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Chapter 2

Ganta just stared through his mirror after the make-up ladies had left.


All of the Deadmen woke up in their own dressing rooms. "What the crap?" Ganta commented holding his currently dazed head.

A hologram popped up in each of the dressing rooms. "Why hello Woodpecker, and to all deadmen" A shadowed figure of Madoka43 said. "Today you will participate in my own Truth or Dare game!" Shadowed Madoka43 claimed.

"Truth or Dare?!" Senji asked

"Yes Truth or Dare, and you WILL play or else…" Shadowed Madoka43 said pressing a button on a controller.

"GGGAAAAAHHHHH!" All the Deadmen shouted been shocked by their collars.

"Or you will receive a small shock like the one I just gave you" Shadowed Madoka43 exclaimed. "The rules are simple answer any Truth given to you truthfully, and do any Dare given as well" Shadowed Madoka43 proclaimed.

Ganta growled.

"Oh, The Woodpecker doesn't like my idea?" Shadowed Madoka43 asked. "What a shame" She admitted. "Ok then how about this then, I will allow you to have 3 passes, once you use up your passes you can't get any more…" Shadowed Madoka43 said. "Any questions?" She asked taking out the controller.

"…No…" Everyone said clearly being defeated.

-End Flashback-

"DANG IT GOD!" Ganta yelled laying a fist to the table. "Is anything wrong Ganta?" Shiro asked from behind. Ganta turned around noticing how well the ladies put make-up on Shiro. "HaHaHa, Nothing!" Ganta answered trying to ignore how pretty Shiro looked.

Shiro smiled. "Well then should Ganta and Shiro get going then?" Shiro asked. Ganta looked at the clock, "Yeah, I guess it's almost time isn't it?" Ganta remarked.

-Later on stage-

Everyone was sitting in seats on stage provided by Madoka43 along with other creators of the show.

"Come on Ganta we're gonna be late!" Shiro said running on stage.

"I'm right here, don't worry!" Ganta assured sitting next to her.

"So this is it?" Shiro asked looking towards the crowd.

"Yeah, I guess so…" Ganta said taking a deep breath.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls! The first episode of DMWL Truth or Dare will begin in 5…" Jim started the countdown.

"4…" Jim preceded all deadmen in their chairs.

"3…" Jim and the live audience continued.

"2…" Jim said while Ganta closed his eyes.


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