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Chapter 18:

Robert took the steps to Branna's apartment three at a time, his long legs not carrying him fast enough for his liking. He had spent the last three days trying to figure out what he wanted to do. Did he love her? Yes; Hell yes. He probably had for years without knowing it. Did he care about staying in LA? No…not a fucking bit at this point. Half of the reason he had moved out here years ago was because she was out here and he figured he'd at least have someone. Did he want to move to Chicago with her…that was the tough question; but easy at the same time.

Branna packed some of the last of her things into one of the boxes as she sat on the floor, one leg propped in front of her while the other lay sprawled out. She looked down at the photograph in her hands, rubbing the picture of her and Robert over the glass. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, trying to will back tears. She put the picture down into the box and leaned over it, letting her head fall for a moment.

She should be happy. This job was everything that she had ever wanted….everything that she could hope to have. Everything but Robert. She wanted him there…wanted him with her. Even before they had hooked up it was hard to imagine her life without him in it. But he wasn't answering his phone or coming around and she didn't know what to do.

She had signed the papers to turn the lease over to him but he had never come to sign them. She'd gotten a two bedroom apartment in Chicago…just in case he wanted an office, hoping that he would say yes when they talked upon her return. But he had never given her time to talk to him. It served her right, she guessed. After all she had avoided and not returned his calls for almost two weeks when she was mad at him.

She felt like the last 72 hours had been a whirl wind of change and movement. She couldn't even process it.

Reaching next to her she picked up a glass of wine to calm her nerves while she made a mental tally of the things she had changed.

One: Talked to her apartment about subleasing her apartment back in LA. No trouble there just a few forms to fill out.

Two: Talking to her company in LA. That wasn't much of an issue either. Aiden had put her up for the job and knew that the Chicago ballet would want her right away. They had been prepared and since she wasn't dancing any big rolls this season it hadn't been too much of a problem to get her understudy from the wings.

Three: Getting movers to ship all of her things out to arrive when her new place was ready.

Four: Well four had been done for her.

Four was Robert. He had made it perfectly clear that he had already moved on. Even though Tina had told her that she had been the one to see him that night and begged her to talk to him, that was done. He'd made that done. In fact it was probably better. At least this way they didn't have to fight about it. He wouldn't say she was selfish for wanting him to give up his life to follow her.

She looked up as she heard a pounding on the door. Getting up from the floor she walked over to the door and looked up and out the peep hole to see a head of messy hair. "Shit." She muttered to herself. She took a moment to breathe pulsing her head quietly on the door before opening it.

Robert looked up at her, bracing his forearm on the frame. "Hey." He said. He had been thinking about what to say when he came over here but now all of the rehearsing was gone.

"Hey." She responded back equally as soft.

Robert licked his lips. "It was Tina the other night." He found himself saying. "It wasn't a date. I just said that to hurt you cause…well, because I'm an ass."

Branna nodded. "I know…Tina called and told me." She told him leaning against the frame. "I love you." Branna blurted out, watching as his eyes widened. "It wasn't a casual thing. It never was."

Robert nodded slowly, looking down at her. He lifted his hand to her face and pushed her hair away from it, noticing that her eyes and nose were a bit pink from crying. "When are you leaving?" He asked her.

Branna swallowed, closing her eyes at the warmth of his large hand taking up almost the entire side of her face. "Two weeks."

Robert bent down quickly and caught her lips in his, tilting her face up with his hand as her tongue ran across his lip and into his waiting mouth. He stroked it back heatedly, bringing his other hand to the side of her face and pulling his body closer to hers. Her breathing picked up, coming out in short shuttering gusts against his cheek. "Ask me." He muttered against her lips before pressing his hard to hers again.

Branna nodded against his kiss. "Come with me?" She asked when they separated for a fraction of a second.

Robert let out a little groan as his lips searched out hers again. This conversation was going to take forever if they didn't stop kissing for five minutes but he didn't care. "As your best friend?" He muttered.

"As my boyfriend." Branna whispered, her tongue still on his lips.

Robert gave her a little gentle push back into the apartment with his entire body so that he wouldn't have to separate from the kiss. His hand wrapped around the back of her head and curled into the thick soft strands. He walked her backwards towards the sofa, falling onto it with her. "Not a casual thing."

