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Los Angeles, Ca

Kenan Thomson's house

June 11, 2011

"Ok… so who's up first? Since we obviously can't go in there together." Carly asked as they walked to their destination, Kenan Thompson's house party.

"Shelby and I will take point." Freddie said. "Gibbs, Spence. You guys are frequently seen on the show, but I doubt people would take their time recognizing faces when that's already happening." Freddie pointed out, when they came in view of the house party on full swing. People were running around in the cold on their swimsuits, two African-American descent chasing a guy in a panda suit holding a tennis racket, understanding why the panda would be running; the two guys chasing him, one's holding a golf club and the other a baseball bat.

"Brad, fill Carly and Sam in once you get inside. See you in a few." Freddie said as he and Shelby walked ahead towards the party.

Carly and Sam had their brows furrowed, confused by Freddie's vague instruction to Brad. They both look at their blonde intern; he's wearing a look of worry and concern, directed mostly at Carly.

"I'll tell you guys inside, c'mon, Freddie should have their attention by now if they're still sober enough to look at a face." Brad said ushering the two girls towards the party while Spencer and Gibby went to find their own way in.

"Uhmm, Brad? Aren't we going to help look for my possibly cheating boyfriend?" Carly asked when Brad led her and Sam to an empty room inside the house.

"There's no need. Listen, I have a friend that goes to Hollywood Arts, he even has a few classes with Tori. Carly, I'm sorry but Steven is cheating on you. No, that's not even accurate; he's been playing you and Tori. Do you know how long he's been in a relationship with Tori?" Brad asked in an even careful tone.

Carly shook her head.

"About three months." Brad said flatly.

Carly's eyes glossed with tears but they didn't drop, "But that's how long we've been…"

"Yes, you're only ahead of Tori by a few days." Brad turned to where Sam had remained silent when he saw the blonde start to quickly move towards the door, "Sam, don't." he said with a stern tone as he blocked the only exit from the room.

Sam narrowed her eyes and looked at the taller teenager menacingly, "Move, before I make you move." She said in an even, yet menacing tone.

"Not yet, we'll wait here for now." Brad said as he stood his ground without the slightest hint of hesitation.

Sam eyed Brad for moment, "Fine. Carls? You good?" She asked without turning.

Carly's silence caused Sam to turn and look at her best friend. Carly sat herself on a nearby chair, eyes glistened with unshed tears, and she stared at nothing in particular.

"Carly?" Sam warily approached her best friend.

"No… I… I… have to go… I need to talk to Fre…" Carly stuttered out before her tears came streaming down.

Minutes ticked by as Sam and Brad helplessly watched Carly quietly sob. Sam wanted to comfort Carly but all she could think about at the moment was how she was going to introduce Steven to a world of pain, which hardly qualifies as comforting words. So she settled on holding Carly, letting her cry all her tears out as she leaned on her shoulder.

It may have only been fifteen minutes, but to Sam, it was the longest fifteen minutes of her life. Being helpless, lost for words, unable to even utter a single word of comfort, she's only left hoping that being there is enough. Carly's sobs eventually died down, she wiped her eyes dry, cleaned her smudged make-up and just sat lost in her thoughts.

"Sam? I really messed up didn't I?" Carly asked in soft even voice, after a moment of reverie.

Sam furrowed her brows as she processed Carly's question, "Carly Shay… don't you dare blame this on yourself." She said in a stern tone.

Carly gently lifted her head up from Sam's shoulder, "No, it's not that." she wore a sad and defeated expression.

"What do you mean?"

"I waited too long, I watched him slowly moving on. When he dated other girls, that's when I thought that he's truly moved on, that I'd lost my chance. When I met Steven, he reminded me of him; charming, smart, caring, not much of a gentleman but I figured, I've already lost Freddie. Settling for a guy like him was the closest I was going to get." Carly said with each word laced with the sadness she's feeling.

Sam knew who Carly was talking about before she had mentioned his name. "Carls, you didn't mess up. You wanted to make sure, like Freddie wanted to make sure when he broke up with you so you both could wait until his casts were off." She said, reassuring her best friend.

"Why did I have wait? I could have told him after his casts were off. Why did I even let him break up with me? We could have kept our relationship and just put it on hold until the 'hero worship' wore off and his casts were removed."

"There's nothing we can do to change what's been done Carls… Look, I know it's not my place to say and he'll probably hate me for telling you but considering everything that's happened..." Sam wore a look of guilt on her face, it's her not her secret to tell and even if Freddie didn't explicitly tell her not to reveal this to anyone else, sometimes one should just have to understand that some things are implied considering the gravity of what could have happened but didn't.

"What do you mean?" Carly asked. She didn't like the look Sam has on her face and the worry and guilt that she felt from the blonde as she said it.

Sam took a moment to gather her thoughts, construct what she needed to tell in a way that won't overwhelm Carly. "Freddie… He… never got over you, he waited but he didn't want to ask you outright thinking he might fall back to old times, when it was just him crushing on you; he didn't want to pressure you. Trying to date other girls… he was trying to numb the pain, realizing that you only did just love him for what he did…"

"But I did… I did love him, I do love him… I just…" Carly interrupted.

