Yugioh GX: American Duel Academy story

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Summary: Okay, this is a new TheNew959 story from me, and yet I have still have yet reach the other fanfics, but here's the point here, since I have worked on the Yugioh 5D's story Duel Academy 5D's Style a bit, and planning to start Season 2, I figure I would make my own series myself and start an epic fanfiction myself. The story takes place 15 years after the events of the Yugioh GX anime, and the story is about an 11 year old girl named Sonia Stryker who is the daughter of a world famous duelist known as Sam Stryker. Sam Stryker has been known for his extensive dragon deck that includes the ace winning card known as Gandroff, the Dragon King. Sam Stryker was a sensation around the world and has even became second to Yugi himself, but had the media in a storm. The setting of his dueling style and where both Sonia and Sam live is Los Angeles, California. Sam loves his daughter very well and even teach her the game, although she only duels on occasions and tends to watch from the sidelines. That is when Sonia was young, her real story came into mind. However, soon her life takes a huge turn for the worse, and eventually, she is tossed in a new adventure. (you will see the whole opening soon.)

TheNew959 presents

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Yugioh GX: The American Duel Academy Story (I know the title sucks, but the story will be good, trust me)


LA Dueling Stadium, Los Angeles, California, August 12 2014, 7:56 PM (6 years ago)

The crowd was all there, the pure excitement of the dueling arena was explosive in the air as the fans pile up to fill the stadium, for one huge reason, and that reason is to see the duel between both Sam Stryker and an unknown person that is really muscular and strong, with black spike hair, wearing no shirt and black pants. Sam Stryker however, was a different story in terms of looks. Sam Stryker has brown hair, brown eyes, his face is heavily scarred, particularly on the right side and on the bridge of his nose. His skin is a bit orange and tan, and he is muscular enough to be athletically capable, and he dresses a bit like a cowboy in 1911, but he actually doesn't wear a hat at all.

Okay, now onto the duel as it was cut a bit through. The unknown man actually has a King Dragun monster on the field, a Luster Dragon number 2, Diamond Head Dragon, and a Red Eyes Black Dragon, all on the field, and no face-down cards.

Here are the stats for all the cards on his side of the field, and his life points is 1800 is you are asking.

Attr: Dark Type: Dragon Atk: 2400 Def: 2000 Level: 7 (Red Eyes Black Dragon)

Attr: Wind Type: Dragon Atk: 2400 Def: 1400 Level: 6 (Luster Dragon number 2)

Attr: Light Type: Dragon Atk: (at the time 4000) Def: 2800 Level: 8 (Diamond Head Dragon)

Attr: Dark Type: Dragon Atk: 2400 Def: 1100 Level: 7 (King Dragun)

For Sam Stryker though, he is better in someway in terms of one card he has in his hand, but his life points is 100, and he is about to lose on that standard. However, he was just smiling at the card he has in his hand that will grant him victory, and the fans that are around are about to see it in action, and he tribute an unknown monster for it.

"Well… this duel is just about over, as I have just drew the card that will defeat you." Sam Stryker said to the unknown duelist, and the latter just mocked.

"How could you, you don't have a single card in your deck that can stand against my Dragon brute force, there is no way you can win." The unknown man said, but Sam disagrees.

"I have to disagree on that, and here is why. Whenever I have one of each attribute of monsters sent to the graveyard prior to tributing my Gandroff The Dragon Prince, I am allow to Special Summon Gandroff, the Dragon King, the monster that will defeat you." He said as he summons his ultimate beast. The dragon had to brown wings that flied like a demon, its claws were raw and dirty, the teeth was sharp, and it's face and body look like an old man, and it roared into the air and flew around the stadium, getting the people excited for the next big move that he is about to pull off. It did this for about a minute before the dragon landed behind Sam.

Attr: Dark Type: Dragon Atk: 3500 Def: 3000 Level: 8

"And get ready, because when he is summoned this way, every card on your side of the field is automatically destroyed right on the spot." Sam explained as his dragon flies into the air and prepares its assault as lasers formed from its body and fires it towards his monsters. "Now take it away Gandroff!" Sam ordered as his dragon fired all of his lasers at the opposing dragons, and in one deadly blast after another, the dragons soon started to fall to their deaths and explode on the field.

"NO! THIS CANNOT BE! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" the unknown duelist said as the dragons exploded around him, and he was attacked immediately afterwards by Gandroff, the Dragon King, and was knocked down to the ground immediately afterwards.

