My mind was going crazy with different scenarios. Did someone threaten us? Does someone know the secret about vampires?

I didn't have time to even ask that question as Quinn went peeling into the driveway of his house, causing gravel to fly from under his tires as he spun the bike into a stop.

Quickly I got down from the bike, my legs shaking slight as I did so, slightly scared that Quinn was going to hurt himself, or someone else if he didn't calm down soon.

Luckily, Josh and Anna was following closely behind us in the Hummer, and was out in a flash as soon as they parked to stand in front of me.

"Quinn what's going on!?" Anna said half annoyed, and half scared.

Quinn gave his bike a kick as he got off it, making it slide loudly down the driveway, making me jump, and back up.

I don't think I have ever seen him this mad before… not even when he and Steven had fought that night. This was much worse, it was almost scaring me.

"He's coming after her," He spit out through his clenched teeth.

His eyes were no longer their usual crystal blue color, they were as dark as onyx, and filled with a darkness that sent my heart racing.

"Who, Quinn would you calm your ass down for like two minutes!" Josh growled, now becoming angry himself.

"Josh," Anna spoke in a warning tone, and grabbed a hold of him with a serious look. "Don't, you know what he can do,"

I was getting more and more confused, and getting more and more worried that something bad was about to happen.

Quinn quickly was standing in front of Josh, looking down on him, a growl rumbling through his chest.

This had to be the first time that I could ever admit that my boyfriend… my Quinn… looked dangerous.

"Read this," He snarled, jabbing the piece of paper that had set him off right in front of Josh.

Josh lightly took the paper from Quinn, now backing off of him, trying not to anger him further. But as his eyes scanned the paper, I watched as his hands began to tremble, growls falling off his lips as well.

"Over my dead body," Josh hissed, and let the paper fall to the ground.

Quinn and Josh now both went stomping into the house, letting Anna, and I out here, just as confused as ever.

Quickly I flew to the paper and picked it up, looking at the words but hardly being able to believe what I read.

"What does it say Em," Anna asked stepping forward to me, watching worried.

I swallowed hard, struggling to not let tears come to my eyes.

"It says… For killing my son, I swear to kill every single one of your loved ones, starting with your precious Emily, better prepare for a war Parkers, because we're coming to get you,"

Anna's stared at me wide eyed in fear, her jaw dropping.

I was about to speak when suddenly I watched as Katie and Erik pulled in beside the Hummer, with slightly annoyed looks.

"Hey you jerks, ditching us at the school, not cool," Erik spoke as he got out of the car, walking over to us shaking his head.

But as he took in our expressions he froze, looking between us, then his eyes fell on the paper in my hands.

"What's going on?" He asked seriously.

I didn't even have the strength to say a thing, let alone explain that because of me, I have put his entire family in danger of getting killed.

Shakily I held my hand out, offering him the paper in means to explain.

He snatched it quickly as Katie made her way over to us as well, already noticing the tense atmosphere.

I turned away from them, looking down at the ground in guilt, and fear. There had to be something I could do so Kevin would spare the Parkers, and just take me, they didn't do anything wrong, if I just never came around Florida they wouldn't be in this trouble, the least I could do was fix it,

Anna's hand now rested on my shoulder, making me look up to her baby blue eyes, she pulled me into a hug.

"Em, this isn't your fault, you aren't going anywhere,"

She must have read my mind.

"But it is my fault, don't you see, he wants revenge, but he doesn't have to take it out on all of you,"

"Em, we are a family, you're part of us, if one of us goes down, we all do, that's the Parker way," Anna spoke seriously, before slowly letting me go.

Tears filled my eyes at her words.

I was truly the most lucky girl in the world to have such an amazing group of people in my life, they have treated me so well, like I was part of the family, I've never really felt like that before.

Welcomed in a big family, it was always just me and my father, or me and my mother; there really was no big family life I had.

After Erik had finished reading it, Katie also done, I was surprised to see Erik didn't look surprised at all, nor was there one trace of fear in his expression.

"I'd like to see him try, I'll kick his ass," He grumbled, his chest puffing out for a moment.

Katie hissed, crossing her arms, her eyes narrowing.

"This isn't good; it's no time to be fooling around Erik,"

"Who's fooling around, I'm being completely serious,"

"Katie is right Erik, you read that paper it said we're coming to get you, meaning he is getting more then one person in on this, and if he really means prepare for a war, then we are going to be badly outnumbered, this is seriously not good," Anna said seriously.

My heart was racing so fast inside me I swore it would bust out of my chest in any minute, my stomach was nothing but knots, and wild butterflies, angrily hitting the walls of my stomach.

I needed Quinn.

"Where is Quinn?" I said quietly, causing all looks to turn to me.

"He is with Josh, they went to talk with Gale I think," Anna said just as quiet.

"I need him,"

"Let's get you inside, and get you calmed down,"

I wanted to cry, I wanted to run, and most importantly I wanted to feel Quinn's arms wrapped tightly around me, and his sweet voice to tell me that he was here and everything would be ok.

But who was I kidding, everything was not going to be ok, and it was all my fault that everything wasn't going to be ok.

