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In the depths of Pallet Town exists a forest full of Pokemon that make it their home. Further into this forest random items were strewn across the place that the Pokemon who lived there had salvaged as they sometimes wandered close to civilization, ranging from a wide array of books to poke-balls to restorative items to fishing rods and a plethora of other items.

What stood out the most out of everything was the pinkish egg that resided in the hollow of a large tree in the center of the forest.

As the sun rose giving the egg some light, it emitted a soft glow before dimming down as if it were waiting for something.

Ash Ketchum was bored.

It was one of those days where his mom was out-of-town because she said, "Even I need some time to relax now and then."

So here he was bored out of his mind because his mom wasn't home and when he wanted to go visit Professor Oak to play with the Pokemon at the ranch he found out that Professor Oak was out-of-town as well for some sort of meeting if what his grand-daughter said was to be believed.

Now a bored Ash Ketchum was dangerous. A bored 7-year-old Ash Ketchum on a sugar rush from all the cookies he ate was downright scary.

Here he was running around on a sugar high near the forest of Pallet town hoping to play with the local wild Pokemon that lived in the forest. Being the inquisitive child that he was, he decided to enter the forest in hopes of finding wild Pokemon to play with.

As he entered the forest he noticed all types of items lying haphazardly around the place. The thing that caught his attention was the round red and white ball on the floor.

As Ash bent down to look at it he couldn't help but exclaim, "Woah! A real pokeball!". Quickly picking it up and pocketing it after making sure it belonged to no one he looked around again and found some books near the base of a tree. Moving closer to look at them, his eyes turned into stars as he read the title "Beginners Guide to Pokemon Care" and "Researcher's Guide:How to properly learn how to examine differences between Pokemon of the same species and types". Like all kids, Ash dreamed of becoming a Pokemon master one day ever since he saw his first Pokemon battle on TV, and now he had in his hands the tools to help him become a Pokemon Master, so he laughed and laughed for who knows how long. Until he finally noticed that it was starting to get dark and that he had better get home before his mom got home or else she would be very worried. As he turned to head back home, he turned to look back at the forest that he didn't get to explore more than a part of and made a promise to come back and explore some more when he had time.

As Ash got home he noticed that his mom still wasn't home, so he quickly went up to his room and hid the two books under his bed and the pokeball in the drawer on his desk and went back downstairs to wait for his mom to get home. As he waited he slowly felt the sugar rush peter out and slowly started falling asleep on the couch till he entered dreamland. In his dream he thought he heard a voice that said to quickly come and find me but it was so faint he couldn't make it out completely and the shaking wasn't really helping.

"...sh...a...h...as...ash...ASH!" someone screamed. Ash sprang up from the loud noise in his ear and started looking around wildly with all the extra adrenaline pumping in his veins from being woken up like that, till he saw his mom looking at him with an amused expression.

"Mom!" Ash exclaimed as he tackled into her hug. "How was your day Ashie?" she asked.

Ash thought of how to reply before saying. " It was great mom I was playing near the forest looking for Pokemon!" Delia smiled at that thinking how alike he was to her husband with his love for Pokemon, but felt a stab of loneliness for him when he opted to continue his journey instead of settling down with her, before it was ruthlessly crushed and said to Ash while ruffling his hair. "Alright, now why don't you go upstairs to rest instead of on the couch while I prepare dinner, OK honey?"

As Ash was looking at his mom, he saw a flash of sadness cross her face and then she told him to go upstairs to prepare for dinner. Normally he would've argued that he wasn't tired but seeing his mom look sad made his objection die in his throat and muttered an "OK" before going upstairs to his room.

Inside his room Ash was bored again since he was no longer tired after sleeping for an hour on the couch waiting for his mom. So he went under his bed and took out the book about how to take care of Pokemon and started to read it. As he read more and more, he got more confused because some of the words he didn't understand. So he went downstairs to get the dictionary in hopes of shedding light on what he was reading. As he passed his mom who was working cheerfully in the kitchen, he couldn't help but be angry at his dad for abandoning his mom to continue on his Pokemon journey and not once call or come to check up on her or him. There he swore that he would never do something like that to his mom when he was on his Pokemon journey and to make time for visits and calls on his journey. So he made a promise there to try to find a way that would easily get him home to visit mom but also not hinder his own journey.

