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Chapter Four:

I sat in the palace garden on the fountain as I overlooked the area. Two days passed uneventfully since the Amin incident. Of course that meant something was bound to happen soon. I wish I could remember something.

Sighing, I dragged my fingers through the cold water and looked over to Jasmine. She was standing with a stubborn and obnoxiously prince who refused to leave. He wanted Jasmine's affections so bad, he didn't seem to care that she was already married. Happily I might add.

"Oh, say you'll marry me, my princess." Prince Wazoo begged snobbishly and I rolled my eyes. Yeah, right, she was not interested him at all.

"Look. I've already told you! I'm married to Aladdin! And I love him." She told him stubbornly as she folded her arms above her chest. The Prince did not seemed fazed by this. He scoffed at said, "Aladdin? Please! That street rat does not deserve a princess!"

"Sorry! Not interested!" Jasmine growled as she turned her back. I growled though when I saw the prince nuzzle Jasmine's hair.

"huh, your hair. It's so soft. Soft like a-" The prince cut off when a rat fell from his hole to in front of the prince. "- rat!" The Prince shrieked.

"Soft like a rat?"Jasmine asked insulted as she turned to see the rat attacking the prince in panic and gasped. I stood up then and walked over.

"No. Unhand my nose, foul creature!" He retrieved a dagger from his side. "Nobody attacks Prince Wazoo!" He went to stab the poor creature.

"No!" I shouted before sighing as Aladdin grabbed Wazoo's wrist and stopped him."Hold it, Prince!" Al said as Igently scooped the rat up into a pot. "In ya go, fella! Sometimes it's safer outside the palace wall." I cooed as I let the rat go safely.

'Rats. Uh! Disgusting things! Ohh! I must bathe now. There's nothing I hate more than rats!" The Prince scoffed before he turned around and stormed away. I once again rolled my eyes as Genie appeared out of his lamp.

Abu scurried onto Aladdin's shoulder and gives the Prince tongue raspberries behind his back as I walked over to Genie and he put an arm around my waist.

"Abu! Show a little respect! Prince Wazoo can't help it that he's snooty and cowardly and OBNOXIOUS AND CRUEL AND… Ah go ahead and razz him."Genie scolded before shrugging indifferently. I giggled. Abu once again gives raspberries, although the Prince is out of sight.

"Why did you let that filthy thing go?" Jasmine asked me after that was over with. I turned to face my sister-in-law with a shrug.

"That rat isn't so different from me, Aladdin, and Abu!" I answered but Abu began to protest. "Okay! Okay. He's not so different from me then."

"What do you have in common with a rat?" Jasmine asked me but before I could answer, Aladdin did. "Aah, just forget it. You're a princess! How could you possibly understand what it's like to be a street rat?"

"You think I don't know anything, huh? Well, I know plenty about the real world, don't I, Genie?" Jasmine turned to my husband who poofed himself into a trench coat.

"Sure! You know all about the dark, sleazy underbelly of this seamy city of sin."Genie answered and Jasmine gave a frustrated noise.

Genie laughed, then stopped and changed back to normal. "Oh. You're serious."Jasmine glared at him. "Whoa! If looks could kill!"

Jasmine walked off angrily. I turned to face Genie as he saluted and played dead. I chuckled before turning and running after Jasmine. I needed to calm her down a bit or else it was going to be an interesting dinner tonight. Oh, did I forget to mention we were having a banquet for Prince Wazoo.


I followed Jasmine as she left the palace in a brown cloak. I myself had one on too and Iago sat on my shouted. We watched silently as a vendor shined his plates. A thief stole a golden cup on his stand. Then another thief steals it from him, and so on until the vendor snatches it nonchalantly, without looking up from his plate, from the last thief and put it back.

"Okay. You've seen the thieves' quarter. Now can we go back to the palace?"Iago asked Jasmine nervously.

"No. Do you know what Aladdin called me? Princess!" Jasmine exclaimed in anger and I raised an eyebrow. "Hey, I'm a princess too, didn't know it was a horrid thing to be called." I said.

"Offend not my delicate ears with such language!" Iago muttered sarcastically.

"Look. I have to do this. Aladdin and I are married! I need to understand this part of his life! I'm spending the entire day as a street rat if it kills me!" Jasmine growled determinedly.

"Which it just might-Oh!" Iago started, but was cut off when a thief violently grabbed him from my shouted.

