Hi~ So this is my first ever real fanfiction and it's for my new obsession, Suits. So far, I'm thinking that this will be 2-3 chapters depending on how things flow. I hope you guys like it and please R&R, because I will love you forever. :3

The day started out normla. Mike woke up to his alarm clock and biked himself to the office while scarfing down a granola bar. Just as he was settling into his desk, Harvey plopped a huge pile of files to get done. He was told, "Have them finished by tomorrow or you're fired."

Mike worked steadily on the files, but as lunchtime came around, so did Louis. He was handed another pile of files to finish. Deciding against a lunch-break, he plugged the headphones into his ears and concentrated on his work.

Gradually, Mike noticed the office getting darker as the lights on the Associates' desks turned off one by one. Mike bobbed his head as he neared the end of the pile. He could tell that he'd been working for hours considering the stiff muscles in his hands.

Finished. Finally he was done. Mike checked the time on his phone and sighed as it read "2:54 AM". At least he didn't have to pull an all-nighter, he'd be able to get at least a few hours' sleep after this. Good thing he'd worked through his lunch, or else he'd have gotten no sleep at all. It wouldn't be the first time he'd pulled an all-nighter in an attempt to finish both Harvey's and Louis' work.

Headphones still in his ears, he stood up and stretched his arms above his head, enjoying the satisfying crack of his joints. Mike pulled the headphones out of his ears just as something flickered in his peripheral vision.

Mike tensed. No, it couldn't be that. Of course not, definitely not. It was just one of those old florescent lights flickering. That's it. It most definitely was not-

Thunder rolled loudly through the floor and Mike froze. Shit. This could not be happening. This was not happening. Why did it have to happen now? Why here? Why couldn't it have been in his apartment where he could have peacefully hid, errm, went under his covers and been alone.

He couldn't go home, not now. Especially not in this weather. He could just-

Mike flinched as another crack of lightning illuminated the floor.

He would find a nice, safe place to snooze in for a few hours. Under his desk seemed like a good idea. Mike quickly opened the bottom drawer in his desk and pulled out a spare pillow that he kept in the office for all-nighters.

Mike shuffled stiffly under the desk with the pillow tucked between his arms. He put his headphones back in. No way was he going to be able to sleep. He turned the music up all the way in an attempt to block out the sounds of the storm.

He couldn't relax.