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The crash of a fist connecting with glass echoed through the small bathroom of the home of an angered Englishman. Blood ran down the shards of mirror still stuck to the frame, and down the cut hand and arm.

"Why... Why does it have to be him?!" A growl left the blondes lips as he held his hand against chest.

"That stupid frog... How could my.. how could he see anything in that damn wanker?..."

A sigh left the mans lips as he turned on the sink, his breath hitching in pain as the water connected with his opened wounds, washing the red down the drain.

"I'll get him back.. I will..."

He dried his hand and began wrapping a bandage around it.

America would be his again soon...

A sigh left the lips of the hero as he stepped down the hall of Germanys conference building. He was NOT looking forward to this meeting, what with the incident before, and the missing of France at the days event was certainly bringing his confidence down.

"This should be interesting..."

Alfred yawned as he stepped into the room where the meeting was to be held, pausing. No one else was in the room, was he the first there? Heheh.. Now he could rub in everyones faces. A flashback of a previous meeting when he discovered England as the artist of their profiles came to mind. Running a little late, arent we?~ Ugh, so many roses...

He took his seat at the end of the table, noting the little card with his name on it next to a glass of water. He frowned. No coke? How was he supposed to sit through this thing without any pop? This WAS going to be a long day...

He bit his lip in boredom, his eyes searching the room as he tried to find something to occupy his attention, and something definitely did, except it wasnt from above the table, but below.

"Ohonhonhon, my little Amerique, I missed you~"

Alfred jumped up as a (manly) shriek of fear left his rosy lips.

"F- France?!" He quickly lowered his voice. "Wh- What the heck are you doing here? You told everyone that you weren't coming to the meeting today!" He groaned. "What if Germany sees you? He's totally mad at us right now!" He shivered, not wanting to imagine what Ludwig would do to him.

"Like I said, I missed you~" Francis smiled up the other. "I wanted to see my little burger without having to deal with anyone today." He rambled.

"W- Well you gotta leave! They're going to be here soon!" Alfred whined.

"Poo..." Francis sighed as he began to get up, but both of the men froze as the echo of the door slamming open rang through their ears, quickly scaring France into getting back underneath the table, in between Americas legs and the wall of the table that went down to the floor, hiding the frog entirely from any others view save for Alfreds.

God... What the hell are we supposed to do now?..

Sweat dropped down Americas forehead as he watched the other nations file into the room, Germany first, followed by Italy and Japan, then England, Russia, China, Lithuania, and everyone else attending that day.

Francis groaned silently to himself as he listened to the chairs pull out and everyone take their seats at the table. What was he supposed to do for a whole hour before the first usual break when he could make his escape? He laid back against the bottom of the table, pondering his options as Alfred laid his head in his hands, nervous and anxious.

"For todays meeting, we will be going over the world defecit, each nation will have a say and we will go around the table, clockwise, to hear each opinion." Germany announced at the head of the table before taking his own seat, I will go first.

America went into bored mode once Germany began to speak, completely drowning him out as he went into his own world of McDonalds and Burger King, oh how he couldn't wait to get those burgers...


Alfreds bright blue eyes shot open at the feel of his own trousers being unzipped.

"Wha- What?..." His eyes darted around the table. They would see him if he tried to talk to France, but it didn't seem like he needed to.

"Ohonhon... Amerique... I found a way to pass the time...~" France whispered softly between the Americans legs. "Just leave it to me~"

Alfred stiffened as those slender fingers dipped into his loose suit pants, pulling his length out of the slit in his boxers. He wished that he could kick the man below him, that he could yell at him, but that would cause too much attention and then they would all find out that the Frenchman was there, and he couldn't let that happen, so he decided to ignore it, to go back into the world of burgers.

"And to close it up, I believe that it would be in Europes best interest if this would happen, on to Italy, Japan, England, then it will be Americas turn before we go to break." Germany finished, jolting America back into reality, just as that devious tongue licked a long trail from his base to the tip, rousing a gasp fom the American.

"Ve, is something wrong mister America?" Italy piped up, ready to take his own turn.

"N- No no, it's fine, I just thought of something great to say when it's my turn!" He laughed nervously, a light blush tinting his cheeks. God he hoped no one would notice.

"Oh... Okay~ It's-a my turn then~" The small Italian chirped then began his own speech.

Oh god... How am I supposed to act norma- ahhnn...

He gritted his teeth to hold back a moan as Frances lips took hold his tip, sucking lightly. He definitely wasn't ready for that.

"Well, ve... I agree with Germany first~" Feliciano hummed, continuing as America groaned silently, his legs trembling as he began to grow hard.