Sam put a reassuring hold on Carly's shoulder, "I know, I know. It's just that, you have to understand Carls, that's how Freddie saw it and like I said, he didn't want to pressure you, pester you like he did when we were younger. So, when you got together with Steven; that's when he decided to let you go, but couldn't. And during the lock-in, he thought of only one way he could do so he could just 'move on'…" she let a single tear that had been begging for release roll down her right eye.

"What was Freddie gonna do Sam?" Carly asked in horror, she has an idea of what Sam was going to say but she needed confirmation it nonetheless.

Sam breathed deep to calm her nerves and heavily sighed, "We could have lost him Carls, if you and Freddie weren't running around trying to find ways to get me alone with Brad…" Sam pointed her thumb at their intern as she had her back on him while the latter stood quietly listening to Sam as he recalled from his own point of view what Freddie had planned that night; how he made sure to double check the lock of the access door to the roof top, how he too ran around on the pretense of taking a break just to make sure his project partner is still with his best friends and if he ever lose sight of him to immediately tell anyone that mattered to the young tech producer in hopes of stopping him, and how relieved he was when Freddie didn't go through with the plan and he asked him to just delete any evidence of its' existence with the reassurance that he's just outside the room they were working on getting some fresh air.

Carly nodded, fear for what could have been had they not have any distractions that night evident on her glossy deep brown orbs. Her thoughts ran a thousand miles a minute with vivid images of a lifeless Freddie clutched tightly in her arms as she too wished for her own heart to just stop, then she remembers that one image of him after he had pushed her out of the way an oncoming taco truck; she instinctively clutches her chest as if to keep one particular organ from breaking into a thousand tiny pieces. She internally regretted crying all her tears out for Steven when he never did deserve it; Carly settled on taking calming deep breaths.

Carly and Sam sat in silence while Brad stood sentinel by the door; he can't have Sam bolting out of the room to hunt down Steven when Carly needs her more.

Just then, a series of knocking reverberated through the door, and then a female voice quite harshly said from the other side, "I don't care if you are bent over or on top of each other! I'm opening the door in ten, two, one… too late I'm already in…"

Brad had stepped aside after hearing the warning of a familiar voice, while Carly and Sam were just surprised by the bluntness and abrupt entrance of a pale-skinned, raven-haired beauty.

She stood with her arms crossed over her chest as she quickly took in with recognition the presence of Carly and Sam in the room. A devious grin crawled into her facial features, she then turns around and calls out by the door, "VEGA! Over here!"

They didn't have to wait long, even though they already have a pretty good idea on who the raven-haired beauty in gothic themed clothing had called, they were still taken aback at how pronounced the resemblance to their fighter friend was when Tori Vega came jogging in as if there was going to repercussions if she didn't come sooner.

Carly and Tori locked eyes for a few seconds, taking in the features of the other. Tori now knew for certain that what her counterpart had said was true. But of course her pale friend would be able to gloat about it in the most 'colorful' way possible.

"Well, your better-half was right after all." The raven-haired teen said with a triumphant smirk, "Now Tori, tell me. How does it feel to have a hand in breaking a famous internet celebrity's heart?"

Tori rolled her eyes to hide the fact that her pale friend's words did sting, "Jade, not now." She said in an annoyed tone.

Sam had an eyebrow raised, while Carly sat wide eyed as they watched the exchange between Tori and Jade. Jade held up her smirk knowing she's going to enjoy getting under Tori's skin to her heart's content.

"Jade be nice," Brad said and gave a silent greeting in the form of a smile.

Jade took notice of her boyfriend's Seattleite friend, "Brad, glad to see you again." She greeted in a pleasant way that made Tori beside her blink and gawk at her friend which earned her, "What? I'm only mean to dumb people."

Brad snorted out a chuckle and Jade glared at him and said, "You know it still creeps me out that you don't have a last name right?" Brad just shrugs his shoulders. Jade smirks when she sees Tori walk towards Carly.

"Carly, I'm so sorry… I honestly didn't know Steven already had girlfriend when I met him three months ago…"

Carly looks at Tori and gives her fighter friend's counterpart a weak but genuine smile, "It's ok… we were both played… probably got caught up with his sweet talks and…" she looks at Tori's wrist, "well gifts… I see you got a 'one of kind bracelet' or whatever as well." She said unable to hold back a bit of venom that laced her words.

Tori takes half a step back at hearing Carly's venom laced words, but she quite relieved that the web show host's words aren't directed to her but to their mutual 'sorry excuse for a boyfriend' or ex-boyfriend rather.

Sam chose that time to voice out what she has been itching to do they arrived, "Well? What are you ladies waiting for? Let's go rip the bastard apart!"

"You took the words right out of my mouth Blondie," Jade said with a smirk that doesn't quite reach her eyes that would cause anyone to have a cold shiver run up and down their spine.

"Ladies first," Brad said seeing as the four may have varying resolve but they probably wouldn't hesitate to gouge his eyes out if he so much as tries to stop them now like he did with Sam earlier.

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