As Ash got back up to his room with dictionary in hand, he started to slowly translate the words he didn't understand to words he could but was starting to get frustrated because there were so many words he didn't understand that it made his head hurt. So he improvised by grabbing a separate piece of paper and slowly rewriting the passage into words he could understand. In ten minutes he was done with the first passage and started to go over his handiwork.

"In this Beginners Guide to Pokemon Care, we will be going over the many ways to take care of Pokemon of each type. Sadly we will not go in-depth on how to take care of specific Pokemon due to the fact that there are well over 600 different types of Pokemon that roam the world and more and more are slowly being discovered as time goes on. For example the most common type similar to us humans would have to be the Normal type. Their fur is most similar to domesticated animals like dogs and cats, so caring for them would be similar to caring for a dog or cat, the only differences would be their diet which vary but altogether similar to what we humans eat. As a side note domesticated animals such as dogs and cats are slowly becoming extinct due to the increasing amounts of domesticated Pokemon that replace them in households across the world."

'Whoa' Ash thought as he finished reading the passage he translated from the book. That was so much information that he didn't know about and he wondered why. Until he remembered that it was probably taught but he forgot all about it that day after school. Here he made a resolution to learn as much as he could about Pokemon before he went on his Pokemon Journey so that he would know how to properly care for the Pokemon that he would eventually catch.

"Ash! dear, come down dinners ready!" his mom yelled from downstairs.

"Coming!" he shouted back. He slowly put the paper with the translated passage into the book and hid the book back under his bed while he left the dictionary on his table before heading downstairs to dinner.

Once Ash was downstairs, he slowly moved to the table to help his mom set up the table. Once that was done they sat down and slowly started to eat and Ash's mind started wandering to how he had to slowly prepare for his Pokemon Journey by learning all that he could about Pokemon, Pokemon Care, dietary needs, his own needs, and how to keep in contact with his mom.

On the other side of the table Delia was looking at her son who didn't seem to be eating with his usual amount of enthusiasm and was worried he may be sick so she asked, "Ash dear, are you alright?"

Jolted out of his train of thought he looked up at his mom and said, "Huh? Did you say something?"

Delia was really worried now since her son not only was he not eating as much as usual but was also spacing out. So she gently repeated, "Are you alright dear?"

Ash saw his mom look worried and when she repeated herself he said, "I'm okay, just thinking about my Pokemon Journey"

That surprised Delia thinking that her boy was growing up so fast that he was thinking about his Pokemon Journey that wouldn't happen until 3 more years passed. Sighing in relief, she immediately felt a stab of pain in her heart that in 3 years her son would be on his way and she would be alone again. Shaking such thoughts from her mind she adopted a cheerful look and cooed, "Awww, my baby boys growing up so fast now, soon you'll be leaving little old me behind to go on your journey"

At this Ash looked away guiltily forgetting that his mom would be all alone once he started his Pokemon Journey. This just strengthened his resolve to find a way to always keep in contact with his mom and to make sure to visit when he found a way to get home without getting slowing down in his journey.

Delia saw him looking away guiltily and immediately said, "I'm just joking, just make sure to call from time to time when your on your journey, OK?"

Ash nodded at this and went back to eating, this time with the enthusiasm that was missing at the beginning of dinner. Seeing her son was back to his normal self, she too returned to eating.

After dinner was over Ash went back upstairs to prepare for a bath while his mom did the dishes. Once he was in the bathroom and taking a bath, his mind went back to wandering, and started thinking of how to properly take care of his Pokemon and how to find a way to keep in contact with his mom. It wasn't until he heard his mom saying "Ash dear, are you almost done?" that he quickly got up and replied "Coming out now mom!".

Once he was back in his room he locked the door and went to retrieve the books from under the bed. This time he decided to read some of the other book called "Researcher's Guide:How to properly learn how to examine differences between Pokemon of the same species and types" as he examined it closer, he noticed that at the bottom it read "Collaboration between Professors all over the world", bringing up his trusty dictionary he looked up the word "collaboration" and found out it meant a goal between lots of people.

At this his eye's lighted up thinking that this book was written by Professors around the world just like Professor Oak! He also noticed that the book seemed old and thought maybe its been in the forest for a long time. Once he opened the book he immediately saw that it was made in 2056 which was 4 years ago. That explained why the book looked so old, if its been that long since it was made that long ago and been in the forest for that long it was amazing that it was still in one Ash once more tried to read this book and found that some of the words were the same as the other book so he understood some of it but not all. So he once more translated the first page of the book and the table of contents. Once that was done it read.

