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Chapter Three:

Two weeks have passed since the whole Quarkistan incident. Meaning I was about two months pregnant. Oh, and I have no memory of my life before Aladdin. The only thing I remember is Kristy, I guess because she's here. Yeah, I do remember I'm not from this universe.

Oh, and another thing, I have not stopped getting sick all over the place! I mean, really, why is it called morning sickness when it happens all day long? It was currently three in the morning I was too busy worshiping the tolit to get any sleep!

My only saving grace was that Genie was here with me, holding back my hair and rubbing circles on my back. "Ugh, this is not morning sickness, this is hell."I moaned as I pulled away and took a glass of water Genie offered me.

He chuckled slightly. "Don't worry, it should only last a month or two."

I snorted. "Only? I'm ready for this to end now! I love this kid already, but why does pregnancy have to be such a pain?" I asked jokingly as I stood up wobbily and struggled towards the room. Genie put his arm around my waist and helped me walk back to bed.

"Who knows, but I think the reward will be worth it." Genie answered as he smiled at the bump in my stomch. I nodded in agreement as we finally approached the bed. He helped me in and tucked the blankets up to my chin.

"Now, try to get some sleep. I know you've been exhausted lately." Genie said as he kissed my forehead and floated to the otherside of the bed.

"I wonder why?"I muttered before completely succumbing to sleep. Only to be waken up an hour later by an alarm blaring down the hallways. I groaned in frustration and pushed myself up. Genie was gone, probably to check on what was happening.

I shakily got out of bed and walked down the hallways towards the sound. As I went to walk around the corner at the end of the hall, someone slammed into me, knocking me down. "Ow." I grabbed and looked up.

A man who I had no recognition of, but seemed vaguely familiar, stood in front of me. His eyes widened in recognition and fear. "Are you okay sir?"I asked as I stood up and offered him my hand. He nodded and took it.

I helped him up before I started hearing running footsteps and shouting. The man's eyes once widened once more and he pushed me away before running down the hall once more. I watched him go as I stumbled back but catched myself. Who was he? And why did he seem familiar?

The yelling and running feet grew louder and a second later a bunch of guars led by Rasoul stopped in front of me. Rasouls eyes narrowed suspiciously."What are you doing up at this hour?" He asked me impatiently.

I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms. "I was woken up by alarms blaring throughout the palace. I didn't steal anything if thats what your thinking. I'm pregnant, why would I do anything to endanger my child?" I answered and asked.

He reguarded me suspiciously for a minute before he nodded. "Did you see anything suspicious?" He asked.

I nodded. "Some strange man ran through here a second ago. He knocked me over. He ran that way when he heard you guys coming." I answered as I pointed the way I had come.

The guard nodded and gestured for the men to follow him. I watched them until they disappeared before continuing to the Treasure room, where the alarm had to be coming from. I was proven right to when I entered and saw Jasmine, Aladdin, the Sultan, Abu, and Genie.

"Hey guys, what happened here?" I asked as the alarms finally died off. Someone must've finally turned them off. Everyone's attention turned to me and Genie flew straight to me.

"Kendra, what are you doing up?" He asked worriedly. "You don't feel sick, do you?"

I chuckled. "I'm fine, I'm fine. It's just hard to sleep through alarms blaring in your ear. So, what happened?"

"Someone broke in here. They were trying to steal something." Jasmine explained as she, Aladdin and the Sultan joined Genie and I.

"Interesting. I wish I could remember what happened! Stupid memory." I growled as I hit my head with my fist.

"Whoa, calm down, don't wanna upset the baby." Genie suggested as he took my arm in his hand gently. I smiled as his concern. Then I felt tears well up in my eyes. It was so nice of him to care about the well being of me and our unborn daughter.

"Kendra? Are you okay?" Jasmine asked as the tears spilled from my eyes. I wiped them away and scowled. "Stupid hormones "I muttered and everyone laughed as the guards entered the room once more.

"Did you find anything?"The Sultan asked Rasoul curiously. He shook his head."Nothing, your highness. The thieves disappeared without a trace."Rasoul anwered grimly and the Sultan sighed and nodded.

"Alright, can you clean this room back up then?" The Sultan asked after a minute. Rasoul agreed and bowed before telling the guards what to do.

"I can't believe someone broke into the royal treasure room, Father." Jasmine sighed as she shook her head.

"It is very strange, Jasmine. There's so much here to take yet it seems they were only interested in that jeweled gauntlet." The Sultan replied. I notice Abu peek around the Sultan and eyes the gauntlet with interest. I shot him a look that said behave and he just smiled innocently.

