Chapter 1: Kevin

Surely there was life after death.

For any simple, common person, this was an obvious fact.

But was this still true for a creature of the night?

A beast in the form of a human?

A vampire?

I stared out into the open, not even aware of anything around me, letting myself get a bit lost in my thoughts.

To be absolutely honest, I was scared out of my mind, I couldn't slow down my thinking even if I tried.

Ever since that night… when Quinn had ended Steven's life, I knew this day would come. I just didn't expect it to be so soon.

The Parker's were able to avoid any confrontation with Kevin, because for the whole summer they had paid for me, my mother, and her boyfriend Andy to go on a three month vacation in Alaska with them.

It truly was the best summer I have ever had.

I didn't know which the best was, being alone with Quinn in the hot tubs, or out in the snow, building snowmen, and sled riding.

The Parkers seemed to have just as much fun as me.

My mother although had less of a good time. She wasn't used to the cold temperatures, and when Andy came down with the flu, and all he could do was lay in bed, and sleep, that's when she began to lose her vacation spirit.

But overall, it was such a good time, I almost hated to leave, and head back here for school.

We had gotten back last week, but the Parker's made sure to "Lay low", and not gain any attention from Kevin before school begins.

And now to my reluctance, and horror, school would be starting tomorrow, and it was Quinn and I who had to go and tell Kevin about Steven's death.

I didn't know how he was going to take this, and half of me wished that someone else could do this instead of us. I know Quinn was the one who killed him, and it was because of a fight over me, it had to be us that tell him. It was only fair. But regardless, I was scared.

If I was Kevin, and he had killed my son, I would have not only attempted to kill him right then and there, but I would have killed everyone that he held near and dear to him.

I couldn't explain my harshness, but I was sure it was just another trait I would have to get used to, being half vampire and what not.

Slowly I let myself down, taking a seat on the edge of the porch, letting out a sigh of impatience.

Where were they?

Quinn, and the other's had said they would be here at five to pick me up so we could all go school shopping one last time before school starts, but they were no were in sight.

My heart began to race now as I thought of Quinn's bright blue eyes, the smooth curls of his chocolate brown hair hanging in perfect swirls around his face, and that soft smile that; lights up his face when our eyes meet.

He was so perfect, no, beyond perfect, he was incredible, and all mine. I'd never understand how I got so lucky to have the world's best man cherishing my heart as I cherished his.

The sounds of car tires spinning around the gravel in my driveway got my attention, making me look up quickly, to see Josh's huge, neon yellow Hummer come charging in.

Anna stuck her head out of the front passenger side window with a bubbly smile, her baby blue eyes shinning with eagerness.

"Hey Em, sorry we were running late, Erik decided he was too thirsty to wait until after school tomorrow," She explained while I walked over, swinging the door open fast.

"Oh that's ok, I wasn't waiting that long," I spoke, taking in the rest of the Parkers with a smile before letting my eyes land on Quinn.

My heart stuttered at his appearance, something stronger then butterflies hitting up against the walls of my stomach, and tying up in knots.

He gave me an amused smile as he noticed my intent stare at him, and as his arms came around me, pulling me into his lap a wave of sparks traveled down my back, making me shiver.

I loved the little tingles of energy that danced between us, it was like touching a fire, but not getting burnt, the sensitivity was there, but there was no pain, just the feeling of my heart beating hard in my chest.

"Hello my Em," His smooth voice caressed each of his words with a beauty that kept me in awe.

My mind went blank only for a second before I could reply.


I couldn't find any other words to say, I couldn't think of anything else. Everything was just a mess inside my head.

"Are you alright love, you seem jittery," Quinn commented, lifting his hand to gently run his fingers across my cheek.]

I closed my eyes, leaning into his touch, loving how his cold fingers felt against my blushing cheeks.

"I'm fine, I just missed you," I smiled, leaning in to rest my head back on his shoulder.

His arms hugged me closer to him immediately, and just that touch alone made me feel as though I was protected. Nothing could hurt me.

"Aw, we missed you to Emmie," Josh snickered from in the front, glancing back at us as he backed out of my driveway and onto the main road.

I rolled my eyes, laughing a bit at that.

"I wished you the most Em don't listen to him," Erik said winking at me with a goofy grin.

I looked up at Quinn as I felt his chest begin to rumble, but no sound escaped his lips. His dark look at Erik was all I needed to know to change the topic of this conversation.

"I'm sure you did Erik, but any way, about Kevin…"

Brooke and Zane looked over to me now as I spoke.

"What about him?" Brook wondered, her eyes seeming to hide an emotion behind them. Perhaps a nervous emotion…

"Well, what should we say to him?" I asked, looking down a bit to play with Quinn's hands folded in my lap.