"An ugly specimen, but he may be worth a shekel or two." The Thief muttered to himself when I snatched him back with a glare. "He isn't worth anything! He's mine!" I growled, holding Iago protectively. "Ah! Would you care to rephrase that?" Iago groaned.

"Wait. I have seen you before. You are no thief!" The thief growled to Jasmine and I. I rolled my eyes unfazed while Jasmine began stutter. "Of course we're thieves!"

"You two are beggars! We don't like beggars in the thieves' quarter." The thief snarled and I scoffed. "Yeah, I'm so desperate that I needed to become a beggar." I murmured.

"No! I'm a thief, really!" Jasmine shouted, this time with more determination and less fear. The thief told us to prove. "You think I can't?"

"You'd better! Or else." The thief warned as he loomed. I raised an eyebrow at the challenge. I spent a year as a thief, so no problem. "Just watch." Jasmine and I told he as we began walking away.

"This is where we make a break for the palace, right?" Iago asked nervously as he looked around in fear. "No. I look like a street rat; it's time I act like one." Jasmine replied as we walked. Suddenly I felt an arm on my shoulder and by Jasmine's gasp, so did she. "I'll be waiting. Beggar!" The thief laughed as we defiantly walked on.

"Look. This is crazy. You know that? You don't know the first thing about stealing. Now. Let me fill you in on some of the finer points."Iago decided and I rolled my eyes.

"I was a street rat, remember?" I spoke up sarcastically. "Yeah, and now your a pregnant princess." Iago answered just as sarcastically.

"What finer points? I'll just take this." Jasmine interrupted before I could reply. She grabbed a mirror from an unsupervised vendor stand.

Iago looked annoyed at how easy it was. "But - You can't just - Hey, you know there's an art to this!" He shouted, upset.

"I'll come back later and pay for it." Jasmine promised as we began to walk away once more. "Talk about unclear on the concept." Iago muttered.

Suddenly a man appeared from nowhere and grabbed Jasmine and I's arm. We gasped simultaneously. "A word of warning to the young and inexperienced. Those who do wrong may find themselves punished by mysterious forces." He spoke mysteriously. Jasmine and I broke free of his grasp and retreats. When we looked back, he was gone.

We continued to retreat until we felt safe. Jasmine pulls the mirror from her cloak with pride. The thief grabbed Jasmine from behind a corner. "So! So, you are a thief! I am Wadi Yathouin of the thieves' guild. You have 30 days to obtain a guild permit - a mere 50 dinari. My card. If you are short, we can arrange a payment plan. Good day!" The thief left.

We all exchanged happy looks as we looked over the thief's card. "Wow, you need a permit for everything these days!"

Jasmine looked happily into the mirror. "You see? I am a street rat!" She grinned and Iago and I snorted. "Don't make me laugh! If you're a street rat, I'm a frilled lizard." He laughed.

"And I'm a ring tailed lemur." I chuckled and they looked at me confused. "It's an animal from my time. They probably exist here, just not in Agrabah." I shrugged. They nodded in understanding as the mirror began to glow blue. Jasmine and I let a sound of worry.

"Uh oh." Iago muttered as the blue glow surrounded them us, and Jasmine and I's cloak fell to the ground. When the glow was gone, a rat and a ring tailed lemur appeared from under the cloaks. The two were myself and Jasmine.

"I, I feel so strange!" Jasmine began to xxamine herself. "My hands! My face! My… Tail?" She looked at it confused.

"Holy crap." I gasped as I looked myself over. "Uh, this is what a ring tailed lemur looks like. I spoke up. My new found fur was a light silvery color and my tail was stripped black. I looked like a feminine version of King Julian from Madagascar!

Iago groaned as he sat up. "Uh, princesses… Do I look different to you?" He asked and I looked over to see he was now a lizard.

Jasmine gasped"You're a lizard!" While Iago simultaneously said, "You're a rat!"

"That merchant! He said 'mysterious forces punish those who did wrong!" Jasmine gasped as I continued to look myself over. I had a small bump on my stomach, so I was still pregnant. But I was a lemur!

"So why did I get zapped? You're the one who stole the…" Iago started before we all froze momentarily in realization.

"The mirror!" We all shouted simultaneously. "I said I was a street rat!" Jasmine gasped as my eyes widened, "I said I was a ring tailed lemur." I muttered and Iago nearly shouted, "And I said I was a frilled lizard!"

