything else.

Besides, instituting this change meant that he could stop hiding his relationship with Gabby. Instead of sneaking her into his quarters for another romp, he could simply call her over intercom. He really couldn't care less about the gossip that would undoubtedly result from the revelation of his attachment to Gabby, as long as he could fuck whenever he wanted. Getting a second or a third girl might pose a bigger problem, though. 'It doesn't appear that these people are open to polygamy.' He sighed at that. 'What a wonderful future, whoopee.'

"Alright, if everyone is done with the complaints, let's get to work. I've got a lot in store for the Cerberus Task Force, and I need all of you to work to make it happen."

Harry handed out assignments to each of his officers. "Pressly, you're in charge of the paint job. I don't like the drab grey colors the Second Fleet coated the frigates, and I think the SSV Cerberus herself can use a change of color from that boring Batarian black."

"Sir.." Pressly began, appearing very troubled by his captain's request. "We have more pressing priorities to address. Surely we can push the matter aside until-"

"No." Harry interrupted the navigator. "We're not putting it aside. The paintjob is important. It distinguishes us and puts us apart from the Second Fleet. Image is important, Pressly. Get to work on it. I've mailed you some notes on how they should look like."

"It's going to cost us a lot of barter. It's not cheap to get a hold of emissions-dampening coating, sir."

"We still got plenty of stuff to trade. The cost won't be a problem." Harry then turned to his next request. "Jacob, you're a people person, so you're in charge of recruitment. I don't care what kind of people you bring in, so long they are actually any good in what they do. That, and obey orders, of course. Keep an eye out for doctors and scientists, and go over every officer applicant with me. I don't want a complete stranger captaining my frigates."

The former Corsair nodded. "Understood, sir."

"Hmm.. what else did I have in mind.." The young captain mumbled, and as Gabby fidgeted on his lap he remember. "Oh, Chief Daniels, I've got a job for you. I want you to find some way of installing the anti-air cannons we nicked from the Batarians onto the Cerberus. I don't want her to be a defenseless tub."

The engineer found it difficult to accept her orders. "Sir, the ship doesn't have the hull strength or the power matrix to support those guns. Transport ships aren't robust enough to handle the stresses."

"I don't believe that, Gabby. The Second Fleet has a lot of civilian ships and one out of five has a makeshift gun welded to their hulls. We're still in a drydock, so why don't you go out and ask the maintenance techs to figure it out?"

She hadn't thought of that. "I'll do as you suggested."

"Good." He had one more task to dole out to Ashley in order to keep the troublemaker busy. "Williams, I'm putting you in charge of our marine forces. You've done a decent job whipping up my mining slaves, but they turn into wimps as soon as they meet gunfire. Go work together with Jacob to recruit some solid fighting men. I anticipate we'll be doing a lot of boarding and ground assaults, so be sure to get a wide variety. I want snipers, machine gunners, field medics, and people who can shoot fireballs from their omni-tools."

"Combat engineers."

"Yeah, engineers like Gabby over here." Harry playfully slapped her arse, earning a yelp from his victim and another scandalous look from his subordinates. "She's wizard with tools, if you know what I mean."

The meeting quickly ended after that. Even Kaidan marched out of the chamber with a disgusted look.

'Good. The fucking spy is gone.'

"Uhm sir.. can you let go of me now?" Gabby asked with hopeful eyes.

Harry considered taking her here right then and there, but changed his mind. He had a lot of work to do to organize his new task force. "Sure." He roughly pushed her off and painfully let her smack against the table. "But remember that you're my girlfriend now."


"Oh yes, at least in public. Our relationship will serve as an example to show that I mean business concerning the change of rules."

"But.. umm.. why me? Why not get a real girlfriend? The Second Fleet has plenty of women." She looked at him shyly and with a healthy dose of fear. "I'm tired, sir. Can't you let me go?"

"What are you talking about, dear? Didn't you swear to be my little slave forever?"

