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Hello my name is Dani with an 'I' not to be confused with my annoying brother Danny. Well my name is Dani Fenton also know as Dani Phantom and well this is my story. You are probably wondering what happened to me after Phantom Planet. Well, I spent 2 months of traveling all over the world. After that I headed back to Amity Park my clone's home town. Yes I am a clone. I don't like the term 'clone' so I am going to say I am his sister. Yes you heard me right. I am cloned from a guy and I am a girl. My 'father' when he made me I was a mess up. My 'Father' was a evil crazy fruitloop, you may know him as Vlad Masters. He is the CRAZY halfa who tried to take over the world and is now in space. Well, my 'Father' ended up cloning me cus he was trying to get the perfect 'son'. Now you may be wondering "Who was she cloned from?" well to answer your question I was cloned from the famous Danny Fenton/Phantom. Yes I am a half ghost too. Back to the story!


I walked up to the house hesitating to knock. 'Will they exept me even if I am a clone?' Was all that was going threw my head. Before I could knock the door swung open. In the doorway stood a red haired girl I remember from Danny's memories as our sister Jazz.

"Ugh" is all that came out of my mouth. "Can I help you?" she asked. "Um..." I swallowed the spitball stuck in my throat.

"I-is Dan-n-ny here?" I swallow again. "Are you one of those crazy Danny Phantom girls?" 'No!' I was shouting in my head. "No I'm here on um" I had to think for a moment. "Please I need to talk to him!" I practicably begged.

"On what?" She looked at me with a look a ghost could be scared of. "I'm his clone." I whisper in a hushed voice.

She looked at me with a puzzled look. "DANNY!" she runs back into the house quickly screaming his name. Pretty soon a raven black haired, blue eyed boy is standing in front of me.

"DANI!" He screams and picks me up in a hug. "H-e-y b-ro!" I manage to get out as my lungs were collapsing. He soon he lets me down. "Where you been?" he asked me. I was startled by the question. "Traveling the world seeing sites you know the usual. It get's boring after awhile." I said without even knowing it.

"Would you like to come in?" He looks at me with a happy look. "sure" I manage to get out. He quickly grabbed my hand and led me inside. Danny quickly led me upstairs. "What are you doing here?" He asked me as soon as we got in. "Danny, the GIW are after me. Can I stay here for awhile?" I asked hoping the answer would be yes.

"I don't know. We are going to have to talk to Mom and Dad about it." He said staring into my eyes. "Okay, what should be our story? Oh and I told your sister I was your clone so I could get in." I added the last part in just so he knows. "You did what?!" He asked me with surprise and shock at the same time. "I told Jazz I was your clone so I could see you."

"Well let's get Mom and Dad to say you can stay and we will deal with Jazz later." He stared into my eyes figuring something out. But what? "What about the plan?"

As I said that he had a huge grin on his face. "Oh I'll take care of that." He then grabbed my hand and led me out of his room.


His parents came rushing out of the room ecto-blasters in hand. "Is it a ghost!" Running up the steps was a hefty guy in an orange jumpsuit. "What is it Danny?!" Coming up next was a women in a blue jumpsuit I imediently recognized her as mom from Danny's memories. What I don't get is why I dont recognize the guy in the orange jumpsuit. I quickly ignore the thought thinking it is probably Vlad's doing.

Soon after the red haired girl known as Jazz from my memories comes down the steps. "What is it Danny?" She then saw me. Her eyes grew wide with horror.

"Mom, Dad, Jazz I'd like you to meet Danielle Masters." There were shocks of horror all threw out the room. I gave my brother the 'I'm so gonna kill you later look'. "Now I know what your thinking." He ignored my 'look'! "She is Vlad's daughter but she is not like him." By now everyone was staring at me.

"Since Vlad is in space, I'd like her to stay with us for awhile tell she makes other plans." Everybody looked at him like he was crazy. "Now I would like Danielle to sleep in the guest room." I flinch at my full name. "Now Danielle do you have anymore clothes then that?" he asked pointing to my red sweatshirt and torn jeans.

"No?" I told him but it sounded more like a question. Jazz was the first to break out of the horror trance. "What does that have to do with anything?" She then looks me up and down. "Jazz I would like you to go with Danielle to the store and get her new clothes. I would also like you to go get her stuff for her room."

I looked at him with a shock of horror on my face. "Now if you will please go I will talk to Mom and Dad." Danny then shewed us out of the room. Jazz lead me to a bent up pick up truck in the back and told me to hop in.

I hesitatingly hoped into the front seat. The ride was quiet and awkward as we pulled up to the store. She quickly hoped out. I did the same. We walked into Wall's Mart. Jazz led me to the girls section while grabbing a cart.

"This is gonna be so fun!" I slowly nodded and headed to a rack with Jeans on them. After awhile of looking at clothes I headed to the dressing rooms. As I headed into one I felt jazz's hand catch my wrist. "Are you really Vlad's daughter? Danielle?"

I think about that for a moment. "You can call me Dani with an 'I' Danny just likes to call me that to annoy me. And yea I am." I quickly head into the stall before she could ask me anymore questions.

I quietly throw on a white quarter sleeve t-shirt. I also had a jean mini skirt with black leggings. I walked out and Jazz gasped "Dani! Yo look beautiful!" I felt a warm feeling in my cheeks. I ran back into the stall and changed back into my normal attire.

I came out and Jazz had already picked out bed sheets and a comforter. They were purple with white flowers on them. "We can get the rest of the furniture later. After we paint your room."

I look at her with a questioning look. "What?" I ask her. "We are painting your room when we get back." I still felt puzzled. "I have a room?" I must have looked puzzled because she answered very fast. "Yea you do you have the guest room." "Oh" Is all I could muster out.

The rest of the day went pretty smooth. When we got back Mom and Dad welcomed me with opening arms. Whatever Danny told them it must have been good. We quickly headed up stairs paint brush in hand. I picked a Dark purple.

After we went downstairs Chinese food arrived. We sat around the table everybody was laughing and talking but me. "Dani?"

I heard Jazz say my name. I quickly look up to see Jazz repeating the question. "How would you like to start school tomorrow Dani?" I looked at her in shock. "um... Sure?" It sounded more like a question then an answer. "Ok it's settled! You will start school tomorrow!" After that I excused myself from the table and headed up to my room.

Might as well get a good night sleep before my life ends tomorrow.

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