"How about… 'Hey… my boyfriend killed your son brutally and savagely, because he was in love with me, and really wanted me badly… sorry for your loss'," Erik offered.

In a different situation I would have laughed at that, but right now, I could barely even smile. This was so stressful, and I was still scared out of my mind.

"That is a horrible idea, you should just tell him the truth, but in a positive tone," Anna said rolling her eyes at Erik.

"How can you cheerfully tell a guy that you killed his son?" Katie asked raising her brow.

"Maybe we shouldn't tell him at all, and keep Em and Quinn both out of trouble with him," Josh muttered.

"Josh, we talked about this, he will find out one way or the other, so we should get it over with early, he will probably take it better now then he would later," Brooke said shaking her head.

"But Em being in danger, who knows what he will do, what if he has guts to actually start publicly killing?"

At this Quinn's jaw snapped shut, giving a dark look to all of his siblings.

"Em will stay behind me, while I explain things to Kevin, he will deal with this loss of a son, more or less either be furious with us, or in to much sorrow to be mad. End of conversation." Quinn said abruptly, causing all the others to get quiet, all of them nodding.

This was just another thing I loved about Quinn, he kept things in order, and he always knew what was for the best of others. I trusted him more then I trusted anyone, so this helped a lot of my whole fear over Kevin.

Maybe he was right.

Everything will work out and be fine.

It seemed like in no time at all we made it to the mall, and like usual we all split up. All us girls headed out to the main hot spots in the mall, while the guys all gravitate between the arcade, and the food court.

"We will meet you at the food court in an hour, got it?" Anna grinned, taking hold of my arm as she led Katie and I towards the first store.

Josh saluted her with a grin, and gave Erik a shove before making his way in the direction of the arcade.

Erik followed behind him throwing mock punches at him with his famous snicker. It was so loud, and so… little boy-ish, it was hard not to laugh.

On the other hand, Zane and Quinn watched back at us as we walked away. I could see that wanting in both of their eyes as we went.

Slowly I turned back to Quinn, waving with a sad smile.

He waved back, some brightness returning to his eyes, before I turned away, and walked with the others into the store.

It was hard leaving Quinn like this, I didn't like to go anywhere without him, but then again I didn't want to smother him.

Trust me Em; Quinn wants you to smother him. Katie thought, and let out a snicker of her own as we went straight to the back of the store, where we knew all the good clothes was at.

I gave her an amused look.

How do you know? I thought back, keeping my eyes on a pair of jean shorts that I really liked.

I can read minds Em; can't you guess what's on Quinn's mind more then anything? Brooke's thoughts floated to me.

I tried not to smile at this, picking up the pair of short, admiring the back pockets of them, all designed in pink rhinestones.

I can guess he thinks about me, but I know he has to want space sometimes, everyone does. I thought with a shrug.

But in my case that wasn't true.

I wouldn't mind only being with Quinn, no other person in the whole world, he was the one that mattered the most, and he was the one I wanted to be with forever.

Vampires are a bit different then humans when it comes to emotions Em, we don't think it's unnatural to only be with our mate, and no one else… I mean, that's just a vampire trait that you're going to have to deal with. Anna thought walking past all three of us to walk towards the shoes.

I followed after her, holding the new pair of shorts I had picked up.

What she said did make sense, and it didn't bother me one bit.

There were so many things about vampires that I just didn't know, and I was so glad that they were all here to help me through all this stuff.

How I wished I could be fully a vampire, and not just half though.

Even since that fateful night that Steven had died I had wanted to become full vampire, I wanted that more then anything.

I wanted to be with Quinn forever, and the only way that's going to happen is if I become a full vampire.

But Quinn refused to even take this thought seriously, he wouldn't agree to it, and wouldn't let anyone change me. It wasn't fair.

I wasn't sure how, but I had to talk Quinn into letting someone turn me, it would just take time… that's all.

As we all continued to shop; each of us getting a few pieces of clothing, we left this store to begin going in and out of different stores, and finally when my arms began to hurt a bit from the weight of all the bags I was holding, we decided to call it quits, and went to the food court.

When we made it back there, all the guys were waiting for us.

Josh and Erik were arm wrestling, and their grunts seemed to bring a lot of attention over in this area of the mall, which I wasn't crazy about.

How little groups of girls all stood back, and stared at the guys like they were prime ribs.

Prickles of jealousy pinched at me at the girls giggling as passed the table Quinn and Zane was sitting at. I couldn't help but notice their winks at Quinn.

Brooke seemed to notice as well, and her eyes went dark, watching after the girls like she was about to follow after them, and have a little 'chat' with them.

Luckily Zane and Quinn both noticed our bitter looks and quickly came over to us.

I sighed in relief as I felt Quinn's arms around me, drawling me into his chest, rubbing my back soothingly.

