My first publish on this website. Intended as a one shot, tell me if you want more and I'll see what I can do. If not, I hope you enjoy this glip from my mind! ^ _ ^

Pitch black greeted the boy in his dream. But he knew where he was, despite the darkness. He was on a lake; a solid lake, not ice, but strong as a hard wood floor. Each time he stepped against it the surface rippled, yet did not falter. It was cold – everything was cold. Then, one beam of light stretched down from the moonless night, shining in the middle of the water. Beneath it, a girl. He knew this girl – he could recognize her by her bright orange hair.

"Ahiru." He choked out, the name falling from his lips. It couldn't be her. I can't… I…

His legs betrayed him, and he began running full force to her from across the lake. "Ahiru!" He called, staring intently into her back as she turned from him. Then he was at her, and he grabbed her shoulders and pulled her to face him.

"Ahi-" No. This wasn't Ahiru. Her eyes were blank, a thick blue staring outward. Her head slowly cracked, like clockwork moving towards him, then faced him with a cold gaze.


"AH!" Fakir shouted and bolted out of bed. One tanned hand clutched at the fabric of his night shirt, desperately trying to calm the aching in his chest. What? Where?

A familiar yellow hue caught his eye from the corner. There she was. Ahiru – no, Duck, more like it. Sleeping on his desk, as usual. Not a girl… still a bird.

The boy sighed, falling back onto his mattress. It had been almost a month since they had defeated the Raven, since Rue and Mytho had returned to the story… since Ahiru had returned to her original form. He had promised her to always stay by her side, and he would. But every time he looked at her, he remembered the girl she was, used to be, is still. But in that avian body. He had tried writing a story to save her, to turn her back to her human form, but he always stopped after the first three words.

What if she didn't want to turn back?

After all, Ahiru was Duck, a real duck – not a girl turned into a duck, a duck turned into a girl. He couldn't condemn her to live in a human shell when he wasn't even sure if that's what she wanted. It was what he wanted… so badly wanted, to be able to be with her in a human form, free to act on whatever crazy inexplicable feelings came to his head, like those in his dreams and those in his heart he couldn't understand. But what did she want? He couldn't ask her, and couldn't know. She could only respond with quacks. It tore him apart.

The boy stared into the cracks in his ceiling, then covered his eyes with one arm, wanting simply to see no more, know no more. Everything would be so much simpler if he had never gotten involved in this whole Princess Tutu mess. He did not regret what he did – were the choice presented again, he would strive to save his Prince just as eagerly as before. But if only she hadn't come along. Well, if she hadn't been so purely herself. So charming, clumsy but eager, determined, cute…

No, not cute. He wouldn't have himself thinking a duck is cute. That's irrational, it's disgusting.

He uncovered his eyes for a moment, and let them trail over to the nest of papers where she still slept, head curled up into her wing contentedly.

But she wasn't disgusting. She was his friend. How could he think such a thing?

A tiny, muffled quack escaped from the pile of feathers, and Fakir immediately turned to his side, feigning sleep. A small blush decorated his face as he closed his eyes tight. Couldn't let her know he was staring.

More shuffling noises as the duck ruffled her feathers and rose to meet the new day. She looked out the window wistfully, blue eyes sparkling like water. The sunrise was gorgeous, streaks of pink and orange across a growing violet sky. She wished she could go for a fly. But there was something else to see to first.

The duck's head turned to the boy sleeping in the bed across from her. Really, it was unlike Fakir to sleep in so late. He was usually an early riser. She had known after living with him for so long. Gotten used to his habits, his little quirks, his daily life…

…and it only made her like him more.

She lowered her head, and the luminescent eyes fluttered closed. Why did she have to be a duck? She was never able to be with the ones she loved. Even with Mytho it was this way, though she had long since gotten over him. It had happened a while ago, even before the battle with the Raven. Because of Fakir. But he didn't like her. He couldn't – she was a duck. Even if she wasn't, he had made it very clear that one accidental Valentine's Day that she was condemned to the friend zone. Oh well.

But still. As her eyelids rose once more and focused on his supposedly sleeping form, gazing at the wild black hair lying haphazardly across his strong shoulders, listening to the gentle pattern of his breathing… if ducks could blush, she would be.

Quick, while he's still sleeping. The duck ruffled her feathers once more, prepping herself, then took the brief flight from the desk to the bed. The noise was more than she'd expected, and she noticed Fakir twist awkwardly in his place. No no noo, don't wake him up, you dummy! She yelled to herself, stifling a surprised quack.

What is she doing? Fakir thought in confusion as he felt the duck girl step onto his bed.

When he stopped moving, Ahiru allowed herself a small sigh, then returned to her task. Stepping gently, orange webs padding softly against the fabric, she walked to his side. He was still turned away, lucky for her. If he was awake she would be absolutely mortified.

Moving one feathered wing to steady herself against his shoulder, she reached over, and pecked him lightly on the cheek. Not a duck peck, hungry for food. A human peck. The most human thing she could manage.

Instantly, the boy's dark skin grew rosy, unbeknownst to Ahiru, who had immediately backed away after the action. How was he supposed to rationalize with himself when she did a thing like that. Before he could regret it, he immediately flipped to the other side and threw out an arm, trapping the duck underneath his grasp. His eyes were still closed, him faking a turn in his sleep. She couldn't blame him if she knew – after all, she'd started it.

The bird let out a surprised screech as she was pushed down by the male's heavy limb. At first she tried to escape from it, then realized this would only wake him, and became still. Oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my… Her eyes flipped open to see his face. Dark lids closed, eyelashes fluttering out almost girlishly, thin lips slightly parted in sleep, a delicate blush contrasting with his mature features.

If ducks could blush.

Oh well. This opportunity wouldn't come twice. Might as well take advantage while she could. Moving quietly, she shimmied her way down the bed until she laid forehead to feather forehead with the boy. It was his fault for pinning her. She could always write it off as that if he woke. But for now, she closed her eyes in happiness and snuggled up to his warmth.

This was more than enough for Fakir. He didn't know what she meant by these actions, and his mind swirled at the implications and the confusion that racked him, but one thing was conclusive. Ahiru is still Ahiru. No matter what body she's in.