Pokemon: HeartGold SoulSilver Adventure!


Jayden (Ethan's Counterpart)- A Boy who knows the Way of Pokemon, and has Special Talents.

Totodile- Jayden's Partner. A Witty Personallity, but strong in the Heart.

Jenny (Lyra's Counterpart)-Jayden's Traveling Companion and Neighbor. She is an Intelligent Girl who knows her skills.

Prof. Elm- A Pokemon Researcher in Johto, who sends Jayden on his quest for Lugia with Jenny.

Chapter 1

Operation: Lugia

New Bark Town...

Where the Winds of Change mark New Beginings. How Right. Especially for one certain lad. One Boy, who will embark on a Journey unlike one he's ever faced...

This is how it began...

In an Averaged sized house, a Marill jumped out a window.

"Marill! Marill!"

A Voice called out for it. Female. Young.

Voice: "Marill! Where are you going? Marill!"

The Marill ran off, with a Mischevious look on it's face. It wasn't trying to run away, but play with it's Trainer. Speaking off which, the Trainer came out of the house and looked for it. She was about 12. Brown Haired, Brown Eyed, Wore a big Cap on her head and White Stockings up past her knees.

Her Name is Jenny. She's usually a Happy and Jolly girl, but now she's very annoyed. She stepped outside of her house and looked around.

Jenny: "Come on Marill! Enough of these Stupid Games already!"

She saw Marill's Tail moving past the Houses. At sight, Jenny chased it through the Streets, All around Town, and then past the Border! Finally Jenny stopped to catch her breath by a Pond.

Jenny: *Panting* "Where...Is that...Blue Ball...Now...?"

At that moment, a Round Blue Bulb poked it's head up from the Water of the Pond: Marill!

Jenny: "Marill?"

Marill shot a Water Gun at her Face, getting it wet.

Jenny: "Marill! Why You!"

Marill started laughing and jumped out of the pond. It seems that playtime is over...That is until an Angry Spearow came out of Nowhere and Attacked Marill! It started pecking it all around, as the Poor Marill cried out for help.

Jenny: "Marill! Leave it alone, you Little-!"

She couldn't finish her sentence because Marill jumped out of the way of the Spearow and into Jenny's Arms. But the Spearow wasn't done, it flew into the air, and dived right at Jenny and Marill.

Jenny was about to run, when suddenly a Flying Rock hit the Spearow. It stopped Flying, and so did Jen. They both looked at where the rock came from: A Boy, about 12 or 13 with a Plain White T-Shirt and Athletic Shorts, was sitting on a Tree Branch.

Boy: "Leave her alone, Spearow! Now!"

The Spearow turned it's attention to the Boy, and instead went in for an attack on him instead!

Jenny: "Watch Out!"

This is Horrible!, She thought. He'll get seriously hurt!

But the Boy picked up another rock from the Branch, and threw that at the Spearow as Well. It hit it face first, and the Spearow went crashing into the Pond, beneath the Water. A second later it came out screeching, and it flew a way in pain. It had just got the Best of a Goldeen's Horn Attack.

The Boy, from the Tree waves at the Fleeing Spearow in the Distance.

Boy: "Bye! Don't Come Back!"

Jenny stared at the Boy. Why does he look familiar? she thought. She remembered seeing him when she was little. He was young back then as well. She tried to remember his name, and so she sorted out the Possibilities. Then, it hit her...

Jenny: *Yelling up to the Boy in the Tree* "Hey! You up there! Is your name Jayden?"

That instantly got his Attention. He looked down at her. He stared at her for a few seconds and thought, Wow...She's really Cute...kinda Pretty...

Jenny: "Hello?"

Boy: "What? Oh yeah.*Yelling down* Yeah, I'm Jayden. Why?"

It's obvious she didn't want to talk by yelling up and down towards eachother, so Jayden started to climb down. Jenny finally started to talk as he almost reached the Ground.

Jenny: "Uh, My name's Jenny."

Jayden: "Yeah, you look kinda familiar. How do you know who I am?"

Jenny: "I remember seeing you a Few Times when we were kids. I never really remembered your name until Today. Because I just got a Message from Professor Elm."

Jayden's Eyes suddenly widened with intrest.

Jayden: "Really? Uncle Elm is looking for me?"

Jenny:" 'Uncle'?"

Jayden: "That's a Shock. He Never needed me for much. He's always fixated on his Experiments."

