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"Dude, is this yours?" Jasper held up a pink thong with a black polka-dot bow on the back. "Are you sure it's your size? It seems small to me." He held it up to his crotch, measuring it.

I grabbed it out of his hands. "I got it out of your underwear drawer." I slingshot it towards his head and he barely dodged it. The lady across from us folding children's clothes gave us a dirty look.

"Was that Irina's?" he asked with his nose crinkled slightly in disgust. My lack of response gave him his answer. "Ew. You actually like sticking your dick in that?" Irina had quite the rep in our small town. Of course, in our town, if you slept with more than two guys in your whole lifetime, you were a whore.

"It wasn't that bad. She keeps leaving things around my room." I picked up the offending thong and tossed it in the trash. I knew the trick. She keeps leaving things around my place so she has an excuse to show up randomly and get me along but she definitely was not girlfriend material. She didn't know how to stay faithful and once she got bored with me, she'd simply move on to the next guy. "It's just a casual thing."

"That's not what she told Alice the other day." He was separating his clothing by colors, while I dumped all mine in together. "She is spreading it around that you guys are a thing."

"Yea, I figured she would. She did that to Mike, and I think Eric, too." I shrugged it off. Let her spread rumors. She would be done with me soon and then another guy would fall victim to her tricks.

"Shit. I forgot my soap in the car. Be back in a sec." Jasper and his extra sensitive laundry soap. I rolled my eyes as he jogged out the door. I fed my quarters to the machine and hopped on top of it. The woman with the kids clothes glared at me.

"You came here often?" I asked, giving her my most dazzling smile. She scoffed and quickly tossed her clothes in the basket and made for the door. I was laughing my ass off when I saw a cardboard box skidding along the sidewalk. I was confused for a moment until I realized the For Rent sign that had been posted in the laundromat window was gone.

Mystery solved, I was about to pull out my DS when I saw what was trailing behind the box. It was a girl. Not just any girl but a beautiful one. A beautiful girl that was definitely not from Forks, I would have remembered a girl like that. Her hair was in a sloppy ponytail with tendrils escaping everywhere. She was wearing a wifebeater and torn cutoffs that were dangerously short, showing off her legs. And damn, did that girl have some serious legs.

She kicked the box again, toward the door that led upstairs and out of my eyesight. A part of me realized I should have offered my muscley-man assistance but the brief glimpse of her left me a little stupid.

In perfect timing as usual, Jasper reappeared as the mystery girl disappeared. "Got the soap."
He waved it in the air.

"Hey, did you see that girl?" I peeked around his head to see if she had come back outside.

"What girl?" He turned around to follow my gaze.

"There was a girl outside. A hot girl."

"Haven't you been through all the hot girls in Forks already?" He joked, still looking out the window for the mysterious hot girl.

"I think she's moving in upstairs. She was kicking a box toward the door."

"And you didn't offer to help her?" Jasper the Gallant shot me an evil look. He was forever helping damsels in distress, and it wasn't always to get into their pants. He was genuinely nice.

"I got distracted."

"By what, the erection in your pants?"

"Well actually…" Jasper cut me off by punching me on the arm.

"Is that her?" He gestured toward the mystery hottie as she walked passed the window again. I nodded. "Damn." We watched her walk away, both of us shamelessly checking out her ass. We waited several minutes but she didn't show again. Thinking she wasn't going to come back, we returned to our laundry.

"If she comes back, you should go talk to her." That was Jasper's way of feeling out the situation. He was wondering if I was going to go for it, or if I was okay with him going after her.

"Yea, maybe." I shrugged. For all my confidence and charm, certain girls made nervous. The girls who knew they were sexy or were plain easy, I was fine with. I didn't sleep around exactly and I wasn't a douche. I called when I said I would call, I didn't cheat, etc. But girls who didn't fall for my quips and made me work for their affections, they made me uneasy. I always felt like I would fall short of their expectations, and that irritated my perfectionist sensibilities. Or maybe it was because if my mom and my sisters ever found out about me breaking a girls' heart, they would rip me to shreds, so I never dated girls seriously enough to hurt.

The mystery girl definitely seemed like one of those girls. Granted, I only saw her from a distance for a brief amount of time, but let's just say the beat-up shoes with the duct tape on them and messy hair didn't exactly give off the "I'm sexy and I know it" vibe.

Jazz and I kept glancing toward the window in hopes that she would return. After about forty-five minutes, we gave up all hope of seeing her again.

"I'm gonna go to the corner store and get some food. Want anything?" I asked as I fed the dyer my quarters.

"Yea, get me some Doritos?"

"K'." I punched him on the shoulder as I walked past for revenge for his earlier attack. There was no sign of the girl outside either, further dashing my hopes of actually speaking to her. The trip to the store should have been quick but, Paul, the guy behind the counter, had computer questions. I, being the resident computer nerd/genius of Forks, was always being accosted with tech questions. One of the downfalls of small town life, I suppose, people felt as if they could bother you at anytime.

After a rather lengthy description of how to fix his issue, which was surely going to end up with him calling me because he fucked it up; I made my way back to the laundromat only to discover Jazz and the hottie talking on the sidewalk.

"Here's your Doritos." I tossed him the bag, trying to keep my tone level. He was standing very close to her.

"Thanks, man. This is Isabella. Isabella this is Edward." He placed his hand on the small of her back as he introduced us. I tried not to twitch.

"Hi, nice to meet you. You can call me Bella." She added shyly as she stuck out her hand. We shook hands and I was a little surprised at how nice her hand felt in mine.

"She just moved here from Seattle," Jasper explained.

"What brings you to this dinky little town?" I snorted. Most people moved from here to Seattle.

"Well, it was the only place that offered me a job. I'm going to be working at the high school, teaching art. It's only part-time for now, but the principal said I should get full time soon if I stick it out." Jasper and I both laughed.

"That's because the current art teacher, Ms. Goff, is half-looney but she refuses to retire early. She's chased away a dozen part time art teachers." The worried look on her face made me instantly regret opening my big fat mouth.

"You'll be all right." Jasper reassured her, as he cast me a "what the fuck are you doing" look. "Ms. Goff only has a few years left before they can force her to retire. Plus, I teach there, too, so I can help you out. I won't let her chase you away." Her doe-eyed attentions were back on Jasper the Gallant. Fuck, how does he do that?

"Thanks." She smiled brightly at him. And there went my chance. I felt some irritation with my best bud, but then again I didn't exactly claim rights to hit on her. It wouldn't be the first time he got the sweet girl because I wussed out.

"Do you need any help moving in?" He asked, and I mentally kicked myself for not offering help first.

"Um, sure. If you don't mind." She nervously chewed on her lip as she glanced from Jasper to me.

"Oh yea, we'd be happy to help." I jumped to respond before Jasper could. She smiled at me this time, big and bright and I swear I fell a little bit in love with her.

"Great. Thanks! I'm parked just over here." She started toward her car and Jasper and I fell behind.

"This all right, man?" Jazz whispered as we trailed her.

"Yeah. I should have talked to her when I got the chance," I muttered. Jasper sensed my unease and threw an arm around my shoulder.

"Hey, maybe after we spend some time together, she'll discover she likes you more. I'll step away if she does."

"Let's hope. I mean, I am better looking than you."

"In your dreams, man." He gave me a noogie and raced off toward Bella. I quickly took off after him, not willing to give up my shot at Bella.

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