I turned around when I felt my stomach curl. Oh please don't let me get sick now. Wait till I get to my room.

"Don't even think about it, Abu." I heard Aladdin say and I looked around to see Abu had gotten closer to the gauntlet. I shook my head as Abu looked at him and said, "Who, me?"

"Yes, you, King Klepto." Iago answered as he landed beside Abu. Abu swat at Iago and he flew away. Abu continued to stare at the gauntlet as I turned away again. I needed to leave.

I went to leave the room when the alarm went off again. The next few things happened so fast that I could barely believe it happened. The cage lowered and the guards bagan to run around, panicked and confused. Aladdin crashed into the Sultan and they both fell over. The traps engage-Hakim and Fazal are nearly stabbed by daggers, Rasoul lot his pants to the mace, and Iago is trapped and almost beheaded. And I got sick all over the floor.

I groaned in annoyance as Genie appeared beside me once more and made the mess disappear. "Are you alright?" He asked making a glass of water appear. I took it gratefully and nodded. "Yeah, its passed." I answered before turning to assess the damage.

The Sultan sat up and adjusted his turban. He looked around at the defeated guards."Good Heavens! This is most peculiar. I don't understand what could have set it off." He said in shock.

Abu approached, holding the gauntlet. Aladdin looked at him surprised before he took it from him. The Sultan looked at Aladdin right after he took it. " … Aladdin?" The Sultan asked, looking somewhat annoyed.

"Uh… I…uh… accident." Aladdin muttered as he shrugged before looking down and glaring at Abu.


"Are you sure you don't want to go lay down for a bit?" Genie asked as we approached Jasmine Aladdin's room. It had been about an hour since the whole thief incident. I shook my head. "I feel fine now. The morning sickness goes as fast as it comes." I replied before entering Jasmine and Aladdin's room.

"I am fed up, Abu!" Aladdin was nearly shouting as we entered the room. I looked arund to see everyobe but the Sultan himself in there.

"And I am raw under the toupee!" Iago squawked as he felt where his new bald spot. I chuckled slightly at the bird before sitting down beside Jasmine.

She smiled in acknowledgement before turning to Aladdin. "Aladdin, maybe you're being a little rough on Abu…" She asked hesitantly.

"Rough? Rough?! He embarrassed me! The Sultan thought I took it! I've had it with you and your stealing, when will you learn?!" Aladdin shouted this time before turning and marching out of the room angrily.

(Genie suddenly made a black and white projector screen appear with him inside it dressed like a scholar, ala a 1950's public service announcement.

"Learning can be fun, with Professor Knowledge!"Genie said from inside the TV as he made a desk appear in front of Abu.
"Put on your thinking fez!" He made a book appear. "Today's secret word: steal. One: to take another's property dishonestly. Two: DON'T DO IT." Genie yelled the last part as he got out of the screen and yelled in Abu's face.

Then Genie pulled out a gold coin and holds it before Abu . "So, class, what have we learned?" He asked but then Abu stole the coin. " … kid knows the value of a buck."

Genie reverted back to normal as Aladdin reenters the room, holding a leash. "Abu, you leave me no choice." Abu sees the leash and gestures "no"."If you won't control your stealing, this leash will." Abu chattered angrily and swat the leash away. He walked away, angrily.

"I think you overdid it with the leash." Jasmine pointed out as we all watched him leave.

"He'll be back." Aladdin said confidently. Abu threw his fez at Aladdin. "Oh, I don't know, Al. That's one mad monkey." Genie said as Abu marched out of the room.

"Iago, maybe you should go keep an eye on him?" I spoke up as I looked at the door Abu had just exited from.

"Sure, like the bird has nothing better to do!" Iago muttered angrily as he bumped into Rajah, who licked her chops. "Nothing good on tonight. I think I'll go monkey watching. Oh look, there's one now!" Iago laughed nervously as he left.
"And make sure he doesn't steal anything!" Aladdin yelled after him as he left. I was definitely worried for my friends and I hoped they would be alright.

(Third POV, Setting: Marketplace)

"Date pastries! Delicious date pastries! Succulent, mouth-watering-" A merchant by the name Omar shouts.

Suddenly, a little monkey in a purple vest dropped in and said, "Oooh, yummy, yum!"The monkey dropped to the ground and rolled up his "sleeves."

"-get them while they're hot!" Omar shouted before the monkey stole the pastries out of Omar's hands and ran off. "My pastries! "

He climbed to the top of a stand where a parrot waiting for him. "It's about time. I'm starvin'!" The bird said as he took a pastry from Abu and bit into it. "I can't believe you stole this date pastry! I told you, I wanted blueberry. Well, free is free. You know, you've got a definite talent, Abu."