Table of Contents

Prologue. Pokemon: What they are. General Consensus

1. Pokemon Interaction with Humans. By Professor Oak

2. Pokemon Breeding and the results. By Professor Elm

3. Pokemon differences between regions. By Professor Ivy

4. Pokemon Habitats and Distribution. By Professor Birch

5. Pokemon Evolution. By Professor Rowan

6. Pokemon Origins. By Professor Juniper

7. Shiny Pokemon. By Professor Wiseman


Once Ash was done reading this, he was wide-eyed. To think there were so many types of researchers trying to understand Pokemon, yet here he was thinking he could be a Pokemon Master by just knowing how to battle. Shaking his head he read the other page that he translated.

"We researchers have always wondered what were Pokemon and how they came to be, but despite all we have done to try and understand them, we have not been able to discover how they came to be, and just guesses on what they are. Based on our guesses, we believe that animals of the past have slowly changed and then they slowly evolved into what they are today-Professor Juniper, the evolution of these Pokemon are further advances towards their full potential that can only be reached with the help of trainers- Professor Rowan, We believe that the bonds that Pokemon create with their trainers are the key to accessing their full potential, In a way you could say that Pokemon need trainers to reach their full potential, however there are some that don't need trainers but rather rage,anger,sadness or even happiness to evolve.-Professor Oak. There are various other possible theories on the birth of Pokemon but based on the distribution and and habitats along with regional differences, we believe that the animals that evolved into what Pokemon are today somehow broke past there natural barriers and became what they are today after all every region has some of the same Pokemon but different climates, so it leads us to believe that the animals that broke through there natural barriers evolved into what suited them best.-Professor Birch and believe that there are some Pokemon that have broken past even those natural limits of Pokemon and became what we now know as-"

"Eh!? Wheres the rest!" Ash exclaimed as the text he was reading was cut off. Looking around wildly he saw the book and immediately tried to read the rest. When he landed on the word "Legendaries" his eyes widened and tried to continue. Then he heard his mom calling for him to go to bed. So with great reluctance he put the paper into the book and hid the books under his bed again before climbing into bed and tried going to sleep. It took over 2 hours to fall asleep but in the end a child couldn't overcome his young body's needs.

As Ash was dreaming again, he could a faint voice calling, for what he wasn't sure but he knew it was for something. Something that sounded like"...c...q...k...m...p...ui...p...e...". He wasn't sure what it was but it felt important to him.

The next morning Ash woke up early then he could ever remember and immediately headed towards the bathroom to get his morning ritual done with so he could go back to reading the book on research of pokemon. He was up so early that Delia did a double take when she saw her son awake without having her wake him up. She smiled at this and thought 'maybe my little boy is finally growing up and becoming responsible'.

Ash was quickly finishing up his morning ritual and heading back to his room to continue on from last nights reading. As he headed back to his room he passed the kitchen and said, "Good morning mom!"

Delia turned her head and replied, "Good morning to you too Ash dear~"

Ash smiled and said, "Mom, I'm going to be in my room, call me when breakfast is ready"

At this Delia smiled and nodded in affirmative.

With that done Ash went back upstairs to pick up from last nights reading.

Getting the books from under his bed, Ash once more tried to read further in the field of Pokemon Research but was hit by a roadblock of being unable to understand the words again. Grabbing another sheet of paper and the dictionary, he once more got to work on translating the second page of the text. As he kept translating the text he noticed words that kept repeating themselves, such as potential meaning how strong something can get, evolving which meant to reach a new level of power, distribution which meant how something is split up and a multitude of other words that were slowly being stored in his subconscious. Once he was done translating the page, he looked it over to make sure there were no mistakes are started to read.

"-Legendaries, these legends as their title implies mean that they are possibly Pokemon that have broken through their natural limits and transcended what they were originally capable of. In a way you could say that to be a Legendary, a Pokemon must be able to transcend its natural limits to the point that it is leagues ahead of others in terms of power, skill and experience.

These "Legendaries" are in a league of their own, each has an important task that they seem to have and carry with vigor. For example: The Kanto Legendary Birds Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos seem to be tasked with guarding specific areas of Kanto based on confirmed sightings by people who have seem them fly overhead. This was what led to us Researchers believing that each legendary of each region has a task they must carry out to the best of their abilities. While on the subject of legendaries there are many branches of Pokemon that can either grow up to match the power of a legendary or if they have been correctly raised to match that power. Such as certain Pokemon which can be classed as Pseudo-Legendaries if they are raised correctly and another group that can match Pseudo-Legendaries if raised correctly also. Another way would be Shiny Pokemon which is a Pokemon with a different color tone then the normal Pokemon. These types of Pokemon are generally seen as bad luck in the wild with packs of other Pokemon but they are inherently stronger than a normal colored information will be on Professor Wisemans study of Shiny Pokemon in chapter 7 of this guide."