Unknown Duelist LP: 0

"And we have our winner… the brave man that isn't afraid to fight dirty, the man that knows the game inside out and all its tricks and secrets, the one… the only… SAM STRYKER!" the judge said in excitement as the crowd then screams his name. Sam Stryker has received a lot of fame for his deck, his style of dueling, and his respect for his opponents. A good example of this is Sam walked over to the man that was knock out, and as the man gets back up, Sam had this to say to him.

"You played a good game, you did your best, but it wasn't enough in this one." Sam said as he helps the man get back up. "Thanks… you are sure what the people call you, a champion, a master, a honorable man." The unknown duelist responded as Sam now walks away and into another room.


Sam's House, 10 PM

We now see a 5 year old Sonia in her room, fast asleep with her Kuriboh toy. At her age, Sonia is an incredibly cute little girl with short dark red hair, pale skin, blue eyes, and is right now wearing her normal pajamas and like stated, is fast asleep like a little sleepy bunny with her cute little Kurbioh toy. Sam was then seen coming into the room and rubbing her head softly to ensure she didn't wake up, and to ensure she was alright. Sam came out of the room seconds later and shut the door, and then sees his brother (Sonia's Uncle) right there.

"That was some amazing dueling man… it seems your winning streak will never be going out any day soon, and yet you want to live a simple life without the riches." His brother chuckled to Sam, and Sam gave him a grin.

"Well… it is a lesson our father has thought us, and yet… you are as a blind to that idea as if you were blinded by your ears." Sam chuckled at his brother for that comment he just made a few moments ago, and his brother chuckled as well (not gay). They then both went down stairs where Sam is about to leave to go to a bar. Sam is not a complete drunk, but he does go to bars a lot to hang out with his friends and kill some time before midnight where he has to be back. "Well… got some people to meet at a bar, just killing time, and if you don't mind watching Sonia while I am gone, that would be great." He added, and his bro, being sure, but knew that this was just a moment for him to get drunk, is a bit mixed.

"You know, to be a father, it is best not to be drunk, and going to a bar makes you even more tempted." His brother mocked him a bit, before he laughed.

"Don't worry man, I don't drink a lot, and I will be back by midnight, and thankfully Sonia is asleep, I care for her as much as you do." Sam responded as he gets his jacket and prepares to leave.

"Say… I can tell where you are going… you are going to a bar to get drunk?!" his brother chuckled loudly, and Sam laughed. "Well… from the look of things, yeah, but you know I don't get drunk, unlike you that drink 10 beer cans there a day." Sam friendly insulted his brother.

"Well… you keep going man!" his brother said just as Sam walks out to his truck and drives away, but not before he tells him this. "Just make sure Sonia remains alright for right now, I got to go to the bar, and meet a couple guys for a talk."


Duelist Drunk Bar: 10: 15 PM

The bar is as busy as always as there was in this case, underground illegal duels are right now going on with many people drinking beer, hanging out with friends, listening to the loud music, and even getting into bar fights in no holds bars hand to hand combat. This bar sure was popular for a bunch of people, and we now see Sam Stryker now entering inside the bar and taking a seat on one of the booths, and then raising his hand to get the attention of the owner of the booth for a drink. (won't get into specific looks of Sam's brother and the people here until the later chapters, but this will do for now).

"Hey… hey… hey…. Sam Stryker, the undefeated duelist in L.A. who just won tonight's match man… Nice to see you on a day like this." The owner of the bar said, giving Sam his beer to drink.

"Well… its been like the same shit for the last several years, winning duels that aren't even a challenge, beside Yugi Moto, Seto Kaiba, and Joey Wheeler, 3 unbelievable legends, I would give my own soul to duel them in the future before I die." Sam said, both the owner and him were great friends since they were young. They use to get into trouble with each other, steal tons of stuff from others, etc.

"Yeah, say… I wonder what's up with your life so far?" the owner asked.

"Well, its been nothing but pointless duels with no challenges, tons of meetings with the sponsers, and not a lot of time being able to watch over my little Sonia, as she is the only I have left other than my brother." Sam added as he drinks a part of his beer bottle as he pays with cash his beer.

"Well, sometimes you really want to just get out of one tough life of fame and just have a simple life, it's like myself wishing I could work at a farm instead of working at a bar… with all the shit load of people here it is tough to manage a good business, not to mention this dueling business here is illegal as this is underground, paying for keeps here, it's always fun to have some illegal fun here, and so far… never caught by the police for it." the owner also responded as he serves another person his drink.

