Try To Get Through, I Dare You


"Fang get up! You'll be late for your first day of school!"

I groaned and roll over onto my stomach, pulling my pillow tighter over my head to try and block out my mother shrieking at me. The door to my bedroom swung open and light footsteps ran across the carpeted floor; something pounced onto my back. It continued to hop on my back, but my only response was a muffled answer from under my incredibly comfortable pillow. Another set of feet ran across the floor and joined the thing hopping on my back; I grunted as they jumped together. A bruise would form if I didn't do something about these things now.

"Angel, Gazzy get off of me," I make up from beneath my pillow and I roll over so they fall to the floor of my room. They both cry out in protest and I resist from snickering at them; my dad would only get angrier at me; I've already yelled at his new wife.

"Morning, Fangy! Mommy said to get up!" Angel, my younger half-sister, squeals happily up at me from her place on the floor. Her blonde ringlets seemed to make some sort of halo around her head and her baby blue eyes seemed so innocent even for a six-year-old.

I reply sarcastically, "Really, you don't say?" and I push some black hair away from in front of my eyes irritatingly. Sometimes I think people are trying to annoy me by saying things I was already told two minutes before.

Gazzy, Angel's twin, adds, "Yeah, breakfast is ready and Mom wants you down there, now," he crosses his arms after getting to his feet. Unlike Angel, his light blue eyes hold mischief and a cleverness no one would want against them, but with them.

They leave my new room while I head to my bathroom and start the water; I strip off my clothes and step into the hot water. After about ten minutes I step back out with a towel wrapped around my waist and I walk over to my suitcases. Yesterday I arrived here in oh-so-sunny Tennessee for my dad's girlfriend and her two kids since they have a larger house than we do. Today I'm starting Northwest High School and my dad is expecting me to fit right in and become the football captain like I was back in California. Well, newsflash, it isn't that easy.

I change into dark wash jeans, some black combat boots, a dark blue jacket, and a black leather jacket before starting downstairs. On my way, I towel-dry my raven black hair and blink my obsidian eyes multiple times to get myself to wake up. My new step-mom, Valencia, stands at the stove, cooking what smelled a lot like bacon with some eggs on the side. It was seven-fourteen and my first class starts at seven-thirty; I decided I could leave in ten minutes or so. Her dark brown hair was pulled into a very elaborate bun and her brown eyes looked welcoming but no one could be better than my mom.

"Good morning, Nicholas!" Valencia grins at me and fixes a plate piled high with bacon, toast, eggs, and a couple waffles with syrup. "So you're all registered and a son of my friend will meet you at the front door to show you around today until you get a feel of things. All of your teachers are friends of mine so you really shouldn't have a problem today other than finding a few friends. But you don't need to worry because everyone is friendly around here," she continues to babble as I take the plate from her and sit down at the dining room table.

She's always called me Nicholas even though I've insisted I'm called Fang now; that was one of the reasons I yelled at her yesterday. "Thanks, Valencia," I mumble before chugging down a glass of milk and standing from my seat to put my plate in the sink. "Tell my dad I said bye," I tell her shortly then leave the house with my keys jingling in my left hand on the way.

There, sitting in the old and dusty garage, is my brand new black ninja motorcycle with shining everything, even the tires look like they're shining. Okay, that was a bit of an exaggeration but you get the point of how clean I keep my baby; yes, I do call it my baby so get used to it. I throw my leg over the side of it and rev the engine; I walk it slowly out of the garage and use the clicker to close the garage door behind me. Without a look behind me, I put on my dark blue helmet and ride to my new high school a few blocks away from my new house. Usually I ride without a helmet but my dad is currently being the over-protective parent I never wanted in my life.

I pull into the school parking lot not ten minutes later and I park as close to the building as I can get without getting too much attention. That, apparently, isn't going to happen because as soon as I pull in almost every pair of eyes in the parking lot turn on me. I get off of my bike and set my helmet on the back seat; I lock it down with some cords and I flip some hair out of my eyes. A few girls sitting in the bed of a truck nearby sigh dreamily; I ignore them like I always do and start for the front door of the high school. A few jocks and cheerleaders sat nearby on the stairs, taunting nerds as they passed to get into the school building.

"You must be Nicholas!" some strawberry-blonde haired kid exclaimed as I approached the building slowly, cautiously since the cheerleader were already swooning on the spot. I eyed him as his icy blue eyes stared right back at me; I figured this must be the son Valencia was talking about.

I reply, "It's Fang," and he blinks a few times before grinning and ushering me into the high school; I gave him a look but walked into the school.

"And I am the Igmister, the Igniter, the Iggy," he holds out a hand and I wearily shake his hand as he rounds a corner and I follow. "Anyways, welcome to Northwest High, home of the legendary Black Panthers," he grins again and I wonder how cheery this guy could get. "Now as you look that way you'll see-," he starts but someone interrupts him before he can begin to finish.

"Oh please, Iggy, not this again," a girl appears at his side and rolls her eyes then she gives me a bright smile. Her dark brown hair was pulled back into a curly ponytail, her dark brown doe eyes were as innocent as Angel's, and her mocha-toned skin was milky and clean. "I'm Nudge, please ignore my friend here, he thinks he's the most amazing human being on the face of the earth."

Iggy feigns hurt, "I do not!" he protests but then a sly smile spreads across his face, "Okay so maybe I do a little bit." Nudge laughs and shakes her head while Iggy starts to point out the cliques of this high school, "Those are the sluts," he points to a group in the corner of the hallway. A group of giggling girls that wave at us as we pass; Iggy winks at them and then rolls his eyes as they squeal and smile flirtatiously back at him.

He continues, "Those are the idiots, cheerleaders, band geeks, chorus folks, nerds, loners, skateboarders, cutters, gang members, outcasts, and slackers." Every time he says a group, he points to a bunch of people all around the hallways that we walk through as a trio. Then one girl pushes through the double doors and everyone, including Iggy and Nudge, spreads out of her way.

Iggy grabs my arm and jerks me out of the hall as the girl walks through the hallway with her thumbs in her back pockets. Her flowing brown-highlighted blonde hair reached about mid-back and her electric blue eyes stayed trained right ahead of her. She wore a loose gray tank-top with a black skull on the front and dark-wash jeans with rips all through them. On her left wrist was a leather bracelet with some kind of symbol embedded in it and multiple rings lined her fingers. Her black high-tops were muddy and had odd red stains on them; her eyes flickered and met mine briefly.

She slowed her pace, shook her head slightly, and ripped her eyes away from mine again to pass through the hall and turn down another. "Who was that?" I ask Iggy when her blonde hair was out of sight and everyone went back to what they were doing. The hall was eerily silent the whole time and then they went back to what they were doing as if nothing out of the ordinary happened.

"That, my friend, was Maximum Martinez, also known as Ninja," Iggy says and swings open a locker with my locker combination. I turned my attention back to Iggy as he talks about my classes and his other friends; my mind stayed on that oddly familiar girl, though.