Moonstar: "Hey everyone who read my book! Like 225 people did! I will try to capitalize letters. I am new to this so I hope I'm doing ok so far! If you need anything review and ask!"

Tigerheart: "You could at least get me a latte."

Moonstar: "How is that in the picture?"

Tigerheart: "Who cares how it's in the picture! Some cat is DYING of thirst over here! You could at least get me some sprite!"

Dovewing: "Get some water moron!"

Tigerheart: "So it is true! You lying heart breaker!"

Bumblestripe: "Uh I don't think that's how you spell lying."

Tigerheart: "Does Moonstar know?"

Moonstar: "Spelling check only has; dying and dyeing. I don't know which ones which."

Tigerheart: "I like dying more!"

Dovewing: "Sometimes I wish you would die!"

Tigerheart: "Ok I'll DIE! TIE-DYEING YEAH!"

Bumblestrip: (Shakes head)

Moonstar: "Guys this interview sucks"

Bumblestrip: "We need something funny"

Dovewing: "Bumblestripe, did you snap Tigerheart in half yesterday?"

Bumblestripe: "Would he be here if I did?"

Tigerheart: "Yeah! He snapped his back as he came running towards me."

Bumblestripe: "I got it from Graystripe."

Dovewing: "This is NOT funny. I hope the chapter is way better."

Moonstar: "Hey! You guys are the ones who control the story here! Do something!"

Tigerheart: (watching dirty jobs)

Dovewing: "isn't that of the air?"

Tigerheart: "haven't you heard of Netflix?"

Dovewing: "Yes moron! I want to watch Eagle eye!"

Tigerheart: "How about MY LITTLE PONEY!

Bumblestripe: "Yeah! MY LITTLE PONEY FOREVER!


Graystripe: "Invite everyone! Cause,


Moonstar: "Never show My Little Pony to your cats!"

Dovewing: "I still think the interview sucked."

Moonstar: "Yeah, let's go to the mall!"

Dovewing: "Okay!"


Bumblestripe's pov

(1 moon later {sorry I just don't have the time to type everything})

Rain was pounding on the forest floor as Ivypool, Lionblaze, Berrynose, Bumblestripe, Toadstep and Squirrelflight hunted in the wet weather. "I wonder if we will find anything in this wet place," Berrynose growled. Bumblestripe's stomach bellowed with hunger. This leaffall, prey was scarce. Even Dovewing didn't have that much when she came in from a hunting patrol. 'I hope the kits will be healthy when there born,' He thought. 'I hope they will be born before leafbare.' Bumblestripe sighed, maybe he could talk with Jayfeather about it. "Let's split up," Squirrelflight mewed. "Ivypool, go with Toadstep and Lionblaze, go with Berrynose, Bumblestripe with me." The cat's split up into groups and set out to hunt. As Bumblestripe was walking through the forest with Squirrelflight, he saw that her eyes were glazed. "Are you ok Squirrelflight?" Squirrelflight sighed, "Not really, being deputy is very hard Bumblestripe. Bramblestar is trying his best to be the best leader he can be but," She sighed. Bumblestripe pitied the poor warrior. Bramblestar was having a hard time being a leader. When firestar died, the poor deputy had a bunch to do and no experience. Now he is better and more comfortable with being clan leader, but still has some issues. Squirrelflight has been happier when Bramblestar made her deputy. Now the two were mates again and Squirrelflight was the happiest thing ever. "What about him?" Squirrelflight looked at him, "It's not about him, it's just,"

"I am going to have his kits."

{Sorry! I am at writers block hear! I'm going to do dovewings kits in the next chappe! Now it's dovewings pov!(I just figured out how to do bold, like I said im new!)}

Dovewings pov

Dovewing was sitting in the nursery with, Hollyleaf and Cinderheart. "Bramblestar says in two moons, my kits will be apprentices! It should be three but the clan needs more apprentices." Hollyleaf mewed. She sounded really happy that she could get out of the nursery. Dovewing sighed, 'When will my kits come?' Dovewing thought. She started to walk out of the nursery when she felt a sharp shooting pain in her stomach. She stumbled forward as another spasm of pain passed. "Aaaahhhhhh!" She yelped and fell to the ground, and was about to black out from the pain when she herd Cinderheart scream "Get Jayfeather! Dovewing is having kits!"

How you like it? CLIFFEE!

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