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Chapter One:

Branna sighed and opened her door, surprised that someone was coming by at the late hour. She pushed the sleep from her eyes and glanced back into her apartment and through her bed room door to see Chad still snoring there.

Robert stood there, looking his scruffy self, the same hair cut (or lack there of) that he had sported since they were 12 years old. Poor, scruffy, horny, depressed Robert.

"Hey Anna." His smoke filled voice said. He looked her up and down for a second, taking in the too large sweat pants and the tight black tank top. She was pretty: curly hair so dark it was almost black, a rocking little dancers body, bright green eyes…he frowned and shook his head. He only thought that shit about her when he was really drunk and he wasn't that far gone yet. There was way too much history there. Years and years of it: Casts, braces and all kinds of childhood awkward stuff.

"Hey Rob..." She pushed a dark curl away from her eyes and pulled the sweat pants up on her hips.

"Mena and I had a fight." He mumbled, bottle of Jack tapping on the door frame as he spoke. "Can I sleep here?"

Branna frowned at him. Of course he and Mena had a fight. They were always fighting. Their relationship survived on sex and arguments, like some sick kind of jet fuel that was likely to light all of LA on fire. "Come on in." She told him with a little sigh.

This was not the first time that he would be sleeping on her sofa after a fight with Mena. It was becoming a lot more frequent as the fights got…more violent. She looked at the cut on his forehead where she could see something shimmering. "Shit Robert. Bathroom now." She told him. "But be quiet…Chad is sleeping in there."

Robert stiffened. He didn't like the guy she had been seeing…really didn't like him. He reminded Robert of himself and Branna didn't need two of him. "Oh…I didn't think he was over. I should just…" He shifted on his feet and gestured down the hall with his bottle.

Branna sighed, grabbing his arm and pulling him into the apartment. "And where else would you go Robert?" She muttered with a shake of her head.

Robert let his friend lead him into her room, past the sleeping man and into the small bathroom, shutting the door quietly behind them. He sat down on the toilet and waited with his forearms on his knees as she stretched up on her toes to get the first aid kit from the top shelf. As she came down he took a chug from the bottle before setting it down and turning his face up to her.

"Is there glass in it?" He asked as she pulled out a pair of tweezers.

Branna nodded, her dark curls bouncing on her shoulders. "Just a little piece, yeah. What did she do? Throw a glass at you?" Robert nodded, making her hold his face in place. He closed his bright blue eyes as he felt the tweezers grab onto something and begin to tease the little shard out. He hissed at the pain and reached his hand up to grab onto the slender arm that was holding his chin. "Okay." Branna muttered as she held the tweezers out in front of him, the little piece of glass in between the pinchers. "You want to keep it as s soverneir?"

"Pass." He muttered.

"Hey!" Came a voice from outside the door, making them both look up. "Annie? What's going on in there?"

Branna rolled her eyes. She had been seeing Chad for a few weeks. She couldn't really say that she liked him. In fact the more time that she spent with him the more she found that she didn't like him at all but he was pretty decent in bed. It was just a casual thing to pass the time. She really, REALLY hated that he called her Annie. That wasn't her name. The only reason that she put up with Anna was because it came from Robert and he had been calling her that since she was 12.

"Robert's in here." She told him through the door. It instantly opened but her green eyes were already focused on getting a cotton ball and antiseptic out of the kit. "He got into a fight with his girlfriend and I'm just cleaning him up. He's going to stay here tonight."

Chad instantly looked at Robert who was talking another swig from his bottle and whipping his mouth off with his forearm. "No he's not." Chad said sharply.

Branna frowned but her attention was still focused on Roberts head wound. "Ready?" She asked her friend. Robert nodded and gripped onto her forearm again as she put the stinging swab to his forehead. He let out a little pained noise as Branna looked back at Chad. "He's hurt and drunk." She told him solidly. "He's my friend and is staying here."

Chad frowned as he looked at her friend. "That's exactly the reason why he shouldn't be staying here."

Branna shook her head, patience wearing thin with this male dominating bull shit. They weren't even really a couple. They had talked about keeping it casual and that's what it was meant to be. "I'm sorry. Is your name on the lease?" She asked.

Robert glanced up at her as she quirked an eyebrow at the other man. He knew what was coming.

"No…" Chad snapped.

Branna made a satisfied face and turned back to Robert as she pulled the cotton off and he winced. "Then get the fuck out of here."

Chad made an annoyed sound. "Don't expect me to come running back!" He yelled as he grabbed the rest of his cloths.

"Hope you don't!" Robert yelled after him, making Branna smile. "I really don't like him." He told her as the front door slammed shut.

Branna pulled a big band aid from a box. "Yeah, me neither." She told him with a small smile.

Robert frowned as she pressed that band aid to his head. "Then why was he here?"

"Sex." Branna shrugged her small shoulders. "Don't look at me like that!" She told him as he quirked an eyebrow at her. "Like you haven't slept with girls you don't actually like talking to. But because I'm a woman that suddenly makes it a big deal? Sexism Robert. Look it up." She told him as she began to put the supplies away.

Robert shook his head and felt around the bandage for a moment. "You know you're not a woman to me kid." He joked.