France smirked as he pressed his tongue against the head, massaging it, watching Americas hips twitch as his arousal hardened. This was going to be fun...

"Ve.. and I think that Germany agrees... so grazie for listening, ve~" He gave his regular, cheery smile as Alfred dropped his head in his hands, wishing he could just disappear. Why him? Why him?...

"Ah... Arigato Italy-san..." Japan began. "Thank you all for allowing me this attendence.. to begin, I..."

American froze. He couldn't do this. It was getting to be too much, Japan had already begun his turn, then England was next, and then it was him! He could feel the blush on his cheeks as France took half of him in, sucking harder now, almost rousing a moan from the blonde. He couldn't do this...

France closed his eyes as he drowned out the speech from the small Asian, taking in more of his little sweet hamburgers arousal, massaging it with his tongue. He could feel the American stiffen and shift in embarassment and anxiety, and it thrilled him. He didn't care if they got caught, the shocked and shy look on the beautiful boys face would be priceless. He wished he could just get him to finish faster... no. He had a better idea.

Japan closed his turn and it was time for England. The Britain sighed and hid his wrapped hand underneath the table, his eyes glancing towards the American one last time before he had to give his own speech, but he froze. There, his America was, hunched over slightly, bright cheeks hidden to everyone else but himself as he examined him. Those bright blue eyes were darkened with... he couldn't imagine. and those teeth were biting into his lip. Was he sick? No... His eyes widened. That.. it was the same look he had on his face when he was beneath... beneath the frog in the conference room.. He almost lost it. No. He would wait. He would catch them during the break and give that damn frog what for!

He took a deep breath and composed himself beginning his speech.


France was going to be the death of him... He took a deep breath, trying to calm himself, but as France bobbed his head up and down over his arousal, he felt like he was going to explode. He gasped and froze as those slender fingers wrapped around and clamped over his base, depriving him from the sweet ecstacy that was about to wash over him.

Alfred began to panick, he slightly lifted his head and prayed that no one was staring at him, and thankfully, they weren't. He knew England was closing up his speech, and then it would be him... Oh god.. Oh god, oh god, oh god, what would he do?...

"Now then, America, it's your go..." England spoke calmly, though his eyes bore holes in Alfreds soul.

The blonde took a deep breath, trying to compose himself, finally letting it go.

"Well... Honestly.. I think... that I-" He gasped, hunching over as Frances tongue trailed up his aching erection.

"America?" Germany spoke up, eyeing him curiously. "Is something the matter?"

Alfred shook his head and gently kneed the Frenchman below him, trying to warn him to back off, but this only roused the passionate man to continue further.

"N- No, no problem here, I just.. I think I need a drink of water.."

"Well, just give your opinion on the others points and then we will take a break and come back to your own speech." Germany announced.

Oh god..

How was he going to do this?...

"Well," he began, trying to pick out pieces of what he heard the other nations talking about. "I think that you're right, Germany.. I..." He froze, feeling those lips sucking on his tip once more.

"I... I think... if... if we all.. band together... we can improve each countrys' economy at a time.. and then we can all help each other recover to the point... o.. of equilibrium... T- Thank you!" He smiled through gritted teeth, watching Ludwig nod in agreement.

"Very good... We will all adjurn to the lounge for a short break, come with me."

Germany stood and the others began to follow him, the Axis before the Allies. He watched nervously as everyone passed through the door way into the hall, leaving him 'alone'.

England sighed to himself as lifted himself from his seat, being the last of the nations, besides America, to leave the room. He stopped in the doors frame and turned back to the American who stiffened at his glance.

"Aren't you coming, America? You said you needed water." He asked calmly, not wanting to give away his suspicion.

"O- Oh! Uh.. It's alright, I'll be there in a sec, I just need a moment alone to think.." He stuttered, trying to give a believable excuse, which seemed to work.

"Alright then, I'll be waiting." Arthur smiled softly, leaving the room. In a few moments, he would come back, ready to catch the frog and turn him over to the Blitz Krieg bastard.

Arthur took a deep breath and counted to ten turning and looking through the small crack in the door, out of Alfreds line-of-sight, expecting to see France there trying to seduce his dear America, but found something completely different, something heart-wrenching.

Americas head was tilted back, his body arched forward, a look of pure ecstacy on his face. His beautiful blue eyes were dark with lust, those soft cheek darkened to the shade of one of Spains' tomatoes, those sweet lips parted with a soft moan.

He couldn't do it.

Englands' body shook with rage, with jealousy, and yet he couldn't bring himself to burst in, to scare his love, to catch France and ruin everything. That just wouldn't do.

It was time for plan B.

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