She frazzled a little, backing off as if afraid he might hit her again. "I'm sorry, sir."

Harry waved her away. "I fucking made you mine. Forget about freedom. Now get back to work."

"Yes, sir." Gabby left the conference room in tears. She couldn't imagine spending years alongside Harry. 'He's too rough.' While she kept herself together throughout her torture, she didn't know when she had enough. The persistent abuse wore down her mind in ways she couldn't predict.

Kaiden had spent some time observing Captain Potter and his motley crew of escapees. What he found was a paradox. Despite the fact that the boy had zero knowledge in spaceships and leadership, he nevertheless managed to survive this long and achieve great feats. Already the entire fleet was excited by the spread of medi-gel once the science department started to cultivate the substance en masse. This provided the Cerberus Task Force with a lot of positive attention, something Kaidan felt ambivalent on. 'Harry is nothing but a punk.'

As a dutiful Second Fleeter, he relayed his feelings and suspicions to Admiral Mikhailovich, and recommended he move to replace the amateur with a more professional commander.

"Captain Potter has too much support for me to be able to depose him without repercussions." The admiral told him through the comm link in Kaidan's private quarters. "Besides, he may have inadvertently demanded plenty of rope to hang himself. If he's as incompetent as you say, he'll be out of the commander seat in a few months."

It chafed Kaidan that his warnings weren't taken seriously, but orders were orders. He observed the enigmatic captain, tracking him as best as he could and on the lookout for any subversive actions. So far, Harry hadn't done anything overtly rebellious. Still, the small changes he instituted were certainly meant to mock and defy the Second Fleet.

Already the Cerberus Task Force received scores of new transfers, some of whom were openly displaying their affections. It became so bad that Captain Harry reluctantly forbade such public displays in work areas and when the crewmen were on duty. That brought back some professionalism, but in the cramped interior of a space ship, privacy was never guaranteed.

The second provocation was the change in appearance. No longer did everyone dress in Alliance uniforms. Instead, Harry designed a new set of clothes which prominently featured whites and blacks. The ships themselves were coated in white at a significant cost of barter.

If that didn't prove Harry's ineptitude, his staffing decisions for his two new frigates took the cake. The SSV Rotterdam and the SSV Gettysburg were two aging Mass Effect-capable frigates of different configurations.

The Rotterdam was a reliable missile frigate that could launch devastating disruptor torpedoes that bore right through an opposing ship's kinetic barriers. However, the amount of space the torpedoes, missiles and launchers occupied meant that the ship had less space left for other armaments, making it vulnerable in close range.

This meant that the Gettysburg was the only ship in the task force suited for knife-range fights. With stronger barriers and a hefty barrage of front-facing mass accelerators, she could tear slower ships apart with rapid hit-and-run attacks.

While their relative age eclipsed them from their newer variants, the two frigates were still extremely valuable. Not just anyone deserved the responsibility of captaining these two ships. That made Harry's appointments more grievous.

The officer lucky enough to receive an appointment on the Gettysburg was Lieutenant Kai Leng, an elite but reckless marine with a penchant for violence and slaughter. Despite his elite N7 designation, too many of his subordinates ended up as collateral damage in his lust for killing Batarians. Like Captain Potter, Leng had very little knowledge in running starships, but apparently the disgraced marine managed to convince the boy to hand out a captaincy. Kaidan wasn't quite sure why Harry chose Leng, though he had a few suspicions. 'Harry overlooked several officers with better qualifications, including his own navigations officer. He's not looking for aptitude. He's only interested in loyalty.'

At least Captain Armando-Owen Bailey brought some experience and age on the table. His long career in service of the Second Fleet included a stint in a variety of combat fleets before he accepted a cushier job at the Alliance Military Police. Bailey served there quietly for fifteen years until his corruption was exposed. Faced with irrefutable charges of fabricating evidence and roughing up suspects, he was pushed into retirement, until Harry brought him back from the deep end. Whilst Bailey was disliked by much of the top brass, he still enjoyed a modicum of respect from the lower ranks, providing Harry with a second pillar of support.