"Are you alright my love," He spoke quietly, his voice laced with tenderness that just made me want to melt.

"Yes, I'm fine, are you?" I smiled, looking up at him, my heart racing at his beautiful chuckle.

"Of course I am," He gave me an attractive grin. "Are you hungry?"

I paused at that, watching as he dug into his pocket, retrieving his wallet with an eager smile, looking ready to spend over a million dollars if it pleased me.

"A little, I think I just want some fries," I said, unthinkingly gazing into his eyes as I spoke.

He watched back at me, his smile going wider the longer we held our gaze.

Gently his finger came down to my chin, slowly tilting my head up, and with an overwhelmingly smooth touch, he pressed his lips to mine, sending jolts of electricity down through the middle of my body.

My face warmed instantly, and I felt my lips shape perfectly into his as I allowed myself to kiss deeper.

But to my disappointment Quinn slowly pulled away, resting his forehead against mine, his breathing a bit off as he looked back into my eyes.

"I'll go and get that for you,"

I smiled, pecking his lips once more before letting him go completely.

"Alright," I bit my lip.

Quinn's hand gently stroked my cheek, watching my expression with a loving look before walking on up the food court.

I gathered my breath, and smiled to myself walking over to where Josh and Erik sat, Anna, and Katie both sitting on their laps chatting.

"Hey Emmie-bear," Josh said fluttering his eyes as I made it to them, sitting down across of Erik.

I frowned at him in embarrassment, my face getting warm to my own distaste.

"Don't call me that," I muttered rolling my eyes a bit.

"Aw, it Emmie embarrassed?" Erik snickered.

I gritted my teeth a little at that, and quickly I concentrated on the energy freely rolling up and down my body, pushing that energy out through my hands, creating a small invisible wave of electricity to zap Erik.

He jumped, letting out a yelp, his quick movements making the chair he was sitting on come out from under him, making him fall to the ground.

Everyone laughed, watching Erik look around in shock.

"Ha, Em got ya good this time," Brooke laughed.

I smirked a bit watching Erik pick himself up.

"Yeah, yeah, you're pretty good for a half vamp," Erik allowed, and like the others laughed at himself before sitting down.

That's when Quinn made it back, setting down a tray of fries in front of me, with all kinds of different dipping sauces.

I looked up at Quinn as he took his seat beside me, resting his hand in my lap with a content smile.

"Thanks Quinn,"

"Think nothing of it my dear,"

Slowly I picked at the fries, loving the taste of each fries as I tried each of the sauces. The nacho cheese being the best by far.

"So Em, you're birthday is coming up, you excited?" Josh wondered, playing with Anna's fingers as he watched me eat.

"Yeah, I'm pretty exited, I'll finally be classified as an adult," I grinned, slightly amused.

"So you're turning 18," Katie said playing with some of Erik's hair as he snooped through Katie's lingerie bags.

"Yep, finally,"

"Ha, then you will be the same age as Quinny boy," Josh laughed.

Quinn gave him a look, shaking his head.

"Josh, I'm 99 years old," He said.

I laughed at this grinning at the both of them.

"Oh, what ever you old man," Josh snickered.

"He's not old," I defended, smiling at Quinn as his eyes flashed to mine in amusement.

"Thanks for at least thinking so dear," Quinn chuckled kissing my cheek.

"Alright enough with the lovey talk, and more talking about what you want for your birthday," Erik said with a devilish grin.

I laughed a bit at that shaking my head.

"I don't really want anything, I feel like I already have every I could possibly want, an amazing friends, an amazing family, and the most perfect boyfriend in the world,"

Anna and Brooke beamed at me, reaching across the table to hug me to my surprise.

"Em you know we are all going to get you the most amazing things in the world right," Erik stated almost with complete seriousness.

I shook my head again, kind wishing that they wouldn't, they already spend too much money on me as it is.

"Actually, I already got my present for Em so ha," Anna said smugly sticking her tongue out at the others.

"Yeah, so did Quinn," Zane commented, throwing Quinn a snicker.

My eyes slide to Quinn, taking in his now anxious expression.

"What did you get me?"

He visibly swallowed, glancing away from me for just a second before he spoke.

"That's a surprise my love,"

I pouted, watching in his eyes, hoping I could persuade him like I always could.

"Please tell me," I spoke gently, stroking his cheek as I looked back into his eyes.

"Em… no… I can't," I said, and kissed my lips quickly as if to silence me before I could try and say anymore.

I sighed, and nodded, letting him keep his secret.

Maybe it would be better for me to not know anyway. It would make the surprise even better.

….what if his gift is that he will finally agree to me getting completely turned.

Excitement bounced inside me at the thought.

"Are you… finally going to let me get turned?" I said lowly, hoping with all my heart this was so.