Another Voice cut in. A Much older, but Young Old, Late 20's/Early 30's, Male.

Voice: "Indeed. But I can't go out and do every experiment that isn't on my desk, you know."

Both Jenny and Jayden turned to see Professor Elm in their presence!

Jenny: Professor?

Jayden: "Hi Uncle Elm!"

Elm: "Well Jayden, I see you've actually come outside for a Change."

Jayden: "Ehh. Needed the Fresh Air."

Elm: "I thought I heard a Spearow out here, so I came out of the Lab to see your Heroic deed. I wasn't busy with anything anyway."

That should explain it, Jayden thought.

Jayden: "Well why did you need me, Uncle Elm?"

Why does he keep calling him "Uncle"?, Jenny thought. Is he really Prof. Elm's Nephew?

Elm: "Ehh...Why don't we discuss this back at the Lab, shall we?"

Jayden: "Okay".

Elm turned to Jenny.

Elm: "Jennifer, I would ask you to come too, if you will."

Jenny: "Um...of Course."


Jenny: *To Marill* "And no more games, you hear that?"

Prof. Elm lead Jayden and Jenny back into New Bark Town, and into Elm's Laboratory.

Jayden looked around the Lab.

Jayden: "Hmm, do I sense a bit of remodeling?"

Elm: "Well yes, we did move things around a bit."

Prof. Elm lead Jayden to a Table, where Three Pokeballs sat.

Jayden gave a Puzzled look.

Jayden: "Aren't these..."

Elm: "Pokeballs. Yes".

Jayden looked closer, and saw that they each had symbol on them: A Fire Symbol, Water, and Grass.

Elm: "Inside these balls are Pokemon that I catch to giveaway to New Trainers. And now, it seems like I have a new Applicant: You."

Jayden: "Me?"

Professor Elm nodded.

Elm: "Uh huh. I've seen the way you interact with Pokemon. Therefore, I think it's only fair that you have one of your Own. So please choose from either Cyndaquil, Totodile, or Chikorita."

Jayden looked at the Top of the Pokeballs. He could actually see what was inside. He looked at one, and though it was the coolest.

Jayden: "I know! I'll take this one!"

Jayden grabbed the Pokeball from the Table. Then, he tried opening it with his hands.

Jayden: *Struggling* "Ugh...Ughh! How does this thing Open?!

Elm: "You have to press the button."

Jayden stopped and looked at the Pokeball. He took note of the Button in the Center.

Jayden: "...Oh..."

He pressed the button, and the Pokeball clicked open. It a big flash, out came...A Totodile!


Elm: "Hmm, Totodile. I think that's a Great one too."

Jayden bent over to his new friend.

Jayden: "Hi, I'm Jayden!"

Totodile jumped up and hugged his face.

"Totodile, Toto!"

Jayden tried pulling it off his Face.

Jayden: *Muffled* "Errr! Errr! Girt tis tng aw meh!" ("Oh! Oh! Get this thing off me!")

Elm: "Well looks like they're a Perfect match!"

Jenny: "Almost like twins..."

Jayden pulls Totodile off his Face, Finally.

Jayden: "Uh...Thanks alot..."


At that moment, The lights in the lab suddenly started flickering.

Jenny: "What's that?"

Prof. Elm walked over to the window. A Rattata was knawing on a Power Cable from a Fuze box outside, and was Making the Lights flicker.

Elm: "Oh no, it's back."

Jayden and Totodile looked out and saw the Rattata.

Jayden: "Hey I can help. C'mon Totodile!"

Totodile Jumps with Excitement. "Totodile!"

Jenny: "But wait-!"

Too Late. Jayden and Totodile already zoomed out the Door to battle the Rattata.

Jenny:"...He doesn't even have any battle experience..."

"Marill, Mar."

Elm: "Well, then this will be his first."

Jenny: "Professor, is he...your Nephew?"

Elm: "Who? Jayden? Nah, he just lives with me and my Family."

Jenny: "So you're not Really his Uncle?"

Elm: "No. He and his Mother used to live here in New Bark town. But when Jayden was Six, she had to leave on an Expedition to Kanto."

Jenny: "Expedition?"

Elm: "Yes. She's a Pokemon Observer. She's been called away on a Mission. And Jayden's father...Well...He left him as a Baby to go on a Pokemon Journey."

Jenny: "That's...kinda...sad.."

