White Night 3

by Chezaswulf

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Author's Note: I HATE those fics where Quatre is practically a girl. Or Duo too for that matter. This is yaoi. It's a fantasy but let it be as realistic a fantasy as possible... if you follow? If not that's ok. I know what I mean.

Btw I am writing with an ipad which has a rly annoying keyboard. If you don't have one take my word for it. LoL. I make a lot of typos with this damn thing. I try to catch them and then do editing but I still see more after two or three edit run throughs. Please be patient about that... If I had a real keyboard it would be easier... Okwell anyway i know typos r distracting but I am doing my best. Onto the fic...

Wu Fei had expected Winner to be difficult and pig headed about accepting help, but he didn't expect him to be completely in denial of it. Wu Fei couldn't even get him to stop working for the next three days just long enough to talk to him. The first day Wu Fei had waited and watched and thought about how to explain. On the second day he was getting impatient and actually stormed into Quatre's office after lunch to find the man fast asleep on his couch, his cell phone on the floor and his hair a mess. That one didn't seem to count. On the third day Wu Fei began to understand that he was getting the slip while Quatre was still physically there in the same place.

So Wu Fei did what he had intended to do anyway. He began to question the security team. They were hired from a company that sent them the same seven or eight guys in shifts throughout the week. Wu Fei told them a white lie that he was now in charge of their duties, and had a shouting match with the security manager. Yet the two men who had seen him battle it out with Quatre on that first day pulled the man aside and had a whispered conversation. After that the man seemed to accept Wu Fei's authority on the subject.

Wu Fei knew all of their names by the end of the fourth day and more about their identities than they knew of each other. Joe was the manager and he was a gruff black man who had studied marshal arts and had arms like giant hams. Joe looked at Wu Fei doubtfully sometimes. Finally Wu Fei challenged him to a sparring match. The other guys decided this was probably the most entertaining thing they had ever heard of. A short Chinese man still in his teens was challenging the 'Bear' as they called Joe.

Wu Fei had no patience for the unnecessary backstory and bets being placed. By the end of the fifth day at the Quatre estate he was the reigning champion of three sparring matches. Sometimes he could swear that someone was watching their match on the lawn besides the other guards. His serious expression when facing these men and their doubt. And underestimations was enough to make them nervous. By the time he had fought each guard and won, Wu Fei was making biting comments at their lack of finesse and even more serious problems in their fighting styles. Most of them came at him like boxers, and he was able to use his legs to crack their meager defenses.

Yet it didn't make a damn bit of difference if Quatre wouldn't trust him. The man was aloof, distant and made it clear that Wu Fei had forced his way into the mansion and had not been invited. Wu Fei accepted that because of course, it was true. So he would change Quatre's mind. But he was beginning to wonder if he would be given the chance.

That chance came on the Monday after he had taken the mansion by storm. Quatre was trying to slip out of the house, in a formal suit and tie. One of the security men, Kyle had warned Wu Fei. He barely had time to dress before meeting Quatre at his car.

They stared at eachother for several minutes, neither one giving. Their eyes were locked over the top of the car. The cheufer was nervously watching. Wu Fei took a few steps closer to the car.

"Don't," Quatre ordered. His voice resonated in the huge garage.

Wu Fei knew that tone. It was the one Quatre had used when he told them which maneuvers he wanted them to do and expected it to get done. Wu Fei followed those orders without hesitation once upon a time.

"I'm coming," Wu Fei said softly. "If you had taken the time to discuss this with me maybe it would have gone smoothly. Now I am taking matters into my own hands. You're life is in danger and I am not going to sit here twiddling my thumbs while you go out in public dressed like a walking target. If you don't like it, feel free to stay home or shoot me, because those are your options," Wu Fei said.

Wu Fei slipped into the car, not in the front but right next to where Quatre would be. It was not something a normal bodyguard would do. Something must have convinced Quatre that it wasn't worth the fight because he slipped into the car and sat with pursed lips through the entire ride.

When they got to the party at a huge modern mansion, Quatre paused and glanced at him. Wu Fei wore his formal Chinese clothes, all in white, his gun on one hip and sword in another.

"Just...Please try not to talk much. No offence but you don't really know the politics on L4," Quatre said, his tone slightly placating.

"I am not here to socialise Winner. As long as nobody crosses the line I will keep my peace. Don't underestimate me," Wu Fei snapped.

Quatre shook his head and turned to lead the way up the steps.

Wu Fei followed Quatre into the mansion made of glass and steel, complete with blue lights. It didn't look like a political party from the outside but once they got inside he could see that it was more or less. It wasn't a ballroom full of people like Relena might have but a cigar smoking pool party complete with fireworks. Wu Fei didn't like the dark hallways and the scattered guests. At least a ballroom would have been well lit. They ate barbecue chicken and other simple food until Quatre began to mingle.

It was like watching a spinning sider in his web, following Quatre. He met everyone with equally matched intensity. His smile never left his face and was always from the heart. Wu Fei wondered what kind of social life Quatre had experienced as a child to be so at ease. People seemed to drift over to him in a natural flow and he offered his help to everyone who made a request. Quatre was very generous, almost to the point of lunacy, giving one woman a check right then and there for a Charity fund.

Wu Fei saw one man in the room who didn't greet Quatre. It was clear that he didn't like Quatre and was in fact glaring at him across the room. The blond steadfastly ignored him, much to Wu Fei's dismay. But that was Wu Fei's job after all.

Being a bodyguard was new to him but Wu Fei had more martial arts skills and formal training than he could use in any normal job. He was beginning to warm up to this role.

Suddenly the man across the room stood and made his way toward Quatre, a smile on his lips that didn't quite make it to his eyes.

"Regi, I didn't know you were coming tonight," Quatre said pleasantly.

"Yes well when I heard you'd be here, how could I refuse," Regi replied.

"It's a nice evening, I was just about to go outside for a bit," Quatre said, his smile frozen on his face.

Wu Fei placed himself at Quatre's shoulder but it disn't make him feel like he could help stop any kind of attack. The man's mouth tensed, his cheeks contracting and Wu Fei pulled Quatre back and stepped between them, putting a hand on the man's tie with a feather-light touch.

"You had some crumbs on your tie," Wu Fei said smoothly, his face betraying nothing but polite interest.

"Right," Regi bit out, glaring at Wu Fei and then Quatre.

Quatre smiled at Regi and nodded. They then move off to the desert bar, where fountains of chocolate and plates of fruit were being served.

"Don't interfere," Quatre said.

"He was going to spit at you, what was I supposed to do?" Wu Fei asked.

"Let's talk later. Just please don't 'help' me again" Quatre said.

"You have a real problem Winner," Wu Fei replied.

The party seemed to go on for days but thankfully Regi didn't approach them again. Wu Fei managed to trail Quatre despite the man ignoring him completely all night, and even attempting to give him the slip when Wu Fei went to the bathroom. This was not going to be as easy as he had hoped.

End of Chapter 3