Yugioh GX America: The American Duel Academy Story Chapter 22

A Snake in the School (Part 4 out of 4) Sonia's Choice! A New Power Awakens!

A/N: Alright, this is it… the final part in the saga here, and trust me, you are going to love it as this has an unexpected surprised you won't see coming, I hope to see it.


Last Time

"Just give up… and this can all end…" Edward stated, then Sonia knows what she has to do.

"I must… give up!" Sonia said to herself as she tries to lay her hand on the duel disk to submit to her defeat. "That's right Sonia… I know you will make the right choice, even if it costs you your friendship with your friends, I can always replace your friends somehow, and make things right for you, so right now prepare to accept the facts…" Edward convinces her as Sonia almost reaches her hands to the deck to surrender.

"I got two options now, draw my next card and continue and try to win, or surrender and accept the facts." Sonia thought to herself, then suddenly, the world disappears around her, and then 2 dark red eyes appear before Sonia, and then awakening from the slumbers is a dark dragon so powerful, it has Sonia in fear.

"Sonia… I want to help you…!" the dark dragon said.

"What do you want?" Sonia said in fear after seeing the mighty Dark Royal Dragon.

"I know you want to save your friends, but sometimes you must let your emotions go, and let your anger take you over… accept my advice and I shall grant you a power unlike any other… and I will bring you victory…" the dark dragon said.

"Is this true?" Sonia asked.

"It is." The dark dragon said.

Sonia was shaken and confused in fear of what option to pick. Sonia can either stick with her heart, or take the Dark Royal Dragon's side and awaken this new dark power in her. Sonia doesn't know what could happen, but she had to make her choice, but she is still uncertained.

"I don't know." Sonia cried out.

"Oh… but you do know, you are just too afraid to admit it!" The Dark Royal Dragon said with a vicious sneer. "Unless you accept the new power I am giving you, you won't win at all."

Then Kuridragoon appears before Sonia, terrified that Sonia is about to choose the dark side. Kuridragoon tries to get in front of the Dark Royal Dragon and Sonia to settle the conflict, but the Dark Royal Dragon roars.

"You aren't of any worth Kuridragoon, you shouldn't even be in Sonia's deck….!" The dragon roared, and Kuridragoon disappeared. "Now Sonia, what is it going to be…. I know you want to save your friends and take out Serena right now, but think of it… that can all happen with me, but it can also give you the power you need to destroy Jackie Eume… just accept it, and I promise you, you won't regret it."

Then Sonia, coming to terms with herself, accepts it. "Alright… help me, give me the power I need to destroy my enemy!" Sonia accepted in tears.

"A wise choice…" said the dragon.


Then Sonia starts to glow black and then she starts screaming in pain as if something is possessing her. A dark aura forms around her and then it engulfs her, much to everyone's shock, including Serena and Edward. "What the hell is this?" Edward said in surprised as Sonia gets possessed.

"This cannot be!" Serena added as she hisses. "Guess I got myself a challenge!"

"YOU WILL REGRET YOU EVER DONE THIS TO ME…. NOW PREPARE TO DIE!" the dark aura yelled out that sounded like a female voice as a new figure comes out. It looks like Sonia, but now her hair is dark black and her duel disk is now dark and black as her hair. In fact… she was dark beside her pale skin. Sonia had anger in her face and she points it at Serena, and boy was she mad, in fact… her psychic powers are now out of control the entire area starts to engulf in a dark blue fire.


Outside the warehouse an explosion was seen coming from one of the sides of the building.


Principal's Office

"Principal Thomas Getterson… you aren't going to believe this… but there was an explosion at the warehouse near the Blue Dorm." Said by one of the staff members as he runs into the office, Thomas wasn't amused by the incident and look at the reports to see there is a fire at the warehouse, but it is blue flames, so it cannot be Chizuru.

"Well it isn't Chizuru this time…!" Thomas grunted as he notices the fire. "It must have been an explosion caused by something." Thomas added.

Then suddenly crashing into the room is Konia, Danny, and Moon as they ran in, all completely shocked of what happened. "I just noticed the fire." Thomas grunted at the group. "Well we don't know what caused it, and unless you care about finding out…" Moon grunted angrily before Luke appears before them.

"Perhaps I can explain the entire situation to you guys. Sonia is right now dueling Serena Surfantina from what I witness, but also I intercepted her phone call conversation, you may want to listen to the message." Luke told Thomas as he hands him the phone and Thomas listens to it, hearing the entire Sonia/Serena conversation… and then Thomas starts to remember that one name, and her voice.