"We have to tell it to change us back!" Jasmine exclaimed but Iago shook his head and pointed to the ground yelling at us to look at something. The mirror was shattered on the ground. We all walked over and look at our reflections in the shards.

"I'm a princess. A princess!" Jasmine and I shouted together, hoping the mirror would still work and turn us back to normal.

"I'm a parrot! A devilishly good-looking parrot." Iago exclaimed but the mirror just sparked for a moment then stopped. "We just got seven years bad luck!"

"Rats and lizards don't live that long…" Jasmine muttered fearfully before turning to face me. "I dunno how long lemurs last." I just shrugged, unsure myself. "Okay. Let's deal with this calmly."Jasmine said reasonably.

"Calmly?! I'm a lizard! Look at this dry, scaly skin! And what about this?! Did I swallow an umbrella or what?!" Iago shouted as he grabbed his frill angrily.

"I think I'm gonna be sick." I muttered as I sat down. My stomach churned and I knew that it wouldn't be long before I got sick unless I relaxed until it passed.

"Iago! Kendra! Look!"

She pointed to Aladdin and Prince Wazoo across the way. Wazoo had picked up a gold ornament and then threw it conceitedly back at the vendor. Neither Aladdin nor the vendor was amused.

"Oh, please. Too common."He snorted as he walked away.

"Oh. Well, I never!"The vendor growled offended as Abu chattered and began mocking the prince behind his back. "You said it, Abu."

Genie popped his head out of the lamp when Aladdin almost dropped it. My heart fluttered happily at seeing him. "I know what you're thinking',Al. He'd look a lot better as a toad, right?"Genie asked as he turned his head into a toad-like head.

"Sorry, Genie. I promised myself I'd never misuse your power." Aladdin answered as he pushed Genie back into the lamp.

"Oh, Street Rat!"The Prince snapped his fingers. "Fetch my camel. This place bores me." Genie popped his head out briefly. "Did you get that promise in writing?"

Abu accidentally dropped riches he smuggled into his vest as Aladdin sighed. "Come on Abu. I promised the sultan I'd keep the prince happy."Aladdin said.

"There's still hope, you guys. Aladdin will recognize me, and he'll have Genie turn us back." Jasmine grinned happily.

"Yeah! That's worth zero point nothing on the Hope-ometer." Iago snorted as I felt my stomach churn once more. Oh man, please don't get sick!

"He loves me. He'll know me no matter what shape I'm in. You'll see."Jasmine scurried away. "Right, I'll catch up with you in a second, I think I'm gonna be sick." I spoke up.

Iago looked at me disgusted before turning to see the traffic of beings larger than him and gulped. "Oh, boy." He frantically chased after Jasmine, getting stepped on and run over repetitively. "Whoa! Wait! Nobody stop… Ahhh! Oo! Ah! Look out! Coming through! Whoa! Whoa! Ah! Lemme out! Whoa! Hang on! Oh! Let me off - oof! Hang on - oof! Somebody's– oof!"

I leaned up against the wall and took deep breaths. Slowly, my stomach settled down and a minute later, I was able to stand up. I felt a little dizzy but my stomach no longer churned. I hopped over the carts easily to catch up with my friends. Even as a lemur, being a street rat helped me a lot with my agility.

When I caught up with Iago and Jasmine, Jasmine laying on the ground looking shocked and upset. "He just tossed me aside like a…" She was watching Aladdin and Wazoo leave. "like a rat."


After that little incident, we decided to take refuge underneath a vendor stand. I sighed in despair wondering how we were going to get out of this one."Well? We're doomed." Iago moaned in despair and I rolled my eyes.

"No. We can handle this. We'll just have to go to the palace and summon the Genie ourselves." Jasmine decided as she crossed her arms.

"Sure! Go to the palace. We'll just use the "rats, lemurs and lizards"entrance." Iago growled sarcastically. Jasmine just rolled her eyes and told him to follow her. He sighed and did so reluctantly, me not too far behind.

Iago looked at the traffic again. "I am gonna hate this." He sighed as he ran after Jasmine and I and was once again is trampled repetitively. "Oo! Ah! Oo! Watch! Oh! Wait! Wait! Stop! Oww! Oo!"

Jasmine was sniffing around. When we crossed traffic and ran around for a bit. I insisted we took a break. Do you know how hard it is to run when your pregnant? And a lemur? It's pretty hard.