'Wow' Ash thought as he finished reading another page of his handiwork. Curiosity satisfied for now, he decided he would stop for now and go downstairs for breakfast and then return to read some more before heading out to explore more of the forest from yesterday. Schedule planned for the day, Ash stashed away his books and translated pages back under his bed and headed downstairs to wait for breakfast to be done.

As he reached the bottom of the stairs he saw his mom setting up the table for breakfast while idly humming to herself. When she was done, she turned around and saw Ash at the foot of the stairs and said, "Oh! I was just about to call you down for breakfast dear". Ash smiled sheepishly and replied, "Hehe, I was thinking now would be a good time to come down for breakfast since I could smell the food from my room".

Delia smiled at this and said, "Well why don't you come and eat up now so that you can go out to play hm?"

Faster then she could blink, Ash appeared at the table already taking his first bite out of a piece of toast. Sighing at this Delia said, "Ash dear, I really will have to teach you proper etiquette if your manners are that bad"

Ash tilted his head to the side at this and asked, "etiquette?"

Delia gave another long-suffering sigh and replied, "Yes, etiquette, it is how you act in front of people you don't know"

Ash tilted his head to the side once more and asked, "why do I need to know something like that?"

Closing her eye's and sighing once more, Delia replied,"That is because if you don't know to act properly, people won't take you seriously because if you don't have the common courtesy to act mature with them, then they won't have to properly listen to you"

Ash just replied with "So?"

Delia pondered how she would get her baby boy to learn proper etiquette if he was this dense. Getting an idea after a min or two, she had a Cheshire-like grin on her face that unnerved Ash a bit, but was unsure why. She surprised him again by asking if his dream was still to be a Pokemon Master. When he replied in the affirmative, he saw her grin become a full-blown smile that sent his budding self-preservation instincts wild.

When Delia asked her boy if he still wanted to be a Pokemon Master, she felt her mind slowly start a plan to teach him proper etiquette. When he replied with an affirmative answer, her mind already had a solid plan ready to be used. With a full-blown smile on her face she said, "Then it is necessary that you learn proper etiquette to be a Pokemon Master, after all when you eventually go on your Pokemon Journey you need to be able to act properly in other people's company and to be able to communicate with others that may be able to help you if you find yourself in trouble, after all it would be a lot easier asking for help if you ask nicely then demanding it from people right?"

Ash didn't know what to say after what his mom told him. So he quietly thought over what she said. Eventually he arrived at the conclusion that his mom was right, after all if he wanted to be a Pokemon Master he would need to be able to act calmly like he how he saw Kanto and Johto's Champion Lance acted like during an interview asking what he thought of the Pokemon Trainers that competed in last years Indigo League. Looking back at his mom Ash replied, "Ohhhkaay, I'll learn proper etiquette mom"

Delia smiled at his answer and said, "Alright dear, I'll start your lessons later today, now why don't you take your first lesson now, and slowly eat your breakfast instead of eating like it will disappear,OK dear?"

Ash nodded and started to slowly eat his breakfast instead of shoveling it down his gullet.

Delia nodded, seeing her boy start to eat like a normal civilized person, she too returned to eating her breakfast while pondering on how she would teach her son proper etiquette later today.

When breakfast was finished Ash got up and put his dishes into the sink before heading back up to his room.

Back inside his room he once more took out the book on Pokemon research and started thumbing towards the middle of the book. While he was reading his translated page on Legendaries, he remembered something about Shiny Pokemon being mentioned and decided to check it out. Once he got to the right section, he started reading it, finding it infinitely easier than when he first started reading the book and due to the fact that there was not a lot of information on shiny Pokemon, although there were still some words he didn't understand, he could manage.