"Oh god… it's her." Thomas said weakly as he is in horror. "I know this person."

"You know this girl...?" Danny asked him. "Exactly… I do know her, I can't explain it to you, but… one thing for sure… I remember meeting her when she was young." Thomas replied in shock.

"Well somehow she killed 4 people the last few days by unknown means, although reports it was a snake attack, but there is nothing that can…" Moon said before Luke interrupted him.

"It's true… I read up her bio, and it was revealed that she works for the "League of Duel Assassins", a very special group of people who duel to kill, and the loser would always die, but there was something strange I found in this case that Sonia and her gang was in. I looked into the Obelisk list to see she just entered just about 2 days ago as an Obelisk Blue student." Luke said as he brought up the reports of Serena to Thomas, and he looks through it and sees all of the details, etc… and Thomas only got even more shocked. "I cannot believe this…" Thomas said, adding to this shock.

"There's more to it." Luke added. "It was seemed that Serena's service was brought by someone but I ain't sure who exactly as there isn't any specific info on who brought her service as all the info was censored."

"So we don't know who did….." Moon said until he starts to realized the person that could have hired Serena. "EDWARD!" Moon yelled as he runs out the room, causing the others to chase after Moon, who now gets a shotgun from one of the other rooms and runs out into the forest with the others on his tale (except Luke).

"I am going to kill that son of a bitch!" Moon yelled in anger as he runs for the warehouse, armed with the shotgun and heading towards the dorm. "Don't worry Sonia, I am coming to save you."

"Wait…. Moon… please!" Danny yelled at him as he, Konia, and Thomas chases after an enraged Moon to stop him before he gets worked up and kills someone. "Stop this… please!" Konia added.

"Fuck this… I won't stop till he's dead!" Moon snapped as he arms his gun now at the group. "You fucking asses try to stop me, I swear to God, I will blow your motherfucking head off!"

"Look, this isn't the way to go man." Danny said as he now stops at the point of Moon's gun. "This is going too far, we don't know if Edward could have hired her, there wasn't any info telling us who did it." Konia added.

"Edward or not I am going to kill that son of a bitch." Moon yelled in anger as the group tries to stop him. "Look, I know this is crazy, but calm down man… we don't want to have a instant in our mind, do we." Konia asked.

Moon thought about it for a moment, and does see the possibility that it may not be Edward. It was known that Moon has a complete hatred of Edward, and so much that he wants to rip his throat out of his body, but thinking about it now, he decides to stop.

"Maybe your right, but I am still keeping my gun armed just in case." Moon stated, calming the relief to the gang, and they continue on.


Back at the warehouse

Sonia is still getting possessed by the dark magic in her, and as the aura and her anger gets stronger, the area starts to have an earthquake feeling. The ground was rumbling, the lights are slowly dimming, plus many other stuff you can imagine happening at this moment. Sonia's anger was as if a drunken bastard would be, and as this continues to be the case in the area, her turn is about to start.

Serena's Hand: 2 (as her turns)

"It is about time that you ended your turn, because I have had it with these motherfucking snakes, on this motherfucking plane (stated from the movie Snakes on a Plane)." Sonia yelled out before Edward interrupted her. "Well we are in a warehouse, not a plane." "SHUT UP!" Sonia yelled in anger at her as she was annoyed by his speeches, etc. "I have just about had it with you Edward."

"Now, where was I, oh yeah, beating you Serena." Sonia said. "I draw." She draws her card. "I activate the magic card, Card of Sanctity, and it lets draw until we have 6 cards in our hand." Sonia said, and both of them draws 6 cards.

"Then I am going to activate the magic card… Dragon's Altar!" Sonia yells. "Now if I pay half of my life points, I can instantly summon my own monster from my hand, deck, or graveyard, but in return he isn't permitted to attack this turn, but I have better plans in mind." Sonia grunted as if she was pulling a Zane on Maddog. "I shall now summon…. Gandroff the Dragon Prince!"

Then suddenly a dark light erupts behind Sonia and coming out is her ace monster, which is the mighty dragon that looks armored like the Power Tool Dragon, but with a human face, a helmet, etc. You get the point.

Attr: Dark Type: Dragon Atk: 2500 Def: 2000 Level: 7

The mighty dragon roars as it gets possessed by the dark magic and turns into a darker version of itself. It became black and more vicious, and Edward looks in shock, and even Serena looks in shock as well.

"So it's true, you have your father's deck… guess winning it from you will be more challenging than I thought." Serena smirked to her.