But at the sight of Quinn's face, my heart sunk, taking in the darkness that took over his features and the light rumble from his chest.

"Never," Was all he said.

"Quinn, that's not fair and you know it," Brooke snapped glaring at Quinn now.

I stayed quiet, watching between all the Parker's as conversation broke out, all of them wanting me to get changed, Quinn being able to successfully hold his ground, and refuse, like he always could.

"What's the big deal anyway, she wants this, why not change her?" Katie said narrowing her eyes a bit as she looked away from Quinn, and to me. "You want that don't you?"

I nodded, looking down at the table, but I could still feel Quinn's intent stare on me.

"No Em, you don't want this, trust me, it's not a life style choice that you would want to make," Quinn said, his voice not at all his usual gentle and caring tone.

It was hard, and firm.

It was the voice that I didn't like to hear, but every time we fought over this one topic I always ended up hearing this voice.

It scared me, but it also just made me want to be a full vampire even more.

"Don't you want to be with me… forever?" I muttered lowly, not meeting his gaze.

At this Quinn paused, his eyes going soft, and his anger seeming to lessen just enough to regain his gentle voice again.

"I do Emily, but I will not turn you, you are not going to become this, it's nothing like being half vampire Em, and I don't want you going through the things that I did, please…please just listen to me on this," He begged, his crystal blue eyes piercing into mine.

I couldn't help the tears starting in my eyes as I nodded.

Immediately I saw regret fill in Quinn's expression, and quickly his arm was around me, his lips on my forehead.

He breathed in deeply.

"We will talk about it ok…" He murmured after a moment of silence.

Slowly I nodded, being able to at least find some comfort in that, and let myself relax into his chest.

I already knew this was going to be hard.

Getting Quinn to agree to this, but I had to keep trying, it was worth it.

To keep the love of my life by my side, I would do just about anything.

When I had finished up my fries; for the rest of the time at the mall we walked around for a while, checking out the random small little stores, before heading out to the parking lot, and getting in.

The Parkers had made a deal with my mother; I was to be home by ten on week days, and twelve on the weekends. They truly knew how to stay on my mother's good side, for it was only 8:45 when I got dropped back off at my house.

Quinn walked me up to my porch, giving me one more goodbye kiss.

"I'll meet you here bright and early tomorrow morning," Quinn smiled, wrapping his arms around me, nuzzling my neck with his nose.

On instinct my I let my head fall back slightly for him to get a clear access point to my neck, every fiber of my being screaming to feel his sharp teeth against my skin.

But he only let gentle kiss as he held me close.

After a while he slowly let go, stroking my face once more.

"Good night Em,"

"Good night Quinn," I smiled, and began to back away from him, moving until my back hit the door of my house.

He chuckled watching me, and waved before walking back to the Hummer, jumping in with all his siblings.

I stood there for a while watching as they pulled out of my drive way, and sped down the road.

I sighed deeply, smiling to myself as I turned and walked into my house.

Cindy was sitting on the couch, her face deep in a book, a tiny set of glasses propped up on the very edge of her nose.

"Hey Em, how was shopping?" She spoke, not looking away from her book.

I smiled, looking down at the many bags clenched in my hands.

"It went well, I got a few new things, how was you little mini date with Andy,"

Cindy now looked up at me, he face turning a little pink, but a big smile stretched across her face now.

"It was great, he took me to his apartment, and cooked for me, he is a wonderful cook, and his apartment, the most clean apartment in the world,"
I tried to offer her a smile, but I couldn't manage one on my face.

It just still didn't feel right to me, my father and my mother were meant to be together, I knew this for sure, I know love, and what they had… it had to be deeper then love.

Why couldn't Cindy see that?

"That's great mom, well I think I'm going to go put all this away, and get to bed, school in the morning," I said with a reluctant sigh.

She gave me an amused laugh, looking back to her book.

"Alright Em, goodnight,"

"Night," I nodded, and walked on past her, heading up the stairs with all my bags.

I'm sure it wouldn't take me to long to get ready for tomorrow, once I had all my new clothes put away I picked out my outfit for tomorrow and laid it out on my desk chair.

Moving with deliberate slowness I crept across the hall from my room, past Cindy's room to the bathroom.

I took a quick shower, tidying myself up as much as possible, not wanting to leave the hot water once I had gotten in there a long time.

After I finished up in the bathroom I padded back over to my room to find my pajamas to wear. Ending up wearing one of Quinn's shirts.

I honestly meant to give it back to him, but I forgot, so just decided to keep it. It smelled just like him, and just like him was so soft and smooth to the touch.

It soothed me, which I knew would help me get to sleep faster.

Tomorrow was going to be a big day.

Kevin now was floating around in my thoughts.

How was he going to take all of this…?

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