With three unhinged captains in charge of three irreplaceable ships, Kaidan had little faith in the continued existence of the Cerberus Task Force. In fact, it made him fear for his life. 'Captain Potter will be the death of me.'

He tried feeling around the Cerberus for similar sentiments, but most were resolutely loyal to the captain. The new recruits that were assigned to the Cerberus saw a posting there as a new opportunity. This left very little room for critical voices.

Only Ashley Williams, a fellow Second Fleeter, had the courage to speak out openly against Harry's decisions.

"What do you want, Lieutenant Alenko?" Ashley said suspiciously as she entered his quarters. As Harry's chief of staff, he merited a private room for himself.

"Nothing formal. I just want to talk."

"Talk, huh?" Ashley immediately went at ease and plopped her body on a spare chair. "What is it you want to talk about, then?"

"Where does your loyalties lie?"

The question went right at the heart of the matter. Ashley frowned and crossed her arms. "I serve Cerberus."

Her words said much. She said Cerberus, not Captain Potter, so he didn't owe her complete devotion. On the other hand, she didn't mention Admiral Mikhailovich or the Second Fleet either, which gave Kaidan pause.

"What is your disposition regarding the Second Fleet?"

"Are you questioning my loyalty, sir?" Ashley bit back with a glare.

This did not go down the way Kaidan anticipated. He spread his hands and tried to calm her down as best he could. "I'm not accusing you of anything. I just want to know if we can still count on you."

She turned her head away from the chief of staff. "I don't agree very often with Captain Potter, but he's right in one thing, you know. Admiral Mikhailovich was out of line when he conscripted the Cerberus and her entire crew. You're forcing people from different fleets to serve the Second."

"Williams, you know it was the right decision. A ship like the Cerberus won't survive by herself out in the frontier. Sooner or later a Batarian patrol or pirate frigate would have overtaken you. The Second Fleet can offer you protection."

"You could have asked, but you didn't give us any choice in the matter. That was a real smooth idea. Your admiral single-handedly lost all respect in our eyes. Now is there anything else you want to ask, or can I go now?"

"You are free to leave, Lieutenant Williams."

The woman stood up and gave him a mocking salute before storming off. Kaidan sat back in his chair and contemplated the exchange. 'I made a mistake. I should have waited until the anger cooled off.' Quite frankly, the biotic understood Ashley's position. As detestable as Captain Potter may be, he had not given any of his crew a reason to doubt his sincerity. The same could not be said for Mikhailovich. The ongoing feud between the two egos only fueled the division.

Yet he understood the admiral's position and continued to support his rule. The truth of the matter was that his fleet started to deteriorate more heavily than others. The hundreds of human-built civilian ships were starting to rust and malfunction. The pleasure cruisers, bulk cargo haulers and mining ships were all designed with an operational life of fifty years at most. Stretching that to four times their limit took a toll on even the most robust vessels.

With the dwindling supply of other human ships to cannibalize for parts, the future of the Second Fleet lay in acquiring more Batarian vessels. These ships were superior to human-designed vessels in almost every way, though their technology base was radically different from human pre-war technology, preventing the Alliance Remnant from recycling parts between human and alien-built ships.

Unlike other fleets, the Second started out with fewer military vessels intact. The severe imbalance between military and civilian ships dragged down the Second Fleet, making it unable to make as much offensive actions against the Batarians as other fleets. Over the years, the lack of spoils and prize ships eroded the Second Fleet into an untenable position.

'I'm sorry Williams, but Admiral Mikhailovich is right. For the greater good of the Systems Alliance, we need to acquire more ships.'

The admission didn't ease Kaidan's conscience, and as he felt a migraine coming to the fore, he doubted the painkillers would do the same. The burden was too heavy for him to bear alone. Yet so long it was his job to keep Captain Potter in line, he would do his duty.

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