Elm: "I know. But me and my wife gladly took him in. He's a great kid. But he was never really active. He never came out of the House often. He was always in his room. Doing some kind of writing...though occasionally he would get out like the other kids, Today for an example. But ever since the Day I met him, I always saw something in him. Like a Feeling that he could be a Great Pokemon trainer. The Same feeling I have for you."

Jenny: "What?"

Elm: "I have a feeling also that you could be a Great Pokemon Trainer, Jen."

Jenny: "Oh...Well..."

Elm turned his attention back out the Window. So did Jenny. They both watched as Jayden and Totodile Battled the Rattata. Totodile dodged it's opponent's Tackle attack, and Countered with a Scratch attack, knocking it out.

Elm: "Well, looks like he did good for a First Battle."

Next thing Elm knows, Jayden bursts into the Lab with Totodile on his Back.

Jayden: "Wow! You're amazing, Totodile!"


Elm: "And it looks like he's bonded with Totodile already."

Jenny thought Wow. He really has. Maybe he'll be a good trainer after all.

Elm: "So Jayden, I presume that you Like your new Totodile, eh?"

Jayden: "Oh, you bet! Thanks Uncle Elm!"

Elm: "Oh you're welcome. Always. Now Jay, there's something I want you to do for me. I want you to travel around Johto and look for Pokemon for me."

Jayden: "Wait...you mean...Go around...by Myself?"

Elm: "Well...without an Adult...yes. But you're never alone with your Pokemon with you."

Jayden: "Alright! I sure can do that!"

Elm: "But there's more than that. Jayden, my boy, I want you too find a Pokemon I couldn't even find in all my years. The Legendary, Guardian of the Sea...LUGIA!"

Jayden: *Whispering Back* "Lugia..."

Jenny: "Oh I've heard of that. It's a Legendary."

Elm: "Mmm Hmm. Correct. But Jenny, I want you to look for it too."

Jenny: "What? Me?"

Elm: "Yep. Like I said, I see the Potential in you as a Great Trainer."

Jayden: "Come on Jenny! It'll be fun!"

Jenny thought for a Momment. She looked at her Marill, who nodded and said "Marill! Marill!".

Traveling around the Region...That would be...just...Awsome!, She thought.

Jenny: "Alright, I'll do it!"

Jayden: "Yeah!"



Elm: "Then it is settled. You both shall set off for Johto. But first Jayden, I suggest you wear these."

Elm gave Jayden a Cap, a Hoodie, a new pair of Shorts, Running Shoes, and a Backpack.

Elm: "There! Now you look like your ready for Traveling! Your 'Aunt' had the outfit arranged."

After that, Jenny went back home, and Jayden went back to Elm's house. Later on that day, Jayden and Jenny both stopped at the Lab before leaving.

Elm: "Well, all set are you?"

Jenny: "Yep. I told my Dad about it, and he knew all along."

Elm: "I know. I talked it over with him yesterday. He was all fine with it."

Jenny: "Oh, good."

Jayden: "And I said goodbye to the Fam."

Elm: "That's a good thing to do. Now take these with you."

Professor Elm gave Jayden and Jenny each a Pokedex. Jayden got a Red one, and Jenny got a Pink one.

Elm: "Prof. Oak from Kanto helped me program this new and improved Johto Pokedex. It's an electronic Pokemon Journal. And Jayden, I felt it was about time to give you this."

Prof. Elm handed Jayden a Pokegear.

Elm: "Your Mom wanted me to give you this when you were older. It'll display your Map, the Time, and can Contact Me anytime."

Jayden took a look at it, and took it.

Jayden: "Cool!" *Whispering* "Thanks Mom."

Jenny sympitheticly smiled, Because She heard him.

Elm also gave the two each 5 Empty Pokeballs.

Elm: "Don't expect to catch 'em with Nets do you?"

Jenny: "Thanks Professor."

Jayden: "And don't worry, we'll find the Beast of the sea!"

Elm: "I know you will. I have great confidence in you. In the Both of you."

And so, Jayden and his new Partner Totodile, and newfound Friends Jenny and her Marill, set out of New Bark Town, to face many Challenges and Dangers. Their Goal: Catch Pokemon, Train Pokemon...And look for the strongest of them All...LUGIA...

Jayden speeds off with Totodile.

Jayden: "C'mon Totodile! Let's go find Lugia!"


Jenny tries to catch up, along with Marill.

Jenny: "Jayden...!"

To Be Continued...