"Shut up! You are about to lose, and I promise you, vengeance is about to be mine!" Sonia grunted. "I shall now summon the tuner monster, Dark Royal Dragon Erton." Sonia said, and she summons a new Royal Dragon, it was black like her new form, and the monster was a dragon magic ball.

Attr: Dark Type: Dragon Atk: 300 Def: 1200 Level: 4

"And whenever Erton is call to the field, I can automatically add any magic card from my deck to my hand." Sonia added, as she adds a magic card to her hand. "But now it is time for you to suffer, as I shall now tune both my Erton and my Gandroff, to summon the monster that will bring your doom."

Then the 2 monsters begin to tune with each other, but in a darker way. "First you put my friends in my danger, then you waste my time coming here to duel you and hear all of this shit, now I am about to have you where I want you." Sonia said in a dark voice, then suddenly the tuning light is complete.

"I SYNCHRO SUMMON…. MY ULTIMATE MONSTER, KNOWN AS DARK ROYAL DRAGON WYVRIN!" Sonia yells out to the mighty sky as the huge dark laser beam now emerges from behind her.

Obelisk the Tormenter theme plays

Then something mighty awakens. It was a dark dragon indeed, but it was metallic, dark, and powerful… it look like a gigantic version of Gandroff the Dragon King, but it was more monstrous and hideous, and it held in its hand a dark mighty blade made out of dark energy. It makes a mighty shattering roar that shatters the entire area, and even the ceilings start to fall apart, causing Edward to get out of there.


Back in the other room where the hostages are seen, Edward was seen coming in, and the rest of the group was completely scared. Trona, Jason, Charka, the Robins, and sooner or later, Havoc! "What do we do?" Trona asked. "I saw we get out of here before Sonia blows this place up!" Edward said, panicking after seeing Sonia's new power and what she can do with it. Sonia immediately started to use her powers to destroy the place as if she was like Pheonix from the movie X-Men The Last Stand.

The rest of the group scatters as the entire places starts to fall apart. The Robins immediately decided to turn the key to let the rest of the group escape. (Kari, etc… when they do wake up).


Back in the dueling ring

Attr: Dark Type: Dragon Atk: 3800 Def: 3600 Level: 11

"Since I summoned this mighty beast of your doom, your card effects don't affect my cards until the end of your next turn, so forget about using Venom anything against me this round." Sonia grunted in anger, and since my mighty monster has more attack points than yours… I am sure that it will do damage on you, so I prepare to accelerate your defeat, and your end."

Serena was now in horror and in shock after witnessing Sonia's full power now being used, and her darkself awakened, and she now's what's about to come. "How could this happened, this plan was entirely perfect… there was no way this could have happened." Serena thought.

"I activate the magic card, Dark's Wrath!" Sonia yells out. "This lets me double the attack points of a Dark Royal Dragon monster until the end of this turn, but at that time the monster is removed from the game, but that's is all I need to destroy your wretched soul you bitch!" Sonia grunted.

"Now… Dark Royal Dragon Wyvrin, destroy her monster and the rest of her life points. (Atk: 7600)!" Sonia ordered as her monster charges its dark sword.

At this time Thomas, Moon, Konia, and Danny entered in the building, and soon waking up from their early capture was Kari, Chizuru, Soya, and Brandon, who all run to see Sonia (her dark side) about to destroy Serena's monster.

"Oh my god… what happened to this place?" Konia said in shock. "I know… but whatever happened, something must have happened." Danny added.

"Oh my god…. Serena! And Sonia… but Sonia isn't her normal self at all!" Thomas added, seeing both her and Sonia in shock, but more so on Sonia. Kari and the gang witness Sonia's vicious attack, and now tries to stop her.

"Oh my god, SONIA! STOP THIS PLEASE!" Soya yelled out.

"THIS ISN'T YOU, YOU GOT TO CALL OFF YOUR ATTACK, WHO'S KNOW WHAT COULD HAPPPEN!" Kari yelled out to Sonia to get her to snap out of it. "THIS ISN'T YOU!"

Sonia was just motionless and just soulless as her friend's pleases didn't work on her. Her monster then raises it's blade and begins its attack. Venomimega was destroyed, but just as Serena was about to be hit, Thomas decided to run and get himself in the attack. He jumps and pushes her out of the way, and both of them dodged the blast, but the blast hits the wall, and then the entire portion of the wall exploded on contact. There was then a huge amount of smoke in the room then from the explosion as everyone covers their own eyes and gets down, but suddenly there was then screaming from the battlefield as dark electricity was then seen.

"SONIA!" Konia yelled as she runs to save her, but then she was stopped in her track.

