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Author Notes 1: This story can be read alone, but to truly understand the background you should read my earlier one-shot fic, "The Iron Coin of the Jester". That way you can properly understand the Iron Coin, how Xander got it, and what exactly it does.

Author Notes 2: Since each chapter will be termed an 'Episode', the prologue is being termed a 'Trailer'

The Iron Coin Chronicles: Season 1

By Alkeni

Trailer: An Agent of Chaos

There are some things which the human mind simply cannot comprehend.

After all; humans think in rather simple terms, in the grand scheme of things. Apart from a few physicists and mathematicians, whose thought processes are a tiny bit more advanced than that of the rest of the herd, human beings live in a world containing just three dimensions – and how boring is that? They live in a world where causes create effects, and effects have causes. A world where a circle has only 360 degrees, and there are some angles that just can't exist. A world where the arrow of time points in only one direction. A world where, not all that long ago, the Earth had been considered a flat plane supported by an infinite tower of tortoises.

In summary, then, humans just don't have the mental capacity to process things on a level that would truly serve them well.

The best description any human could come up with, upon seeing the section of twenty-three dimensional super-space which the sideways being known as 'The Jester' spent most of its...well, 'time' was the wrong word, but it was the closest for a human mind to grasp the concept...was as if they were seeing the gaming floor of a casino. Card tables, craps tables, slot machines, roulette wheels, and more. Imagine the Tropicana Resort & Casino located on the Las Vegas strip in all its glory, but add in at least three extra dimensions, and you'd start to get an idea of what sort of environment we're talking about.

The Jester stood at one of the tables, dealing out blackjack hands as if playing with several other people. The Jester seemed to be wearing formal clothes – a black suit, black dress pants, a white dress shirt, a solid blue tie. Tan skin, black hair. Solid blue, pupilless eyes, like blue tunnels staring out of his skull; or better yet, like the Fremen out of that novel-slash-movie called Dune. One of The Jester's more hilarious pranks, to be sure.

Suddenly, The Jester straightened up, as if hearing something. Not that 'hearing' was really the right word either. Nor did 'straightened' and 'up' really apply either, within twenty-three dimensional super-space. But since it was the closest approximation a human mind can understand, it will be so described.

"Can't I have some privacy without the forces of Fate intruding on me?" The Jester demanded, staring at its companion in annoyance. A human looking at this scene would describe the new arrival as having appeared from seemingly nowhere, and: male, middle- to advanced-age, wearing long, flowing black robes. Hair gray and long and an even longer beard, just as gray. Clasped to his chest was a heavy book, the cover made of what seemed like iron, the pages made of what seemed like gold. When this being deigned to appear before humans, it was often known as the Librarian of Fate.

"Have you no sense of decency!?" The Librarian demanded. "Is there no line you and your brethren among Chaos will not cross to wreak havoc?"

"Oh, come now!" The Jester protested. "What is it that's gotten you into such a fit this time? It is our job to screw around with your plans, you know."

"Yes, but this time you have gone too far!" The Librarian insisted. "There are rules about this sort of thing!"

"Remember to whom you are speaking. There are no rules; seriously, you sound just like a human!" The Jester replied, chortling. "There are only whims. My whims. Your whims. The whims of the Forces of Fate. The whims of the Forces of Chaos. I do what my whims dictate."

"You gave your Iron Coin to Alexander Harris!" The Librarian said, appalled. "Do you even realize the damage which he will now cause!?"

"Well, of course I do." The Jester said with a smile. "I've seen the plans you and yours have for him and his friends. And just so you know; if I was him, and had only the limited capacity for understanding that humans do, I'd be pissed. I think we both know that if Harris were to find out your plans, he'd want to kill every single one of you."

"What the mortal wants is irrelevant. All that matters is that you take back the Iron Coin, at once!" The Librarian commanded.

"No. Because now, Harris has the ability to find out what you're planning. And of course...the motivation to do something about it. And maybe, one day, cause chaos the likes of which me and mine can only dream." The Jester appeared to smirk. "Have fun trying to contain all the damage he'll do to your plans." And then The Jester vanished, the gaming room vanishing with him; leaving The Librarian fuming in a featureless void.

Such is the nature of twenty-three dimensional super-space.

Author's Note: And with this, the Iron Coin Chronicles truly begin. Coming soon, Episode 1: Sometimes You Can't Go Back, and Episode 2: And Sometimes You Can.