"Shiny Pokemon, something that all researchers today are still unsure of what is so different about them compared to their regular counterparts. A Shiny Pokemon is basically a Pokemon that is a different color compared to its normal counterpart. Researchers theorize that due to a genetic mutation when the Pokemon is born from its egg, the Pokemon has a chance to be a different color because of this. So far the chances of a shiny Pokemon being born from an egg is about one in every one million, that is a 0.000001% while finding one in the wild is even more rare than breeding one. Researcher Wiseman, our lead researcher on shiny Pokemon theorize that due to the genetic mutation that caused the Pokemon to become a shiny also gives the Pokemon in question a boost in power and intelligence. This stems from the fact that awhile ago, stumbled across a shiny Noctowl, yet when he tried to capture it for study, it eluded all his traps and the Pokemon's power in general seemed higher than that of an average lends credence to the theory that indeed a genetic mutation is required for a Pokemon to be shiny at birth which gives them a boost in power and intellect. Take note that this only supports Pokemon that were born shiny. There has been cases of Pokemon changing colors as time went on or they just found themselves shiny one day. Our only plausible theory was that based on the diet of the Pokemon, the Pokemon in question developed a sense of power from the food they ate granting them more strength. A perfect example of this is with humans, if a proper human has a healthy diet, they find themselves having more strength then someone who has an unhealthy diet. This genetic mutation is what grant the Shiny Pokemon in question to be able to match a Legendary Pokemon in power if raised correctly, skill and experience however which Legendaries seemed to have ingrained into their instincts, are not something that Shiny Pokemon have, they must develop it themselves in theory is supported by observations of Shiny Pokemon in the wild that move in packs, show that the Shiny Pokemon is isolated and picked on regularly the its fellow pack members. This might be due to the fact that since its a different color similar to the metaphor "black sheep in the herd of white sheep", due to the isolation and bullying the different colored Pokemon is forced to mature faster than its regular counterparts and develop enough power to defend itself."

When Ash was done reading his head was spinning, to think that there would be Pokemon that could be different color than normal and that they were bullied because they were different, Ash knew what bullies were like, his best friend Gary started acting like one once he found out that he could become a Pokemon Trainer already because he was Professor Oak's Grandson, even though he didn't have his own Pokemon he was starting to act like he was better than everyone else because his grandpa let him register to be a Pokemon Trainer. Ash knew he could be a Pokemon Trainer too, but his mom wouldn't let him until she thought he was ready to be a Pokemon Trainer which basically translated into him being ready for his Pokemon Journey or if she thought that he could take care of his own Pokemon. Ash thought, "Of course I know how to take care of Pokemon!" while another part of him thought, "but what if I can't, after reading the book on Pokemon care I didn't know anything about that and it was only about one type, what about all the others...". Doubt chewing on his mind Ash tried shaking off the morbid thoughts but found it pretty hard.

Closing the book and putting it back under his bed, he got changed into his outdoor cloths and went downstairs. As he got down, he headed towards the door and yelled to his mom that he was going out to play before running out the door. He vaguely heard his mom telling him to be back before it got too dark.

Ash headed off towards the forest from yesterday intent on exploring more of it to see if there was anything else there.

When he reached the edge of the forest, he noticed that there Pokemon moving around inside the forest. Thinking it over Ash quietly walked over towards a tree and hid behind it to observe the Pokemon in order to not scare them off. When he looked into the small clearing he noticed more random items strewn around the place. Looking closely he noticed that Pidgeys were flying over and dropping stuff onto the ground white Sentrets and Furrets were picking items up, looking at them, them tossing them to the side. The more he observed the more he noticed that the Pokemon were only picking up the berries and edible stuff, while the stuff they didn't know how to use were tossed off to the side. At least that's what it looked like to Ash as he continued watching the Pokemon sort out there stuff that random Pokemon seemed to drop all over the place, if the sounds around the forest were anything to go by.

Once all the Pokemon were done sorting the stuff, they all scurried away with their loot to who knows where. Ash stepped out from behind the tree he was observing them from and noticed a few items that weren't there yesterday. Such as what looked like a bicycle tire, a fishing rod, a few glass containers, some glitter things, and to his surprise a few potions that looked brand new. Pocketing the potions for whenever he got Pokemon, he ventured a bit deeper into the forest while making sure he could see the entrance from where he entered. Walking in a straight line he noticed more items lying haphazardly around the area. Rubber balls had him slipping because they were covered the grass around his feet, bottles of something kept making him lose his balance and berries on the ground making squashing sounds every time he stepped on one. By the time he entered a small clearing his shoes made him feel slippery, his pants dirty and his hands and butt hurting from repeatedly falling on them.