"Yeah!" Abu cheered as he took a bite out of the pastry. "That's the problem with Al— he's always stifling your creativity! Any time you want to steal pastries, go right ahead. I'm behind you all the way." The parrot cheered.

Suddenly the two heard a scream and the thieve from the palace fell hrough the canopy."You stole those pastries!" He shouted.

"I'm innocent!"The parrot shouted as he pointed to Abu. "It's him! He's the klepto!"

"And a brilliant one at that! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Damoolah. Amin Damoolah. The way you snatched these pastries was poetry in motion!" The thief grinned.

"Taught him everything he knows!" The parrot said, but Amin shoved him out of the way and gets close to Abu. "We have much to discuss, you and I. Join me for dinner?" Abu hesitated, not really sure if it was a good idea. "My treat."

"Free dinner?! We accept! I'm Iago by the way. That's Abu." Iago introduced as he pointed to himself then to Abu.

"Fabulous!"Amin exclaimed before he fell through the hole in the canopy. There's a loud crash, before he surfaces with a dopey smile. "I'm alright!"


Amin led the group through an alley. Amin, Abu, and Iago walked toward a skull-shaped, grungy doorway. "Are you cracked? That's the Skull and Dagger, headquarters of the Thieves Guild. They'll eat us alive in there!" Iago shouted as Abu mimed cutting his throat. "Yeah, cutthroats only. There's no way we're goin' in there!"

Amin opened his wallet to reveal a membership card. "I'm a member." The thief said dryly and he Iago paused for a second before smiling sheepishly."Lead on!" Iago said as Amin entered the tavern.
"Member! This guy's a legitimate thief!" Iago exclaimed before the two walked in. "Just let me do all the talkin'." He said to Abu.

The three of them gathered around a table to eat dinner. Fights broke out around them, but they ignored it. "Don't trust anyone in here… except me, of course." Amin told the two animals.

"Kill the melodrama, Damoolah. Why do you need Abu? Plannin' a big pastry caper?" Iago groaned before asking the two questions.

Amin turned to face Abu. "Alright my hairy little comrade, listen. There exists a magical gauntlet, the Five Fingers of Discount. It is written that he who wears the five fingers shall gain ultimate thieving abilities."

"Oh yeah, sure." Abu relied dismissively. " With but a gesture, gold and jewels fly into the gauntlet's grasp!" The thief exclaimed excited.

"See now, this guy's smart, he's got vision! The problem with Al-" Iago started saying to Abu before Amin cut him off. "It is about yeah big and is kept in the royal treasure room." Amin added calmly and dismissively.

"The royal treasure room?! Whoa, whoa, whoa, we don't do the palace! They know me there! I'd lose my special status! No, worse— I'd lose my head!"Iago exclaimed.

"I was talking to the monkey!" Amin growled.

"Look, Amin, boubby, you don't wanna go in there! They've got flying swords, a giant mace-" Amin and Iago both revealed their bald spots before saying simultaneously, "And a really, really big ax!" Iago gasped.

"You're the guy who blew the heist last night!" Iago exclaimed before he was almost skewered by a dagger.

"Thieves only in the Skull and Dagger!" A thief know as Hamar exclaimed as he approached the table the three was at. Amin grabbed the dagger. "I am a thif!" He exclaimed as he swung the dagger symbolically, but accidentally cut down the canopy above him and it fell on top of him.

"Did you say "thif"?" Hamar asked ashe lifted the canopy off of Amin."Hey, it's Butterfingers!" He laughed and the thieves exclaimed his name as they all laughed.
Iago turned to Abu. "No wonder he needs your help— he's the resident Thieves' Guild geek!" Iago exclaimed as he shook his head.

"My name is not Butterfingers! And this is my new partner!" He grabbed Abu and held him forward. "The greatest thief in all of Agrabah!" Amin shouted as Abu shook his head.

"A minkay? Butterfingers' new partner is a minkay!" Amin laughed again and the thieves joined in and repeated the last two words.
"Why I oughta…" Abu growled offended as he rolled up his 'Sleeves' and began climbing up Hamar's body and stole the sandwich from him. Abu held it aloft for all to see, then revealed that he also stole Hamar's belt. Hamar's pants fell down, revealing his scimitar-printed boxers.

"He stole from Hamar!" The thieves shouted as Abu picked up Abu and stared at him."Uh, hello…" Abu said sheepishly.