Branna made a sound that might have been a negative and he pulled slightly away from her to let her answer. "No, not as a casual thing."

Robert nodded. "Yeah…yeah I'm coming." He muttered before pressing back against her with his whole body. She squirmed under him on the sofa and he kicked his leg out, knocking a box off the end to give them more space. Her fingers pulled at his shirt and scratched lightly at the skin of his lower back. He let out a little moan as he tore his lips away and moved them to nuzzle into her jaw, kissing and nipping on it as he spoke. "I should go…make plans and get ready." He murmured without moving from her.

Branna wrapped her legs around his thighs so that he wouldn't budge. "Don't go." She whispered into his ear pleadingly.

Robert chuckled slightly as her hips pressed up against him. "Don't worry. I'm going to fuck you first." He promised.

Branna gave his hair a little tug, bringing his handsome face up to hers. "Make love to me…don't just fuck me."

Robert licked his lips and nodded. That was a big step for her and he knew it. Last time they had 'made love' she had pushed him off of her. "Yeah. Let's do that."

He didn't know how he managed to get her clothes off with her pressed so tightly under him but it didn't matter because he did and quickly. She tossed his shirt to the side as he pulled her pants off, letting out a soft sound of appreciation that she wasn't wearing underwear.

Pulling himself up and sitting on the sofa he yanked his boxers off and tossed them away with the rest of their cloths across the room. "Come here." He muttered, pulling her up and over him as he grasped himself and watched her steady herself over him.

Branna bit her lip, feeling its swelling from their kissing and dry humping on the sofa. She put her hands on his shoulders as one of his came to her jaw and the other put pressure on her waist, guiding her down and onto him. She whimpered as his massive length flowed into her, smooth and steady. He slammed his head back against the frame of the sofa behind him as he filled her and her hips began to rock against him.

"God you feel so fucking good." He muttered through gritted teeth as they began to build up their pace. His nails dug into his shoulders as he tilted his head forward to watch their bodies move together. She leaned back and gripped onto his thighs, exposing her breasts to him as his tongue darted out to capture them and pull at her nipples gently with his teeth.

She let out a shutter at the words, rocking her hips harder around him as they found their rhythm. "Robert I…"

"Say it." He grunted as his hips rose to meet hers. His fingers tightened in her hair as her breath left her. Pulling her back to him, he kissed her deeply, mirroring the actions of their bodies with his tongue until he couldn't take it anymore. "Anna!"

"I love you." She whispered across his lips as she felt herself cumming around him. Robert groaned and finished into her contracting little body.

Three weeks later:

"Holy crap." Robert said as he put the last box down and looked around the bright apartment in Chicago.

Branna smiled as she looked over the railing of the second floor at him in the entrance. "What do you think?"

Robert looked around and rubbed his head. The loft was amazing, high ceilings, hard wood floors, natural light that would put any studio to shame. He looked up at her as she leaned on the railing. He knew that she had started looking for places before he had said that he would come with her. "I think its kind of big for one person." He told her with a cheeky little smile.

Branna grinned. "Well I was kind of hoping that it would be more than one person living in here." She reminded him. "Hence the extra room."

Robert put his hands on his hips and frowned. "You better not even think that we're having different rooms babe." He grumbled.

Branna laughed. "Go look at it before you get all bent out of shape. I was thinking more for a studio or office space for you."

Robert gave his head a little shake as he walked over. Michael knew a guy that had a gallery here and he had set up for Robert to go in and talk to him. Something about living off Branna like he had started to live off Mena just didn't sit right with him. He wanted to work and wanted to be equals in this…in everything. He was going to give her the affection that she had always given him and it was going to work this time.

Smiling to himself at the idea he opened the door to the bright room, still open on one side to look over the Chicago sky line. "Shit." He muttered to himself, rubbing his head at the sheer awesomeness. He stood looking out the window for a moment, knowing that Anna had picked this out because of him.

He smiled as he felt her arms loop around his waist. "Well?" She asked, pressing her face against his shoulder.

Robert looked over his shoulder at her with a little smile. "I love you."

Branna smiled and buried her nose in between his shoulder blades. "I love you too Robert."