The Prayer Warriors Vs. The Rouge Angle Of Satin


This is a parody of The Prayer Warriors series by Thomas Brown, AKA BelieverInChrist, and not a genuine entry in the series. Also, I own absolutely nothing in this fanfiction (minus the original characters), but this is a fanfiction, so that should be obvious. Now, on with the show!

Chapter I

Kid Icarus Shows Himself

Hello, My name is Michael and I am the leader of the Prayer Warrior (not like that other team lead by Jerry they're a different group). My teammates are Opal, Jake and Serenity. We do what the other Prayer Warriors don't have the time to do, but we are just as good as they are.

Today were going to slay an elementary school and everyone in it. The teachers teach the sin of science and must be stoped. The students are too corrupted to be saved. Al the Satanists will pay for their crimes to God.

We entered the school to find the teacher Ms. Mike teaching her students that the story of Adam and Eve was wrong, evolution is right and to listen to the demonic priest of Satan and traitor to God, Darwinius. She was old with white hair and glasses and was wearing a short skirt and tank top.

"Let them go you Satanic cur!" I said.

"Don't bother. I have already corrupted them." said the prostitute Ms. Mike.

"HAIL SATIN" said the children in unison.

We lifted our swords in the air and folded our hands and prayed to God to kill Ms. Mike. She exploded and her soul was sent 2 Hell where she will be tortured for all eternity forever. Then we began to put the children out of their misery. We did this by stoneing them in their necks until they died.

Wee were about 2 kill the last child when he decided to repent for his sins. His name was Thomas. Wee "christened" him into our team. Wee also gave him his first mission: 2 kill his parents for not being Christians, just like fellow Prayer Warrior Josef Kony told the African children he saved to do, as doing so without remorse will prove that he is completely devoted to God, and that is good.

Just as Thomas was about to leave a angle descended from the sky. It was… Kid Icarus! He clams to be a real angle but he is a betrayer who left God to join the fake Geek gods who are really illusions created by Satan. He uses his Satanic bow to shoot a arrow of unholiness at Thomas that burned him alive.

"MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You have failed Prayer Warriors, now Thomas will burn in Hell even though he has repented." said Kid Icarus.

"Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!' I yelled in agony that I had been defeated by the rouge angle of Satin.

"How could you do such a thing you Satanic monster!?" said Opal in tears.

"Because I am a Satanist, and it is my duty to kill the innocent, especially Christians." said Kid Icarus.

He then flew away.

"I'll get you Kid Icarus!" I yelled to him as he flew away.

We had to stop Kid Icarus but we didn't know how. We prayed to Jesus Christ, the one true lord to tell us where he was. Jesus said that he went to Greece, which he had taken over in the name of Paulitana, the new god of prostitutes.

"Thank you, o great Lord Jesus Christ." I thanked.

We than began our quest to stop the rouge angle of Satin.