A/N: Yes I know that I should focus on my other stories, but I got this idea and I couldn't resist writing! This might be a three shot, maybe even a four shot if I want to write an epilogue. Please enjoy and review!

Rating: M

Pairing: Takano X Ritsu

Side Pairings: Yukina X Kisa, Kirishima X Yokozawa, Usami X Misaki, Nowaki X Hiroki, Miyagi X Shinobu, Asahina X Isaka, Mino X Sarutobi, Hatori X Chiaki, and Yanase X An.

Disclaimer: Sekaiichi Hatsukoi isn't my creation, if it was Ritsu and Takano would be like married by now.

I Always Get What I Want

Usami Akihiko surveyed the battlefield around him and let out a long sigh.

He hated to lose.

A dark shuckle sounded a few yards behind him, Akihiko growled irritably and ran a hand through his dusky silver hair before turning to face his companion behind him, his usual playful violet eyes annoyed.

"All right you won," he huffed and crossed his arms over his chest, scowling at a smirking Takano, "What do you want?"

"What do I always want?" the night god replied as he walked through the vision of the battlefield, turning it to smoke. "Your Day crown? No. The loyalty of your minions? No. Control over the sands and clouds? No. For sun to stop shining and eternal night to reign? Tempting, but n-"

"Oh, for the love of me, just pick something already!" Usami snapped irritably. Takano glared at him over the interruption. The dark-haired god did love to hear the sound of his own voice. He kept smirking though as his honey colored eyes glinted with anticipatipn.

"What I want is the same as always," he said with a mischevious look, "The possession of the god of plants for one day."

"Fine whatever," Usami grunted as he adjusted his toga over his pale chest, "You may pick him up later tonight," he sighed, turning his back and walking off towards Olympus.

"Believe me, I will," Takano smirked again as he turned his bare back and walked off to his own kingdom.

Ritsu will be so angry.

Usami sighed again as he listened to the shrieks coming from the god of plants himself, as he was screeching his displeasure at Usami's loss. Usami tried his best to ignore both him and the chatter of the court as he let his mind drift on to Misaki. He really wished he would've won, then he could've had the god of mammals all to himself for today, not that Misaki minded- as if he would ever admit that.

As he lost himself in his daydream, he was suddenly pulled back into reality by Ritsu grabbing the front of his toga and giving him a good shake, "Are you even listening to me?!"

Usami frowned and batted his hands off his toga as he straightened it, the chatter now annoying him as he yelled, "Silence!" they ignored it, "Hey! Shut up!" his voice boomed over the talk of the court, everyone now falling quiet. Usami sighed once again as he rested his elbow on the arm of his throne and propped his chin up with his fist as he looked over the main gods of the court, his violet eyes bored.

Yokozawa, god of the clouds, was sitting in a group with Yukina, the god of beauty and his lover, Kisa, god of love. They were whispering quietly together and chattering about Usami's loss.

"I'm sorry Ritsu-kun," Usami whined as he shook his head, "I was confident that I would beat him this time though!"

Ritsu groaned as he ran a hand through his dark brown hair, his eyes the same green as they are of the plants he watched over, "You know I hate it when you guys bet on me and Misaki-chan, and now I have to deal with him for the whole night!"

"I hope your body is ready Ricchan!" Kisa teased him from where he sat, his bow and arrow sitting on his lap.

"Shut up!"

"Calm down you two," Usami cut in before the fight could escalate to another fight, "Ritsu-kun, you will survive! And come on must it be taht bad? To hold Takano's affection? I mean he's a great god and not bad looking if I may add."

"Shut up! It's just... It's all so confusing!" Ritsu began to pace irritably, adjusting his short toga as he continued, "The man held no interest in me before, he's barely even glanced at me before, and now suddenly he wants me?! It just doesn't make any sense!"

"Onodera, you're not going to do better," Yokozawa drawled from his slightly bobbing cloud. "I mean, this is the god of night. He sends you moonbeam necklaces threaded with Yanase's stars. He sends you the lightest of Sarutobi's breezes to cool you on a hot day. He threatens An with bodily harm every time one of your creatures comes to grief on her earth. He would gather you the finest flowers every day if Hiyori did not screech at him every time he picked so much as one. Face it, weed-for-brains, he's the best you've got."

Everyone in the court blinked at that, though it was not a surprise to hear that coming from Yokozawa. Yokozawa once held affections for the god of the night as well, it took awhile for him to get over it.

"Not to mention he bribed Kisa-san to shoot me with one of his arrows!" Ritsu replied heatedly, crossing his arms over his half bare chest and looking to the side angirly, "Boy was he pissed off when he messed up and I ended up 'falling in love' with Nowaki-san!"

"Yeah that was kind of awkward... For alot of us..." said god chuckled as he walked into the courtroom, followed by his lover, Hiroki Kajimou, god of fire.

"Takano-san's on his way up," Hiroki said with a smirk as he watched his green eyed companon settle into his throne, "So don't get too comfortable, plant boy."

"Ughhhh!" Ritsu moaned as he buried his face onto his lap, mourning the fact tha Takano will probably fuck him into oblivion tonight.

In a burst of black shadows, Takano Masamune and his own court appeared in the throne room. He was followed by Sarutobi, god of the sun, and Mino, got of the sky, who had his left arm thrown around said blond's shoulder in a posessive manner. Kirishima pointedly stared at Yokozawa hungirly, said god chose to ignore him as he looked anywhere but at him. Misaki peeked out from behind Takano as he jogged over to Usami's throne and gave him a shy hug as he said, "Wow Usagi-san, I thought you would win this time."

Usami smiled and ruffled the god of mammal's dark brown hair, "I'm a lover, not a fighter," he cooed as he pulled the god into a quick kiss, "I'll show you that later in my bedroom."

Misaki blushed delicately.

"I've come to collect my winnings," Takano sighed in boredom, hands on hips.

"Hm? oh yeah," Usami had his attention centered on Misaki as he waved a dismissive hand in Ritsu's direction, "Take him."


"Come on baka," with a wave of his hand, Takano was able to make Ritsu float in midair and hover over to him, the green eyed male tried to struggle to free himself but he couldn't, "You know the deal, you belong to me for the day."

Ritsu yelled a flurry of curse words as he found himself being pressed against the god of night's chest. He felt strong arms wrap around him before everything faded into black.