"Yeah, that is all true, I just one day I had a simple life, away from the fame, away from the fortune, and just live a simple plain life in a farm, out in the country, with all the wildlife, and just be a simple worker there, heck… I may just want to be a farmer instead." Sam added as he finishes his drink before getting out of the booth and heading outside, but he was stopped by the owner for some reason, and the owner seems to have an idea.

"I have an idea, if you win a duel against me, just one duel, then I can ensure you that your wish of a simple life can happen." The owner suggested, but Sam refuses.

"No way man… you know I will beat the shit out of you in the game, so why try to even challenge me at a time like…" Sam explained before suddenly 2 guys appeared behind him and swings a bat on his hand, knocking Sam out into unconsciousness and he falls off. Everyone soon saw the event, and looked in shock, but the owner is calm, and tells them this.

"Tonight, I will give you a match you all want, he will be dueling me at midnight in a no hold's bar duel, and the loser… well, you know the story, we have death happened he in a lot of times, and I will plan to give you the freshest one yet! Sam Stryker!" the owner announced before the crowd started to get excited in the bar as Sam is escorted away.


At midnight!

Sam (who is now woken up) is being escorted to a cage like dueling arena where the underground crowd is watching. Sam knew that the owner was up to something and as he enters the ring with his Duel Disk and deck, he scorns at the owner for what he has done by setting him up. The owner is seen taking his position on the left side of the ring, and Sam on the right, and for both of them… they are suddenly force to wear a collar that has a nasty surprise. (I know this is pretty underdeveloped, but heck… it is time for the scene).

"If you pay close attention to the right side of the stage… we have the undefeated champion that has proven himself, time and time again, he is the one that contains the dreaded monster that everyone is excited about, his talents are excellent, and if you cross with this man… you will get slashed right back! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN…. I GIVE YOU! SAM STRYKER!" The judge said excited as the furious Sam gives a middle figure at his friend on the left side of the dueling arena.

"You son of a bitch! This is the way you repay me, by suddenly forcing me to a duel… I should have been home right now, getting some sleep, because you know I have a daughter I have to watch!" Sam scorned the owner with all his life.

"Yes… but the real truth, recently… I was working with the mafia to plan to rob you of your deck and family, it's business…. And I am sorry to do this my friend… but you left me no choice!" The owner said.


Sam's LP: 0

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !" Sam yelled out in pain as the collar was shocking him with a dangerous amount of volts of electricity, and after seen for 10 seconds, all his monsters were destroyed, and he collapsed to the ground, breathing hard as he is paralyzed from the waist down, and he seen to be going into trauma a bit. The owner than walks up to the now critically injured Sam and spits right in his face, mocking his very image in front of an underground crowd.

"You know… I may not want to take your deck after all, I rather you die with it!" the owner said as he brings out a pistol, and points it right at Sam's mostly burned face, but just before he is about to shoot, a loud bang on the door was made, and then suddenly, one of the people went to look to see what's up, and that person opens the door, and it was seen from then… 2 police officers, who immediately charged into the dueling ring, with their guns armed, and everyone was scattering out of the building as the owner prepares to shoot Sam, but the police sees this immediately, and got into the ring.

"LAPD! Are you the owner of this bar?" one of the officers asked the owner.

"Of course… I am the damn owner of this damn place, what makes you think that I am doing something wrong here? Is my place bad?" he asked.

"You damn right it is… we have a warrant for your arrest for involvement in the mafia gang, business fraud, running an illegal underground dueling arena, running an illegal fight club, and that is just few of the many charges you have. You also are charged with assault, giving drugs and alcohol to minors, robbery…" the officer explained before seeing the struggling body of Sam right in front of him.

"Oh my god man! We got a critically injured body here, and it's….. Sam Stryker!" the other officer said as he informs the first officer this, and he turns his head to see his dead body.

"Now you are in some big time trouble…. You are now charged with attempted murder, and it he dies, then it's a murder! You are going to jail… big time!" the officer said as he cuffs the owner and takes him to the car. The hospital was called in response, and they took Sam to the hospital.


L.A. Hospital, 10 AM! Saturday

The hospital room has been very silenced for the last few hours as Sam Stryker (very bad heart condition now) is starting to pass out because of what transpired last night. We now see in the room his brother, and Sonia. (won't explain looks for now, but this is a big scene), both of them, who are shocked, worried, and for Sonia… she is in tears.