"Alright! Dinner break!" Jasmine starts running again and Iago dragged behind her, holding her tail. I followed as quickly as I could. "What do lizards eat anyway?"

"Bugs, I think."Jasmine answered as though it was no big deal. I shrugged as Iago gulped. "Terrific. I'm a lizard, I'm starving, and I EAT BUGS!"He shouted before he instinctively caught a fly with his tongue.

"Oh no! All that running, and we're back at Farouk's fruit stand! Things look so different from down here!" Jasmine sighed as we once again stopped in front of a vendor stand. "As long as we're here…"She ran up to the fruit stand.

"And no bugs!"Iago shouted to her while I sat down once more. Iago turned to face me. "Aren't you gonna help her?"

I snorted. "Right, climbing a high stand that could kill me if I fell while being pregnant is not a smart idea." I answered as if it was the most obvious thing.

A minute after waiting, a pile of oranges began to fall and all landed on top of Iago. I chuckled as Jasmine jumped off the cart.

"Iago?!" Jasmine shouted as she pulled Iago from the pile of oranges and grabbed him just before Farouk stabbed the orange where they were. We all quickly ran away. "Oh yeahh! Raaat! I HATE rats!" We heard him yell as we ran.

We ran for a long time, not stopping or looking back. After a while I just couldn't do it anymore and we all stopped to break. "I never knew it could be so hard just to get a little food! Ohh, here we are starving while there's a feast going on at the palace!" Jasmine gasped for breath.

"Dinner, children!" A woman's voice was heard. We looked up to a run down home where the voice had come from. "Wait here."Jasmine said as she scurries to the steps. "I'll toss something down to you."

"Remember! No! Bugs!" Iago yelled up to her.

"Oh, I hope sh manages to get some food! I am starving!" I groaned as I rubbed my stomach absentmindedly.

"So am I. I feel like I haven't ate it ages. When was the last time I ate?" Iago asked and neither of us noticed a watermelon cart races towards us.

"Uh, if my memory serves right, right before we left the palace." I snorted. "And your not even eating for two! How can a small thing like you eat so much?" I asked curiously.

He shrugged. "I think it's a parrot thing. Who knows." He answered as if it was no big deal. That was when I heard a crash.

I turned around to see that a cart filled with watermelons had spilled over. Iago did not seem to notice though as he began to talk to himself.

"I could have said, if you're a street rat then I'm the richest parrot in the world! But what do I say?I'm a frilled lizard!" He muttered angrily.

A wheel from the cart suddenly rolled towards Iago, who screamed and ducked The wheel bounced over him and rolls to a stop, falling on the ground beside him. He sighed in relief. Jasmine, at that time, made her way down and accidentally fell on top of Iago. "Sorry." She muttered and I noticed that she seemed to be a it distracted.

"You okay Jasmine?" I asked her curiously. She didn't get a chance to answer though because Iago decided to talk over me.

"So where's dinner?" He asked, looking around the area as if it would just appear in front of him. I raised an eyebrow knowing that she didn't have anything.

"There isn't any… to speak of." Jasmine answered and Iago yelled in annoyance."Lovely. No insect is safe tonight!"

Jasmine looked over and saw the watermelon merchant. "Iago, Kendra! Isn't that the man who delivers melons to the palace?"She asked before she scurried to the cart with Iago and I as the merchant is picking up the melons. "Where there's a melon man, there's dinner!"

We grabbed a watermelon that had fallen and grabbed it. "C'mon, we're gonna take this to the family up there." She told us.

"What?! Then what are we supposed to eat! I thought we were looking for dinner for ourselves!" Iago shouted annoyed.

I chuckled. "Oh, c'mon Iago, that family probably needs it more than us. Sides, if we hitch a ride with this guy, then we can have a feast at the Palace. Now let's go!" I explained. I picked up the melon easily, thanks to that fact that I was a lemur. The other two followed me up the steps.

When we got to the top, I set the watermelon down and jumped up to ring the doorbell and landed perfectly on the ground once more.

A minute passed before a woman opened the door and gasped happily to see us sitting with a melon at her doorstep. Her children followed and looked just as happy. The girl gasped.

"It's the magic holiday rat! She brought us a present from the rodent king!" The girl exclaimed happily. I scoffed at the comment and Iago slapped his head.

We then ran back down the steps quickly. "Slow down! Remember? I don't have wings anymore!" Iago complained.