"He is the greatest thief in all of Agrabah!" Hamar shouted as the thieves cheered and celebrated with Abu.
"Well, uh, thanks for the lovely evening, Amin. I, uh, won't mention a thing about this to the Sultan." Iago muttered as he started leaving. Amin grabbed Iago and shoved him into a pot and closes the lid.

"Hey, I can't breathe in here! How about an air hole?" Iago shouted and Amin cracked the pot with a dagger. "Thank you!"

Amin watched Abu and the thieves celebrate. "With Abu's talent, the Five Fingers of Discount will soon be mine! And I shall be the greatest thief in all of Agrabah!"


Outside the palace, it was now night. Amin and Abu were on a palace rooftop. Amin fired an arrow that was attached to a rope. It stuck into another palace tower, forming a bridge. Amin became tangled into bow, but was quickly able to untangle himself.

"After you, my nimble cohort." Amin grinned as Abu tied the end of the rope around a spire.

Abu climbed onto the rope and crossed the bridge, then gestured for Amin to join him. Amin struts onto the rope and starts to cross confidently, but soon he loses his balance and struggles to stay on the rope. His struggling caused the arrow to dislodge and Amin is smashed into the first tower. Abu grimaced.

"I'm alright!"Amine shouted back.


(Kendra's POV, Setting: Jasmine and Aladdin's room)

"It's not your fault, you know." Jasmine tried to comfort Aladdin. I sat beside my brother and was patting his shoulder. I missed the little furball.

"She's right, Al. I mean, how were you supposed to know that one little leash would drive away your closest friend?" Genie tried to help, but Aladdin stood up angrily.

"I didn't ask Abu to leave!" Aladdin shouted, standing up. No one noticed Abu standing outside the doorway. "I'm glad he's gone! He can stay away forever!" Abu sighed and walked away, sulking.

" … who am I kidding? I miss that furry little guy." Aladdin sighed once more as he sat back down onto the bed.

"Oh, look, Iago's with him. What's the worst that could happen?" Genie tried once more o comfort him as Iago flies in.

"Abu's become the king of thieves!" He shouted as he fell to the floor. I raised an eyebrow in disbelief.

"…that's pretty bad." Genie squeaked in disbelief. "Yeah, just a littled."I snorted, shaking my head before turning to Iago. "Alright, explain everything."

Iago sighed before he began the story. It was a long one too and I listened with rapt attention. I couldn't believe Abu had done all that, but somehow I had a feeling that I knew he would do it. Weird right? "And, uh, that's what happened." Iago finished.

" Let me get this straight. You saved the orphans from the fire while you fought the thousand thieves?" Genie asked as he raised an eyebrow in disbelief.

Iago smiled nervously. "Heh, that's right. Simultaneously." Aladdin looked at the bird irritated. "Where's Abu?"


After Iago told us tha they were gonna steal the gauntlet, Jasmine, Aladdin, and I- with Genie in his lamp tucked by my side- flew on Carpet towards the treasure room.

When we got there, we hopped off Carpet and wallked in, only to narrowly miss getting hit by a sword. I looked over at Abu, who waved innocently at us when he saw us.

"Abu! How could you?!" Aladdin yelled. I turned to the thief and my eyes widened. It was the man from the hallway! "Excuse me, I'm trying to shop here!" The Thief shouted.

"Who's that?"Jasmine asked curiously. Iago chuckled nervously. "Him? No idea."

"That's the guy who knocked me down in the hallway!" I gasped at the man's attention turned to me. His eyes widen in recognition. But then they hardened and he used the gauntlet to draw in the giant mace.

"Think fast!"The thief shouted and he threw the mace at us.

"Run!"Aladdin exclaimed as everyone jumped onto Carpet. However, I felt a weird tug and the next thing I knew, I was lifted over the mace and pulled towards the thief.

I struggled, but couldn't move a muscle. I watched as the mace took off Genie's head and continued it's pursuit of my friends. "Genie!"I gasped as he stumbled around confused.

Genie, however, pulled it back together and disappeared, not noticing me. The thief laughed darkly before he made all the treasure fly into a brown sack Abu was holding dejectedly. I glared at the thief angrily. "Yo! Thief! Why the hell did you decide to capture me?" I growled.

He laughed again and turned to face me. "Capturing one of the princesses is definitely the ultimate steal! Especially the one pregnant one married to the Genie. And my name is Amin."

I rolled my eyes."Congrats, can I go now?" I asked sarcastically. Amin finished his treasure hunt and grinned. "Yes, you can. With us." He grabbed my arm and pulled me away as we jumped out of a window and disappeared into the night.