Looking around the clearing, he saw some rotten leftovers of food, another bike tire thing, some papers lying around and a small bag hanging off a low branch. Curious about the bag, he walked towards it and grabbed it off the branch and took a look inside. What greeted his sights were poke-balls of some sort. They had so many colors that his he couldn't even tell what they were for. The only thing he could recognize aside from the regular poke-ball was the premier ball and only because he saw on TV that if you bought ten regular poke-balls, they give you a free premier ball with them. Putting the bag into this pocket to store in his drawer with his other poke-ball he found, he went towards the papers on the floor and saw almost all of them bearing the same title "Indigo League coming to the Indigo Plateau in the Summer of 2060" in flashy lettering. On the bottom it stated that the requirements to be a participant was to be a trainer for over a year and have beaten 8 gym leaders for their badges. On the other papers they too bore the same title except it was "Guide to being a Trainer". Ash struck gold with this paper, for listed on it were tips on how to be a good Pokemon trainer based on a survey from trainers all over the world. Quickly folding up one of the papers and slipping it into his pocket with the small bag, he looked around the clearing one more time to make sure he didn't miss anything that might be interesting. After all like his mom said to him sometimes with "words of wisdom" as she called them "One mans trash is another's treasure" or "Waste not want not", something like that is he remembered it correctly. Seeing nothing he continued on his way deeper into the forest once more, making sure to head in a straight line so when he had to go home, he just had to turn around and walk straight again.

As he continued walking straight he noticed Pokemon pausing in there daily activities to either run away or continue watching him as he passed. Ash has nothing to worry about since he heard from his mom that nothing was dangerous in this forest unless you attacked them first. Since he didn't have any Pokemon to attack with, he watched them back thinking "Is this what its like to be a researcher observing Pokemon?"

Directing his attention once more to observing the Pokemon around him, he noticed that some Pidgeys up in the trees were smaller or bigger then each other and some of them had different ways of flying, such as the one that looked like it just floated onto another tree or the one that flapped its wings so many times just to being able to fly. He also noticed some Rattatas feeding the young with what looked like acorns and berries. Shaking his head a bit, he looked up and noticed that the sky was starting to get dark, so he turned around and started running home before it got dark.

By the time he got to the front door of his home, the sky was orange tinted with flocks of Pidgeys flying from somewhere back into the forest with the sunset as a background, pausing to observe the sight that looked strangely beautiful to the boy, he couldn't help but admire the scene playing out in front of him. By the time he got out of his stupor the sun had set and it was truly getting dark, so he entered his home and shouted, "I'm home!" for his mom to hear.

Delia upon hearing her boy shout,"I'm home!" responded with, "Welcome back dear"

She saw her boy pause at the kitchen door and say, "I'm going to my room to change first mom"

Delia nodded at this seeing as her boy must've fallen in dirt if his dirty pants were anything to go by.

Replying with, "OK honey, go get changed and then once we finish dinner we'll start on your lessons on etiquette"

Her boy looked up at her for a second then had an 'O' expression on his face that made him look so adorable, before nodding and heading up the stairs to his room.

Once Ash was in his room he quickly took out the bag of poke-balls and stored it in his drawer with his other poke-ball and took out the pamphlet containing tips to be a trainer and stored it inside as well, making a note on his desk to make sure to read it after he finished his etiquette lessons with mom.

Quickly changing out of his dirty cloths, and changing into new ones, he put the dirty ones in the cloths hamper so that they could be cleaned when it was laundry time.

Heading downstairs for dinner he saw his mom sitting there waiting for him to show up, sidling up to the table and sitting down and getting ready to eat, he paused when he saw his mom looking at him with a piercing stare. Retracting his hands, he idly waited for his mom to say something.

After a minute or two his mom cleared her throat and said, "Now dear, this will be a lesson on how you properly eat in company ok?"

Nodding his head in assent, she continued, "Now what you have to understand is that while you are eating in someone else's company you must eat slowly and make sure you properly chew otherwise it would be very rude to the person who cooked the meal, in addition to that, if someone starts a conversation with you, you must make sure you speak AFTER you finish chewing and swallowing, understood?"

Nodding once more, she smiled and said,"Good, now we will eat exactly as I said we could, BUT I will be speaking to you and you MUST, chew and swallow before answering OK sweetie?"

Another nod."Good let's eat" she said.

With that Ash painstaking ate his dinner slowly, making sure to do as his mom said and found the food to be more delicious than he remembered.

Delia smiled as she saw her son eating slowly like a civilized person now instead of before when he just shoveled food down his gullet without appreciating the food. She also noted the surprise across his face as he chewed his food. So she initiated the conversation that she said she would start over the course of his dinner lesson.