"Come on, Iago. We've got a melon cart to catch!" I laughed until we got to the bottom to see the cart driving away. "Oh no!"

"Forget it. We'll never catch it now. There's no hope! Might as well throw in the towel! Cash in our chips!" Iago moaned as he collapsed on the ground.

Jasmine looked around and saw a man under a sheet held hanging from two wooden poles, held down by a peg. She smiled, grabbed Iago, and runs toward it. I followed. "We're not beat yet!" She exclaimed.

"Would ya quit yankin' me around like that! You know, lizards have rights too."Iago muttered as Jasmine pulled him and myself onto the sheet and starts nibbling at the rope holding it down. "I - Hey! What are ya doin'? … Oh I seee! You're gonna use this thing like a sling shot and… uh ohhh." He dreadfully groaned.

Jasmine nibbled it down, and we were slung directly into one of the watermelons on the merchant's cart. "Just when I think there are no new kinds of pain, I find one." Iago moaned from the inside the watermelon.


The ride back to the palace was bumpy, but thankfully uneventful. When we got there, we stayed hidden in one of the watermelons. I don't know how the merchant didn't realize it though...

Suddenly the bumpy ride stopped and I felt the watermelon get picked up. We were set down onto a table, or I assumed so. The next thing I know, I could Genie speaking in a southern female accent.

"Oh, I declare it's such a delight to cook for royalty! And, ohhh, Are you going to be pleased! Goat au gratin, hummus on the half shell, and deep fried camel fritters like MOMMA used to make! We're all fur and impatience, aren't we now? Oh. Now. If two certain princesses would only show up! Oh, my spoons and spices. I've forgotten my little weenie o'dourves! Must dash!"

"Dear, I just can't imagine what's keeping Jasmine and Kendra!" The Sultan spoke up next. I sighed. We were there, just not how they would expect.

"Oh, I'm sure they'll turn up when we least expect them!" Aladdin replied nonchalantly.

"Melon ball?"The Sultans voice was heard. "Well, very well." The Prince answered him snobbishly. I felt the melon getting lifted at that was when we decided to pop up. The Prince shrieked.

"We have to get the lamp, you guys!" Jasmine shouted as a servant, who was startled, tosses the ball.

"Hey! What's wrong-" Aladdin started when Iago landed on his face. I was thrown up in the air and landed in Aladdin's head.

"Oh, by Heavens! What!" The Sultan stuttered as Jasmine lands and bounced off of his hat. Jasmine grabbed the lamp from Aladdin's side as Iago continues to grip his face. "Genieee!" She shouted into the lamp before she took off with the lamp gripped in her tail. Abu chattered.

Genie, from inside the lamp, said, "Keep it steady out there, Al! I'm flippin'pancakes!"

Aladdin finally removed Iago from his face and then removed me from his head. "Hey! Hey, come back with that! Okay, rat, gimme that lamp!"

Aladdin tried to catch Jasmine by pulling the table cloth from under her. Wazoo slammed a round lid over the lamp. Jasmine escapes, but the lamp was under the lid.

"I'll take that if you please."Aladdin said, but I ran past him and grabbed it before he could. "Hey! Come back here, whatever kind of animal you are?"

"I will stop it for you, Street rat." Wazoo grabbed a dagger and prepared to throw it at me Jasmine saw this and scurried up his shirt. "Oh. My. Oh, please!" He laughed as if being tickled. He slipped on a banana, which shoots into the sultan's mouth. Wazoo fell back into the fountain and spits as Jasmine leaves his shirt. He whined. "I'm all wet!"

"Kendra? Kendra! Iago?" Jasmine shouted as I ran by her, holding the lamp in my tail.

I heard Genie shout from inside the lamp "Oh no! There goes my soufflé!" As a squish sound was heard.

"Genie! Come out here please!" I pleaded when Abu suddenly screeches as he picked up the lamp from a tree.

"Hey! I taught you that trick!"Iago shouted from beside me. Hey! When did he get there? I gotta pay more attention. "Abu, no!

Just then, Rajah growled and chased after Jasmine and I. He caught us by our tail under his paw, he sniffed us before smiling and licking us friendlily.

"Ohh, Rajah."Jasmine sighed as she wiped her brow. I grinned relieved. Thank goodness at least one person- or animal really- recognized us!

"Abu! Throw me the lamp!" Aladdin shouted and Abu snootily dropped the lamp to Aladdin below him.

