DMWL Truth or Dare

"Hello everyone, here's your host Mado43!" A voice said.

"Why hello ladies and gentlemen, and you to Jim to my first Truth or Dare show, by yours truly!" Madoka43 said "Let's meet our contestants, shall we…?" Madoka43 asked.

A few guards came on stage holding the Deadmen in their arms.

"First we have the main protagonist Igarashi Ganta!" Jim said.

"Next we have the wicked Game fowl, Karako!" Jim continued.

"Then we have none other than, Minatsuki Takami the humming bird!" Jim exclaimed.

"Also we have her Non-Deadman brother Yoh!" He proclaimed.

"Next is, the mighty Crow Senji Kiyomasa!" Jim added.

"I came here like you said now what are we doing?" Toto asked

"A Truth or Dare game but where are the others?" Madoka43 asked.

"They're coming" The Mocking Bird claimed pointing a thumb at the not so rushed Nagi.

"I WANT MY CANDIES!" Shiro said storming past Nagi.

"HaHa!" Madoka43 said.

"And where is GanShi?" Madoka43 asked.

"Oh your OC? She said she won't be here for an hour…" The Mocking Bird proclaimed.

"Oh really? Oh well then until then I'll just have to leave it up to my audience to send in Truths and Dares…Ta Ta!" Madoka43 said.

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