"Ash is something the matter with the food?" she asked.

He looked like he was about to respond before he paused, chewed his food rapidly and said, "it's more delicious than before"

She smiled at his behavior and his comment but then frowned and said,"Good, but next time when I ask a question don't chew that rapidly, take your time after all if you chewed so quickly without properly appreciating the taste it's considered rude and that goes against what I'm trying to teach you, understood?"

He nodded at this and continued eating.

Delia frowned once more and said, "Ash dear, please properly answer that and to not end a conversation that quickly, it makes it awkward OK?"

He nodded again and said, "OK mom, sorry"

Delia sighed at this and said, "It's OK, I didn't expect you to pick it up right away since you're not used to eating slowly and talking without your mouth full, but you WILL learn"

This time he replied with a "yes mom" which brought a smile to her face to see him picking things up so fast, inwardly hoping he wouldn't forget all about it the next day.

As the dinner progressed Delia asked Ash more questions to make sure he was properly learning how to act during a meal in company.

She asked stuff like "How was your day?" and he responded with "It was great! I got to observe lots of Pokemon in the forest in their natural habitat and how they acted around each other!"

At this Delia took note of a few words that a child like him shouldn't know. So she asked "Where did you learn to use words like observe, and natural habitat?"

She saw him jump in his seat, before grinning sheepishly and said, "he he, I read it in the dictionary when I saw a word I didn't know what it meant"

At this Delia's eyebrow shot up, while thinking "Oh, my boy is reading a dictionary and learning complicated words, he's so diligent", but she smiled and said, "It looks like my boys growing up so fast, learning words that other people your age shouldn't know."

Ash blushed and stammered incoherently while his mom laughed at his incoherent stammers. He then pouted and his mother apologized and told him she was just teasing him.

After that they finished their dinner and retired to their rooms to prepare for a bath. While his mom went first Ash was in his room reading up on the tips to be a good trainer.

Ash was reading up on the numerous trainer tips on the pamphlet he picked up, next to him was a list of tips that he thought were important. So far they were, 1,A trainer must always be aware of the condition of there Pokemon, 2, A trainer must always take care of there Pokemon ensuring it stays healthy, 3, Pokemon should not be overworked for that makes them weaker in later fights, 4, Have at least one day off for all Pokemon and trainers to relax, 5, Train yourself with your Pokemon, if a trainer is strong in the Pokemon's eye's then they won't listen, 6, Bond with your Pokemon, build trust between yourself and your Pokemon, for without trust Pokemon and there trainers will never get along, 7,Train your own mind and body to keep up with your Pokemon, for if a Pokemon see's his trainer working hard with them, they will trust the trainers judgement more, 8, build experience with your Pokemon, for instinct will only get you so far before you ultimately fail, 9, Surpass your limits for that is the key to being a stronger Pokemon trainer and finally 10, Those who abandon Pokemon for their weakness are trash, but those who hurt Pokemon because of their weakness is worse than trash.

These were the tips that Ash thought was most important to a trainer. As such he made a resolution to follow these tips as his RULES for a Pokemon Trainer.

With that done, he went and started reading the book on Pokemon Care for different types while waiting for his mom to finish taking a bath. While reading he was awed by the many different ways a specific type of Pokemon had to be taken care of. For example: Normal types were similar to humans, you just washed there fur and then rinse and the dry it off, while for electric types, they needed to have their electricity charged up every now and again for them to remain healthy or water types which it was required for them to swim around a lot to remain active in moving in water or the dragon types which required a lot of hard work to clam down because of their natural battle instincts going wild. So many different ways to take care of Pokemon, and that wasn't even going into specifics on how to care for specific Pokemon.

Ash once more reaffirmed his resolve to learn as much as possible about Pokemon before he set out for his journey.

Snapping to attention when he heard his mom calling him to take a bath, he put away his book and headed to the bathroom for his bath.

The next morning was the same as yesterday, he woke up early once more shocking his mother and then going back upstairs to read more about Pokemon care and then heading downstairs for breakfast while eating slowly and chewing while answering his mothers questions. After that his mother gave him lessons on how to interact between strangers and what was considered common courtesy and what was considered rude. After that he went back upstairs to read more, this time about Pokemon and there natural habitats, he remembered to bring some paper and pencils to write down his observations as he once more headed towards the forest.