Not having any time to refuse, Anna and Katie both had me, pushing me up the stairs to the porch. At the same time Brooke and Zane's car came rolling into the driveway. Erik went jogging to the car, waving the paper up high in the air as he did so.

"Hey come check this bullshit out!" He called out to them vigorously.

I looked away, and to the front of me as Anna opened up the door to the house, and lead me inside, Katie coming right behind me. As if waiting for me to pass out or fall backwards.

But I knew I wasn't that overwhelmed, not yet at least.

I just really wanted to see Quinn soon, and have his comforting hands to smooth out the worry that was building up inside me.

Looking around at the wide open space of the Parker's living room, I tried to find Quinn, but Anna and Katie kept me in their arms, forcing me up the stairs, and into Quinn's bedroom, where they closed the door behind them.

Regardless, I could hear a rough breaking sound from downstairs, and a snarl. This didn't sound good. I hope that Quinn is alright. Surely Gale must hate me now, for causing so much grief on his family, ever since I entered his son's life. Wasn't that why Kevin had wanted revenge as well, for me being the cause of his sons demise.

"Em, just relax, breath, you're going to be ok," Anna said, and with a gentle push she had me down on Quinn's bed.

I looked away from her, pulling my legs to my chest, hiding my face in legs, hoping that Quinn would come in soon and save the day.

"Is Quinn ok?" I muttered.

That's all I truly cared about.

"He's fine, you know how worked up he gets, when it comes to your safety being threatened, I'm pretty sure that's the biggest mistake of anyone's life, to threaten Quinn's mate, Quinn, strongest male vampire in the known world." Katie shook her head.

"He may be the strongest, as in his powers are stronger then any other, but he isn't physically strongest, or mentally, he can't track, he's virtually weak if you stripped him of his powers completely. He's like… a gun… without any ammo he's useless." Anna said looking between us with a sad look.

"Anna, how did you think this was going to reassure Em," Katie said with a dark look at her.

"I was just being truthful, I'm not so good at handling human emotions," She said with a pout.

"This is all my fault," I said hiding my face into my hands.

"Em shut it, this isn't anyone's fault, and that's final," Anna said pulling my hands away from my face, looking at me seriously. "You have to calm down,"

I breathed out, gathering as much calmness as I could find, and tried holding onto it. But it was useless; I couldn't relax knowing I have endangered everyone's lives.

Katie and Anna both sat down beside me now, looking at each other with worried expressions, looking as though they were silently having a conversation.

Breathing in, I slowly concentrated, feeling energy rolling around deep within me, building up, traveling up to my brain, and with a slight tingling feeling, something inside my head felt like it was being released, as if a wire was cut, and allowing thoughts to come forward.

Just keep Em up there a bit longer, I'm not sure how much of all of this Quinn wants her to know. Gale's thoughts became clear.

My eyes closed for a second, and I shook my head.

Why would Quinn not want to tell me everything about what's going on? It wouldn't ruin anything if he just told me… would it?

Don't you think Em deserves to know what's going on? Anna thought her eyes flashing to me for just the smallest of a second.

Yes of course, but this is Quinn we are talking about here, you know how he wants to protect her. Gale's thoughts held almost a warm tone to them, which I didn't really understand. But I wouldn't complain. I was glad that he didn't hate me after all of this trouble.

Fine, but… what's the plan, what are we going to do? Katie thought, and then glanced at me, pausing for a second, and nudging Anna fast.

Anna now directed her attention on me, and patted my leg, making me break my concentration, which in turn closed off the thoughts floating towards me.

"Em, are you alright?" She wondered; looking at me worried.

I nodded. "I'm ok, just… I want to see Quinn,"

"He's on his way up as we speak, don't worry," Katie said, and just as she had said that I listened as footsteps was heard coming down the hallway.

My heart sprang, my eyes locking on the door, eagerly waiting for my Quinn to appear, and chase off this nightmare. As soon as he stepped into the room I was instantly put at ease at his calm face.

Anna and Katie glanced at each other, and nodded, standing up, and making their way to the door.

"I'll see you two in a few," Anna said, and quickly they both exited the room with fast haste.

Quinn watched them as they left, before coming to my side, pulling me into his arms as he laid down beside me. It was like walking through a blistering fire, yet not getting burned, like walking into a snow storm, and not freezing. The sparks that buzzed between us had never been as strong as I let myself melt into his arms.

"Em, are you ok love?" His smooth voice whispered, his arms pulling me closer to his chest, rubbing soothing circles across my back.

"I am now," I mumbled, and hide my face in his chest, curling myself to him as close as possible.

I didn't want to lose this; I didn't want this to be the last time I get to be trapped in the arms of this prince charming.

"Everything is going to be ok Em, I won't let them hurt you, ever," He said in a low, serious voice. I was taken by surprise at how passionate his words were, and looked up into his crystal blue eyes. The only thing that I could read in them was complete determination, and a burning love that sent shivers down my spine.

This was all I needed to see to know this… everything had to be ok, Quinn had to be right. Nothing bad would happen. He would protect me, and I trusted him with all my heart.

"What are we going to do?"

He paused, biting his lip for just a second, which distracted me, but at the same time focused my attention more on what he would say.

"I'm getting you out of this country, tonight,"

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