Blondie's Boys

Three British Spitfires roar across the sky to intercept the oncoming German heavy Bombers over Biggin Hill. The Blitz Campaign has taken a huge toll on the citizens of London and a small squadron of fighters stand between the bombers and the city.

Red squadron's leader, famed British actor, Percy Quill radioed to his wingman, "Eaton take the port side."

The redheaded farm boy, wide-eyed with adventure replied, "I can take the nose."

"Jackson takes the nose," retorted the leader.

Flying Officer Ralph Eaton complied though a bit discouraged for he was rather jealous of Flying Officer Jackson's ability.

In the third plane of Red Group was no ordinary pilot but rather a secret that the British had concocted, for Flying Officer Jackson was famed aviatrix, Jackie Jackson of the USA. The very woman dubbed to be the next Amelia Earhart by the papers.

The petite pilot complied, "I'll go for the nose. Ralph stay with Percy."

Bullets ripped through the air as the planes engaged the enemy over the British countryside. Percy wasn't sure how much longer the war would continue. He was grateful for the talent under his command but feared what would happen if American entered the war and discovered what the British Command had done. Disguising a female aviatrix as a man and sending her up to fight the Germans would certainly put the Crown in a bad light even if they were in their most desperate hour.

This is a commercial for a book, The General's Daughter, Blondie's Boys. Click link on bio for more information, author's spotlight.