"Daddy… please don't go!" Sonia cried in tears over Sam as she is terrified and in horror of what happened to her father last night, when pretty much got himself killed at the bar because of the force match off he had, that he lost. However, Sam tries to bring himself to Sonia with his arms, and he used most of his remaining strength to do so, and he brought her in for a slow hug.

"It's going to be alright Sonia, I promise….. you…. It's going to be alright." Sam struggled to say as he gives his daughter a slow and sad hug as he nearly is about to pass out. "But I ain't sadly, but remember this… that… I love you, and that I will always be there for you in your heart… no matter what." Sam said as he reaches for the last thing that he wants Sonia to have before he passes out.

"Sonia… there is one more thing I want you to have….." Sam said, as he brings up his very own deck to her hand, and makes her open her hand, and then both hands were on the deck together. "My… deck… is yours Sonia… don't lose hope, my deck will show you the way, I promise." Sam said as Sonia receives his very own deck, and she is now in even more tears.

"Last thing, to my brother…. Watch over Sonia for me, and get out of the city life… please, I want you 2 to have a simple life, and I have worked hard to ensure that, and soon Sonia… you will embark on a journey… unlike any other." Sam said as he now goes from slightly active, to none as now the dreaded straight line on the heart beat meter now appears, confirming that Sam's heart has stopped beating, and there for… he is dead. Both the uncle, and Sonia were now crying, but Sonia took it the worst as she cried for hours on end, with no stop at all, and for good reasons… as her father… has just passed away.


Sonia's POV

My father's wish for us to have a simple life did came true, both me and my uncle moved out of Los Angeles, and found a simple life out in Massachusetts near the ocean, in a small town that wasn't all urbanized. When I moved into this country, it was like a blessing to me as we are now away from the media, and everything, but not before we had to encounter them somehow as everyone was shocked by the murder of my dad. It was like a pain with the high life, and now we can just experience a mid-life, simple, easily, and effective.

However, there was one more heartbreaking moment that took down my life almost for sure, and left me with something I never imagined at all. One night after a huge school duel tournament that my uncle took me to see (which I never took part in because I rather would play the old fashion way) we were driving back home. My uncle had a phone conversation with some business, and he was really arguing, and I was a shy girl at the time as I didn't want to be talked to. I did okay in all my subjects, even if they weren't the As you would expect. I didn't bother the phone call at own, but I had too when a vehicle was getting close to us at high speed, and when by the time interrupted it, the vehicle hit both me and my uncle. The vehicle rotated several times before it meet its end on a small cliff. Sooner or later the people were called to rescue me, but I had another heartbreaking moment in my life, and this all happened when I was 8 years old. I still kept the deck with me no matter what, but the injury I had changed my life forever, and I didn't knew how to react, in tears or in anger that my life is being destroyed left and right, but I still would always remember the important lessons that my father teach me when me, him, and my uncle went camping when I was 5, that you don't need a high life to enjoy life itself, and that is something I always remember.

Since I had no other family members at all at the time, and no guardian, I was put up for adoption by the law, and it didn't took long for someone to adopt me. However, the person who adopted me, was one of the many remaining Indians in the world, his name was Chiturao, and he had a tough life as well. He fought through several wars, and he was 60 years old, and he somewhat became of a father to me. He too played Duel Monsters to make a living, and he knew about the thing that changed my life forever.

One night, when I slept by myself, I noticed my deck was glowing a bright light, and I took a look at what it is, it happened in the middle of the night, and when I looked at it, suddenly…. The spirits of my cards then started to came right out, and at first, they look real, but they were never harmful to me at all, and they seem to have a bond with me as I was the daughter of my father. The person who adopted me told me that my gift now thanks to what happened on that night that I was sent to the hospital is now I can communicate with Duel Monster spirits, and can go to the Spirit World itself. It as a talent that very few people have, and Chiturao told me of a person known as Jaden Yuki, a person that can communicate with the Duel Spirits like me now, and I thought it was a legend, but he told me… it was very true as Chiturao meet him.

Well, that does that for my life so far, and soon you will see my real side, and my tale… will be told in all of it's full details. I have hidden the truth until now, and now…. It is your time to see it.


A/N: Okay, next chapter, I will be doing the official opening chapter soon to this fanfiction, and it will be my old tale, so you will see many duel cards from before, and even some new archtypes, but you will see that very soon.

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