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I Always Get What I Want: Chapter Four

Ritsu never ran so fast in his life.

Being a god and all, he never felt the point to run, since he literally had all the time in the world. He never ran from anything, he was always so calm and controlled when it came to his feelings, he usually doesn't even speak up about what he thinks or feels. It's natural to him, actually.

He's never cried before in his life, he's seen other gods cry, but he's never emotional really, he's never felt the need to cry. In fact if he ever did cry he probably would've panicked over why this water was leaking out his eyes.

He was too heartbroken to panic though.

He sobbed his way out the night god's throne room, heading for the exit. He's never felt so crushed, seeing Takano with his whore of a sister really tore him apart. He knew what they were doing, seeing Takano's disheveled state, they were probably just done having sex…

'That jerk! Stupid jerk!' he ranted in his mind as he made it out the throne room, now running across the field to get back to his own home, at Usami's mansion of a castle, 'I was an idiot, a stupid idiot! I can't believe I almost admitted how I really felt towards him…'

He was so lost in his own thoughts and heartbreak that he didn't hear the sounds of pursuing footsteps behind him.

Takano grabbed Ritsu's arm, "Wait Ritsu! Let me explain, it's not what you think!"

Ritsu sniffled before whispering in a hoarse voice, not looking at him, "Wh- what's it to me? Whatever h- happens between y- you and Natsumi i- isn't my business, it's n- not like we- we're together or anything," he wiped at a few stray tears on his cheeks as he continued, "I- it's okay, really, go back to her, sh- she's the one yo- you love, isn't she?"

Takano tightened his grip on Ritsu's arm, he pulled him against him, shaking his head, "No Ritsu, I don't love her, I still love you, it really wasn't what it looks like. Please, hear me out?"

Ritsu kept his face turned away from him but didn't attempt to get away again as he asked in a thick tone, "What was it then?" oh god, he sounded like some sort of housewife confronting her cheating husband, but at this point he couldn't care less.

Takano held his arm still, in case he tried to get away, but he explained in a soft tone, "Natsumi snuck into my room. I don't know how she was able to break in, but she did. She woke me up and tried to seduce me, even when I told her that I wasn't interested, she forced herself on me," he murmured, "I pushed her off and promised to punish her, she thought I meant something else, and that's why she was laughing. I got fed up and was about to literally throw her out when you were there… NOTHING happened between us Ritsu, I promise."

Ritsu was silent for a moment, before letting out a soft sigh and relaxing against the ravenette. Takano smiled and wrapped his arms around him in a loving embrace, "You know that the only one I will ever love is you? Right?"

Ritsu blushed, "I- I know now..." he stuttered out and looked to the side quickly.

They stayed like that, just holding each other gently in their arms before Takano spoke up again, "What were you gonna say?"

Ritsu looked up at him.

"You must've came to my room for a reason dummy," Takano snorted as he caressed the boy's cheek lightly, "What were you going to say?"

"O- Oh..." Ritsu blushed and looked away, "It's not important, nevermind."

"It obviously was important if you bothered yourself by coming all the way to my room," Takano said, grabbing his chin and forcing him to look him in those smouldering honey eyes of his, "Come on Ritsu, just tell me what you were going to say."

Ritsu bit his lip cutely for a moment, he sucked in a deep breath. He didn't want to look at the man in the eyes when he said this, but the man would not let go of his chin. He let out his deep breath, looked into the mans eyes, and said, "I... Love you, Takano-san."

Takano smiled, "I know," he chuckled as he leaned in and pressed his lips lovingly to his.

Ritsu panted and arched his back off the grass, Takano pulled off the rest of his toga as he planted butterfly kisses all over Ritsu's chest. He squeezed the mans leaking length teasingly, earning a few soft moans and whimpers from the brunette beneath him, "Mmm, Ah!"

"Ugh... Ritsu..." Takano grunted ou as he raised himself up, using one hand to tug at the scarf that kept his toga together, letting it fall loose around him as he pulled off the rest of Ritsu's toga, fighting the urge to just rip it off the sexy body of the god's. Takano then pulled back and took Ritsu's hand, interlacing his fingers with the younger gods, positioning himself at the males enterance but waiting for Ritsu's nod of 'go ahead' before thrusting himself slowly inside.

"Ugh... A- ahhhh!" Ritsu cried out as Takano sank deep within him, he arched his back and let his head fall against the soft grass, looking up at the sparkling stars in the ebony sky. His eyes half lidded as the raven haired man began to thrust in and out of him slowly. He cried out when the man suddenly grabbed him and began to pump, making his hips twitch and his body tremble like a leaf in the wind.

"T- Takano-san..." Ritsu choked out as the man's thrusts increased, his eyes closed and his chest heaving as he fought for air, "I... I...-"

Takano chuckled, "I love you too, Ritsu," he whispered before he leaned in for another deep kiss, his desperate thrusts ever letting up. His right hand still pumping Ritsu in hard, jerky movements.

Ritsu was near his peak, and Takano knew this as he leaned down and whispered at the younger god's ear, "Come for me, Ritsu," before biting down on the shell and sucking at the lobe.

Ritsu threw his head back and screamed his pleasure as he orgasmed right then and there, Takano soon following.

Takano and Ritsu cuddled together in the afterglow of their sex, Takano nuzzling the top of his head and his left hand running and stroking Ritsu's hair absent mindedly. Ritsu sighed in content and murmured, "Takano-san, does this mean... You know..."

Takano smiled, "Of course I'll be your lover," he teased.

Ritsu squeaked, "I- I didn't ask that!"

"You were going to."

Ritsu didn't deny that and looked away, a blush still tainting his cheeks, "B- Baka."

Takano chuckled, "Maybe," he hummed and nuzzled Ritsu's neck playfully, kissing the Hickey left on his pale skin from their previous activity.

"Ritsu," he suddenly murmured, pulling away to look the god in the eyes.

"Hm?" Ritsu mumbled and looked over at the male, his green eyes soft.

Takano sat up and crossed his legfs, Ritsu crawled over and sat down inbetween them, leaqning his back against Takano's chest, letting the bigger god wrap his arms arouynd him and snuggle him against his front side, "I wanted to ask you, how would you like to join my court?"

Ritsu started a bit at that, he looked over his shoulder at the god and said, "I wouldn't mind, but Usami would never allow that, he would be short a god."

"That can easily be fixed," Takano said smoothly as the brunette turned back arund and rested against him once again, "I could always trade you for Misaki-kun, that way we both would be happy."

Ritsu smiled at the sound of that as Takano continued lovingly, "If I'm in your court then we'll get to spend so much more time together, you can even live with me in my home. And it wouldn't be troublesome since your field is only a couple of miles away."

Ritsu nodded and suddenly an idea popped into his mind, "Hm, could you maybe get An-chan in your court as well? Trade her for Kirishima? I think they would both appreciate that. Kirishima-san doesn't like being seaperated from his lover and his daughter and I kind of agree with him. And I think An-chan deserves to be closer with her husband."

Takano thought about that for a moment, "Yokozawa would say it's a bother, but deep down he would appreciate it," he chuckled and began to kiss on the smaller gods neck again, "I'll take it up with Usami tomorrow, but for tonight, I'm not letting you go anywhere. In fact..."

He suddenly pulled Ritsu's head back and devoured his lips in a deep kiss. Ritsu gasped slightly but kissed the older god back as he felt said god's hands begin to wander...

"AGAIN?!" Ritsu whined when he felt Takano getting hard.

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