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Spongebob, Patrick, and Sandy were at Goo Lagoon, building sand castles. Sandy brought up the subject that was on everybody's mind. "Have ya'll heard about the Annual Sea Critter Dance? I've heard it's going to be the best one ever!" "Of course we've heard Sandy! And I was wondering-" Spongebob began, but Patrick interrupted. "Hey Sandy, will you go to the dance with me?" "Of course I will Patrick! Now, what were you saying Spongebob?" But Spongebob was gone.

He had run home by that time and was slouching on the couch, drinking can after can of Kelp Kola. "Meow!" asked Gary. "No Gary, nothing's wrong." Spongebob said, depressed. "Meow!" Gary persisted. "It's not fair Gary! I finally get up the nerve to ask Sandy to the dance, but as soon as I'm about to Patrick steals my date!" Spongebob sighed and popped open another can of soda. "Meow!" "You're right Gary! I should be doing something about this! I am not going to stand for this!" Spongebob got up and went into his kitchen to start working on his secret plan.

On the afternoon of the dance, Spongebob called Patrick and told him to come over so he could show him some embarrassing pictures of Squidward. Patrick, laughing, came over right away. When he got to the path to Spongebob's his ice cream senses went on full blast. He followed the trail of ice cream drips into Spongebob's house and followed them down the secret stairs to Spongebob's secret basement, which contained some of his secret stuff. He followed the drips until he realized he was standing on a platform. In front of him was the most delicious looking ice cream sundae he'd ever seen! Suddenly, Spongebob plugged in the thing that Patrick was standing on. He was on a treadmill! He kept running and running, trying to get that ice cream (which by the way was cardboard). While he was doing that, Spongebob snuck upstairs, locked the door, and went into phase two of his plan.

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