Moon then begins to shoot his gun in the smoke at the figure, but it suddenly reflects off of the blast, and to somewhere else. Soya, Kari, and Chizuru then runs in and tries to get Sonia, but then they were stopped by an electricity blast as well.

Suddenly the smoke clears, and it was revealed that Sonia was seen on the ground, severally injured from the shocks, but also for another reason. Sonia had her normal hair, etc… back, but there was another figure near her, and it was the one that injured Sonia. It had black hair, electricity was coming out of her hands (dark magic, etc) and she comes out. She looks just like Sonia, but with the black hair, etc…

"Who are you?" Moon yelled.

"I am just Sonia's darker self, you might think of me as…. Dark Sonia, but I like to be refered as…. Korina!" she stated (Dark Sonia.) Korina then walks to Sonia and takes her duel disk. "You won't be needing this anymore." Korina said, grabbing Sonia's duel disk and taking her deck with it. She then looks at her deck and then she takes out one card and throws it to Sonia, and Sonia… weakly picks it up, and sees that it was her Kuridragoon card, and the spirit was very sad at Sonia, but is extremely mad at Korina.

"What are you going to do?" Sonia asked in terror as Korina takes her deck, etc… "Well, I am going to leave you here for dead, but for now… remember my name Sonia…. As I am a mirror of you, but I am superior to you in every way, and it all started when you accepted the darkness in your heart, the will to save your friends by any means needed, and then this all happened, and I was able to take over for you, but now… since I have use yourself, I no longer have need for you." Korina said evilly as Sonia weakly turns her head.

"I swear… I will take you out by any means needed, even if I have to meet you at the gates of hell before you harm one of my friends." Sonia said to Korina with a hatred on her. "I will fight my own deck if I have to."

Then suddenly Korina disappears like magic and the entire scene just goes silent. What was a warehouse at the end was now just a former shell of itself. Sonia then passes out (not dead after Konia checks heart beet, but she is massively injured) on the floor, and the others were all in horror and shock. Even Serena was as she was seen in tears and then one of them calls the DA Hospital.


Sonia's Diary (written by Kari)

After we got out of the warehouse, it was very clear that this day had taken a turn for the worse. Sonia was carried by Moon and Thomas to the hospital, and they told us that they won't be any punishment for this, but this is a serious case, as Sonia was critically injured, but not just in the body, but in soul as well, and we were all terrified of this on every level!

Sonia was taken to the hospital and the next day we got to see her, and she was just in complete tears. She said that this was all of her fault as she let her anger get to her, and now this was the end result. I was completely sad for her as not only she blamed herself, but she couldn't let it go. I tried to comfort her, but she wouldn't listen, and she even told me and the group to leave us alone. Since she demanded it, I had no option, so I just complied with it with the others. But then, something worse happened…

We got news from the medical people, and that we is going to be in the hospital for 1-2 months on the back of this, and she cried and cried and cried about it as she continues to blame herself. I really want to help her, but at the same time, I don't want to hurt her feelings any further. But at the same time, her dark self is out and loose, and with Sonia's actual deck, some bad things can really happen, and as Sonia recovers, we have to prevent Dark Sonia as much as we can, and if we are lucky enough, stop her before another person gets harmed, as for what I know, this could be the mother of all bad things to happen, so I am going to pray for the best.


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Sorry I forgot about the card of the chapter, so here are 2 of them.


Dark Royal Dragon Wyvrin


ATK: 3800 DEF: 3600 Lv.11

1 'Dark Royal Dragon' tuner, 'Gandroff the Dragon Prince,' 1 or more 'Royal Dragon' or 'Dark Royal Dragon' non tuner monsters

This card can only be Synchro summoned from the Extra Deck using the Synchro materials listed above. When this card is removed from the field, remove this card from the Duel. When this card is Synchro summoned, your cards are unaffected by your opponent's card effects until your opponent's next End Phase. Once per turn, you can special summon 1 'Royal Dragon' card from your graveyard, other than 'Gandroff the Dragon Prince', ignoring summoning conditions. On the other hand, your opponent can special summon any monster from his/her graveyard, ignoring summoning conditions but cannot switch battle positions or activate its effects. When this card is removed from the field, destroy every other monster on the field and special summon 'Gandroff the Dragon Prince' from your graveyard.


Dragon's Altar

Normal Spell

If you have no monsters on the field, pay half your LP to special summon "Gandroff the Dragon Prince" from the Hand, Deck, or Graveyard. The monster cannot attack the turn it was summoned.


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