We ran all the way to The Skull and Dagger. Abu stumbled in while carrying the oversized bag of treasure and wearing a leash. He fell down the stairs and was pinned under the bag. Amin stood in the doorway, holding me to his side and grinning sadistically.

"… Butterfingers?"A giant thief asked as he looked in between me, the trasure, and the gauntlet surprused. "I am not Butterfingers!"Amin shouted as he attacked Hamar with the Five Fingers. Hamar was drawn towards us and landed on top of Amin. I was brought down with them. I growled. I hated that my body was paralyzed by that damned gauntlet.

"… I am the greatest thief in all of Agrabah." Amin gloated as he stood back up and used the gauntlet to throw Hamar across the room. "So don't ever call me that name again, ok?"

"Hey, Butterfingers." A familiar voice rang from the doorway and I turned around to see Aladdin and a very pissed off Genie. "Aladdin!" Abu and I shouted together and I grinned.

"I want my monkey... and my sister." Aladdin growled and Genie nodded along. " … that is, if it's not any trouble." Iago added fearfully.

"No, no trouble at all." Amin commented as he used the gauntlet to remove all the treasure from the bag, freeing Abu. He threw me forward and I stumbled into the arms of my husband.

"Abu!"Aladdin shouted as the two hugged. I smiled and hugged Genie tightly. He hugged me back just as tightly as a relieved expression crossed his face.

"Uh oh, that was too easy." Iago muttered, breaking everyone from their hugs and we all turned to where Amin was making a giant fist out of the gold."How do you like these butterfingers?!"

"Told ya it was too easy!" Iago groaned as the fist attacked us. Aladdin, Abu, Iago and I ran to avoid it and we were nearly smashed. Thankfully, Genie grew and intercepted the fist.

"Hey, Al, need a hand?" Genie grinned as the two fist began to arm wrestle. I watched curiously and listened as Aladdin and Abu conversed.

"It's good to have you back. But no more stealing, right?" Aladdin smiled as he handed Abu his fez. Abu grinned back and said he promised. "And I promise, no more leashes!" Aladdin removed the leash and they hugged once more.

Amin struggled to win the wrestling match with Genie when Genie tickled Amin. Amin lost control and the fist collapsed causing coins to rain from the sky; the other thieves hurried to collect them.

Genie began flexing and said, "Over the top, high-five!" Genie high-fived himself. Amin then blasted Genie and began to dribble him like a basketball acrossed the Skull and Dagger, before he "shot him" acrossed the room.

"Duck!"Aladdin shouted as Genie went through the wall and landed in the alley. "Genie!" I shouted as Aladdin and I climbed through the hole in the wall. "…Genie?"

I ran over to him and kneeled down beside him. "Genie?" I asked quietly.

"Score one for Butterfingers!" Iago muttered before the ground vibrated. "Whoops."

Amin, furious, picked up a building and is held it above his head. "Don't call me Butterfingers!" He shouted furiously.

"Sorry, oh great, powerful, master of thievery!" Iago begged as Abu, angrily, rolled up his "sleeves." He paused and looked to Aladdin questionably.
"Just this once. Do it." Aladdin nodded and Abu ran to Amin and stole the gauntlet easily. Amin's eyes widened when he realized the building was about to crush him.

"Nice monkey!" Amin begged as Abu ran away from him with the gauntlet in hand. The building crashes down, narrowly missing Amin. Amin stood up, overjoyed. "I'm alright! "

"Butterfingers…"Someone growled. My attention turned to where a bunch of thieves were standing angrily glaring at Amin. Amin laughed nervously. "Come on, fellas, I was only kidding…" Amin began before running off, but the thieves pursue him.

"Way to go, monkey man!" Genie cheered and I launched myself into his arms. "Don't do that again!" I warned him. He chuckled and agreed.

"You saved our lives, Abu." Aladdin smiled. Abu grinned sheepishly as Iago said,"You know, fleabag, you're lucky to be alive. I told you not to get mixed up with that guy, but would you listen to me? No!"

Abu angrily puts on the gauntlet and approached Iago. "Abu, what're you doing with that? Put it down! OK, it was my fault. I got you into that mess."Abu blasted him with the gauntlet and sent him into the air. "I'm sorry! There, I said it! Let me down! Abu!"

I chuckled as I watched the two run around, still in Genie's arms. "Man, that was some day. Is there ever going to be a quiet day here in Agrabah?" I asked with a grin.

"Sorry, Sweetheart, but I don't think that'll ever happen." Genie replied, also chuckling. I kissed him on the cheek before we all started making our way to the palace for a well deserve sleep time.

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