Hello dear readers, as promised an "Odd Ideas" for the Fandom that won the poll. This was TBBT. So now I'm looking through my hard drive for Ideas I started working on and Pretty much abandoned. I feel bad for all the dead bunny's but cest la vie. If any of you would like to go through or write any of these Ideas just please give me props, and PM me! I would love to see what you do with these! So on to the first;


To Oz, To Oz

by: muaaimoi

"Are you sure about this Bernadette" Penny asked her diminutive friend as Amy attaches more electrodes to her head.

" It'll be fine" Bernadette assures her with an exited smile.

" Why would you direct your queries at her?" Amy questioned, " It's my experiment."

" Because she's more likely to tell me if this would burn off all my hair" Penny answers bluntly. Its the best part about being Amy's bestie. Much like with Sheldon, you can be completely honest about what you think most of the time.

" Fair enough" Amy agrees and goes right back to checking her machines.

See? Not many people would be okay with a response like that.

" Stop moving Ricky!" Bernadette demands of the Monkey undergoing the same treatment beside her. It's a brilliant example of what Penny means by 'most things'. There's just no telling Amy that her douche bag smocking Monkey creeps her out. At least, not with out feeling like an asshole. A mean asshole.

Ricky blows smoke at her face.

Penny firmly reminds herself that Amy is one of her best friends. And the kind of brainiac whose quirks it's worth putting up with.



Ironically there was another one of them now. She smiles. She can't help it. Sheldon's just such a whack-a-doodle.

" Ill get it" Bernadette says.





Its the last thing she hears.


When Penny wakes up, she's not quite sure whats going on. All she recognizes is the soft blue of her couch. The rest of the area is baffling. It looks like someone had spewed rainbows all over the place. The sheer amount of bright colors hurt her eyes. The only solid unbroken color other than the sky seemed to be a lake, and some ferns, even the floor was was so fucking weird. It looked like someone had puked rainbows.

It was hard enough to think beyond the pounding in her head. And then she get's a ring of smoke shot into her face. Fucking Ricky. Apparently, he'd come with the couch.

She's somewhere she doesn't recognize and the only one with her is an evil monkey. Joy.

" Well Ricky, something tells me were not in Pasadena anymore." She knows her town pretty well. But theirs no telling if they are just in some really flaming place in California. Possibly some extra gay place in San Francisco. Penny can say that because it comes from a place of love. Her hairdresser is totally flaming. And no one else can do as good a job for twenty bucks. Penny's asked him to marry her a few times.

That's when she notices the bubble. Or at least it looks like a bubble at first.

The closer it gets the more the light seems to shimmer around it. Like every color of a rainbow is trapped inside of of it, a swirly sort of disco ball . It didn't pop like a bubble either, instead turning into a what was either a very small woman or a very large fairy. Well, she did have both a crown and a wand, so Penny would go with Fairy. Tinkerbell would of been jealous.

Ricky watched her warily, hiding behind Penny.

" At least it's not Nebraska" Penny muttered to herself " Or North Dakota."

Then the fairy lady spoke, her voice was really, really high.

" Are you a good witch, or a bad witch?"

Was the Fairy Lady tripping too? Penny could be a bitch sometimes but, " I'm not a witch."

" Oh my" Fairy Lady said, then pointed to Ricky, " Is that the witch then?"

Penny considered the smoke rings, " He's more of an asshole, and you know, a monkey."

Fairy lady looked confused, " Oh excuse me, I'm a little muddled right now, the munchkins called me because they said a witch slew the wicked Witch of the East."

Munchkins is right.

Penny stares incredulous at the people around her. They're all midgets. Or was Little People more polite? Penny didn't really care at the moment though. She was having trouble believing what her eyes were telling her.

The rest of her senses are completely way laid by a wall of sound. It takes some time for her to begin to make it out.

" She's dead!"

" -E'S DEAD"



Her head ached. And the midgets where so freakin LOUD!

" Shut UP!" Penny burst out.

Within seconds it was quiet as a grave.

A little man in a top hat squeaked, " You've saved us! And what is your name witch slayer?"

" Witchslayer?" Penny questions, feeling almost as lost as she usually does when the guys get into one of their geek offs. Almost, witch-slayer is pretty self explanatory. Except that might mean Penny just killed a witch, which last she checked, she hasn't.

" Yes!" The little man exclaimed in something a disturbing amount like rapture. " You landed where she stood , and your blue couch smote her good!"

" She's dead!" One of the munchkins from the back called.

He was instantly echoed, and next thing she knew, they started to sing.

Penny was so not putting up with that shit. She was way too hungover, but everything was weird enough that she wondered if some one had dropped her acid or something. It certainly seemed like a trip. Not that Penny would know, her experience with recreational drugs had started and ended with pot. She'd seen what the stuff her brother sold could do to a person. And that just wasn't something Penny wanted in her life, thank you very much. She was definitely sticking to the time honored tradition of drowning her sorrows with booze.

Sadly, it seemed she didn't have much of a choice at the moment. Probably being drugged and all. Craptastic, just what she needed. At least having a bad trip would keep her even further away from drugs, and probably even booze for a while, certainly from letting anyone buy her a drink. Only Penny couldn't exactly remember where shed last been.

In fact all she could remember was Amy, and ...something about smoke...and Sheldon? Oh hell no! No way had she volunteered to test some funky chemical or something! Penny knew better than that damn it!

Only...Penny felt her stomach drop, making the nausea in her head worse, she could vaguely remember something about an experiment...

Penny was pulled out of her musings by a screech.

Her throbbing head did not appreciate it, but seeing the annoying singing midgets flee before an enraged Ricky pleased a small, mean, petty part of her. Penny blamed having been a cheer leader in Nebraska, apparently that put you completely out of the running for sainthood.

Of course things chose that moment to get weird. Or well, weirder.

What with a green Priya magically appearing on a broom and all.

what the fuck?


This is the first plot bunny I've basically given up on. I was going to give Penny a very Kick ass Oz. Bernadette was to be the good witch, Howard the scarecrow, Sheldon the cyborg ( Naturally),Raj the bengal tiger and that left Leonard the wizard of oz( Can you tell I don't really like him?). It was to be Shenny, as always. I hope you enjoyed, tell me what you guy's think. Who knows if enough of you like a story, I might try working on it all over again!