Iago yelled and leaped onto Prince Wazoo, again dunking him under water. He bounced off his hat with a midair yell and lands on Aladdin's head. He caught the lamp before Aladdin did.

"Hey!" Aladdin shouted as Iago fell off of Aladdin's head. The lamp tumbled on the ground. Iago yelled as he fell. His frills turned into an umbrella, and he smiles. But then it collapsed like an inside-out umbrella, and Iago thumps on the ground.

"Oo! Ah! Ooh! Eh!"Genie shouted from inside the lamp. Aladdin ran after the lamp. He tripped on Iago and slid a crossed the table, breaking everything. Genie continues his "Oo! Ah! Ow!" 's as Jasmine and I, who popped out of a hole we dug, chased after him.

Jasmine and I jumped onto Rajah's head. "Hurry, Rajah! The lamp!" Jasmine commanded the tiger, who immediately did as told.

Rajah takes off towards the lamp with Abu pursuing them. He jumped onto Wazoo's head and dunked him again. Jasmine and I were flung towards and into the lamp, and the lamp comes to a complete stop.

Genie finally came out of the lamp with dessert on his head. "Okayyy. Who dropped a rat and lemur on me? I'll have you know. Dessert is completely ruined!" He looked down to sees Jasmine and I still on the back of Rajah's head. "Ohh! Hi Jasmine! Hey Sweetheart! Sorry about…Say there's something different about you guys, isn't there? New hairstyles?" Genie asked and I felt like face palming.

"I'm a rat!"Jasmine exclaimed at the same time I shouted, "I'm a ring tailed lemur."

"That's it! Ohh those are good look for you guy!" Genie grinned with approval."Genie, you've got to help me." Jasmine begged and I nodded in agreement. "Please, Genie. Change us back to princesses!" I begged my husband with a pout

"I'll try, but my powers aren't what they used to be. Nothing up my sleeve!"Genie promised as he removed his arms as if pushing up his sleeves."Presto!"

Genie shoots magic at Jasmine first. Her body returns to normal, but she has a rat's head and tail. "Mmm, that's not it." He tried again, changing her into a rat with a human body. "Nope." He tried again and turns her into a creature with her own head surrounded by a pink flower, a giraffe's neck, white gloved hands holding a baby rattle, a blue dinosaur tail, and an ape-like bottom with a pinned cloth diaper. "Where did that come from?" He tried again and succeeded

"Finally."Jasmine sighed relieved. "My turned!" I giggled, jumping up and down. Genie turned me back to normal on the first try and I checked myself over for any abnormalities. I was good though.

"Hey!" Iago shouted as he tugged on Genie's tail. "What about me? You think I like being cold-blooded?" Genie changes him back, but his feathers poof out like frills. "Oh. This is good. I'll NEVER get this down. I LOOK LIKE A PETUNIA OVER HERE!" Iago yelled before storming away.

"Princess! What happened to you?" Aladdin yelled as he ran over to Jasmine. "I am not talking to you." She said stiffly as she walked away from Aladdin. "What did I do?" He asked confused.

Jasmine went over to the rat from the beginning and placed it down on the table. "As for you, it's a little messy, but it's all yours." She cooed and the rat dived into the food eagerly and ate.

"Jasmine, I don't understand! I mean, how did ? Where have you?" The Sultan stuttered completely confused.

"I'll explain everything, father. But first, we need to talk about the poor people of Agrabah." Jasmine spoke as she led her father away.

"Poor people? We have poor people in Agrabah?" The Sultan asked, completely oblivious to the outside world. As the two walked away, Aladdin and Wazoo see that Jasmine still has a rat tail.

"She's a rat. My beautiful princess is a rat!" Wazoo moaned despairingly.

"Sorry, Wazoo. Heh. I guess she's more my type than yours after all, eh?"Aladdin chuckled as the rat on the table burped happily full.

"So, what happened to you guys?" Genie asked from beside me. I turned to face him with a smile. "It's a crazy and kind of a long story."

He chuckled and pulled me close. He kissed me tenderly. I kissed back. "What story isn't crazy and long when it involves our group?" He asked with a smile when we pulled apart.

I chuckled and nodded. "I suppose your right. C'mon. I'm tired. I'll tell you in our room." I answered as I yawned.

He nodded and picked me up carefully before flying off to our room. I wrapped my arms around his neck and sighed happily. If going through crazy adventures everyday meant I got this at the end, it was definitely worth it.

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