As he got to the edge of the forest , he noticed once more that the Flying-type Pokemon were dropping random items onto the ground and the grounded Pokemon slowly came out of their homes and starting sorting though them for stuff that they could use. He took note of the time and it was close to midday, so he jotted that down on his paper that Pokemon come out scavenging for food at around midday which were either dropped from the trees or flying types would drop them around the place. As he observed the flying Pidgey's he noticed that the big ones carried the heavier stuff while the slight smaller one's carried smaller stuff. Slowly he concluded that the big one's were male while the slightly smaller was female. As he continued observing he noticed that a female Pidgey's eyebrows were smaller than the males and the tops of their heads were slightly longer than that of a male Pidgey. Jotting this down on his paper, he noticed that the Pokemon were retreating back into their homes, so he slowly entered and found more items added to yesterdays collection, this time a steel rod of some sort,a glowing yellow ball and a book about engineering. Picking up the glowing yellow ball and putting it in his pocket, he looked at the book about engineering shrugged and picked it up as well.

This time instead of heading straight, he walked around the edges of the forest, while trying to draw a map every 10 steps so that he could keep track of where he was. Soon he reached a river and drew that as well before heading back towards the starting point and walking straight into the forest like yesterday this time pausing to make observations on the Sentrets, Furrets, and Rattatas that he could see. He noticed that Sentrets didn't like being alone as he never saw one by itself, while the Furrets seemed to like digging holes while Rattatas seemed to always be looking for food if every time he saw them eating was any idea to go by, and he found out that the male Rattatas have longer whiskers than female ones and the females color was lighter than the males.

When he was in the clearing he was in yesterday he looked around again to see if there was anything interesting that might've been missed or mixed into the piles, as he was looking he saw a glint of glass and walked over it to properly look at it. When he saw what it was his eye's widened for in front of him was a Pokemon Egg Incubator and it looked brand new to boot, these thing's cost a fortune due to how reinforced the glass was and its ability to store sunlight inside it to warm an egg, just one cost well over 500 pokedollers, so carefully picking it up and looking around to see if he missed anything, and seeing a book a few feet away, walking over to it he looked at the title and saw "Survival Guide to the Wilderness", picking it up and adding it to the book on engineering he picked up from before and started heading out of the forest back home, it was only mid afternoon but, he had something that cost a lot in his hands so he would have to come back tomorrow to continue exploring and he had two new books to start reading, especially the survival guide, that was vital if he wanted to go on a Pokemon Journey, to survive in the wild.

Once he got to his home, he slowly sneaked upstairs to prevent his mom from seeing him carrying the PEI (Pokemon Egg Incubator) into his room.

Inside his room he carefully hid the PEI behind his bed and stashed the book on engineering under his bed while putting the papers and pencils he used for the day on his desk. He also took out the glowing yellow ball and put it in the drawer with his bag of different poke-balls. He then started to read the book on survival in the wilderness until it got dark and snapped him out of his reading stupor. Absentmindedly putting the book under his bed after bookmarking it, he headed downstairs to ask his mom if he could teach him how to cook, since in the guide it stated that one must be able to cook or they would end up starving. So he would ask his mom to see if she would teach him how to cook.

As he saw his mom preparing dinner, he went up to her and asked, "Mom can you teach me how to cook?"

His mom spun around at this and asked with a completely serious face and said "Why? Are you saying my food no longer tastes good for you? HUH!?"

Ash was totally afraid of why his mother was acting like this and it must've showed because his mother quickly embraced him and said, "Sorry about that dear, I was just wondering why you would just ask if you could learn to cook and thought you didn't like my cooking anymore"

Ash slowly hugged his mom back and said, "Sorry I was just thinking about my Pokemon Journey and thought that I needed to learn how to cook to feed myself and my future Pokemon"

Delia nodded at this although her boy couldn't see it, she moved back a bit and smiled and said, "Of course I'll teach you how to cook, but I'll have to teach you some other time, because on your journey you won't have an oven to help cook only a campfire, so we'll go camping one day and I'll teach you then, OK dear?"

Ash smiled at this and shouted, "YES PLEASE! CAMPING!"

Shaking her head at her boy's antics she turned her face towards him and said, "Well now that I think about it, teaching you how to cook with an oven would also help, after all you getting you some experience now will certainly help in the future, now come here so I can teach you how to make food"

With this Ash started learning how to cook along with the lessons on etiquette his mother was teaching him and his own private studies he kept secret from his mom for his preparation on going on a Pokemon Journey.

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