writers notes; yo~! i just started a drabble multichap "64 damn prompts". it just a stress reliever from my oneshots if i get bored...(and i can practice writing drabbles) so dont expect anything major, but a few sweet 5986 mini fics XD

NOTES; ratings and settings will vary

Prompt 1


Gokudera was a short sleeper, compared to his wife.

He glanced up at the bed side clock, 2am. The sun still wasn't up, it was such a shame. Why did he have to sleep so early?

Usually he'd go to sleep late and wake up just before the sun rose. He liked that routine.

Because when he would wake up, he would just stare at his wife's sleeping form, admiring the way her features would glow with beauty as the sun slowly began to shine brighter as the rays pass their window.

He'd then wrap one arm around her waist to pull her closer, she wouldn't wake up, because she was a heavy sleeper. When she would finally wake up, he'd greet her with a "Good morning kiss" and he was greeted back with her tired yet warm smile.

At times, when he was feeling affectionate, they'd continue their little "love game" until he would have to get ready to leave for work.

Gokudera really loved that routine, but times change.

He noticed a figure at the door.

Big brown eyes laced with sleep were staring at the silver haired man and the sleeping figure next to him. The boy sniffed while rubbing his eyes.

"T-tako head..." He said with a tired voice.

For a deep sleeper, it somehow managed to wake up the dark haired woman in the bed. She slowly opened her eyes and lifted her body to look at the sleep distrupter. Her husband, not stopping himself to admire her looks. Haru's head was ruffled with bed hair, and her silk night gown was covered in wrinkles.

Like the disrupter, she too rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

"Yamamoto-chan? Is that you darling?" She asked. She was met with sniffs and muffles.

"Why are you awake?" Asked Gokudera.

But being the sweet woman he fell in love with, her kind side arose dispite her tiredness.

She made room and patted the spot in the middle which separated her and her husband.

"Come on in sweety, it's ok..." She said with a sweet smile.

With a large smile, the boy then joined the pair in their king sized bed.

Gokudera missed his old routine, but he loved this routine even more.

The sound of light snorring could be heard throughout the room.


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