Originally a oneshot, but I had way too much fun writing this~! So here ya go!

This one is based off this idea I had when I was... babysitting, as awkward as that sounds. But before you get the wrong idea, it was because that family owned a cat named Gilbert - this fan fiction was originally going to be a PruCan - and so I finally got to writing this.

Warnings: Gaysex, BL, yaoi, hardcore, whatever language you speak. Also, Lovino is OCC. On purpose. Like, really, guys, he's practically 2!p. Just sayin'.

R & R and I will love you forever, babes. ;D

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It had been another boring, and rather tedious day at work, Antonio decided with a small sigh as he shut the front door behind him. He really hated his job. Full of annoying people and demanding bosses, he seemed to never really get a break.

At least it was Friday, he reminded himself as he kicked off his shoes. That meant he could spend the rest of the day laying about, doing nothing but watching the television and drinking rum. That sounded nice. Then he would go to bed about midnight or so, curling up with his young pet cat he had just adopted for company, and sleep like a log.

That did sound nice.

Antonio shook his head to himself, and he yawned loudly as he walked about small house. He made his way to the family room, where he knew his kitten would most likely be sleeping, nestled up against the arm of the comfy couch as he usually was when he came home. Antonio scratched at the back of his head, letting its usual wavy curls bounce back.

As he stepped into the room, Antonio opened his mouth to give his usual, 'I'm home, Lovino,' to his cat, but he suddenly froze. His green eyes widened in shock as his gaze fell on the sofa, where not a cat, but a person lay.

Antonio was stunned in disbelief. This human – was it a human? - was extraordinary. He looked no older than sixteen or seventeen, with dark reddish-brown hair falling in a messy style. And, near the top of his head, was what looked to be cat ears. They were the same color as his hair, and pink in the inside.

But it wasn't just what this creature looked like – oh, no, it was what it was wearing was what got Antonio's face turning red.

Black gloves, reaching past his wrists, tightly laced with a dark tie showed off the cat-like human's lithe arms and – his legs...

His legs were covered with a pair of tight, long stockings, ending just a few inches from its hips. They were a dark gray shade, and were stretched evenly about its ankles, knees, and thighs.

Antonio's eyes fell on the most strangest part of the the scene before him.

The cat-human, obviously a boy of its type, stark naked of any shirt or pants, his knees bent on the couch, facing Antonio in the most revealing position possible. And, two gloved fingers, glistening wet with some transparent fluid, were being pumped in and out of his exposed asshole.

His cock, standing high with his arousal, was overflowing precum from the tip, and it dripped down the side of his length, pooling at his groin. His gorgeous, flawless face was flushing with sexual tension and embarrassment as his huge, brown eyes looked up to Antonio.

"A-Antonio!" The creature gasped, his lips curling into a smile. "You're home!"

"Wh-what the hell is going on here?" Antonio blurted out, feeling a slight twitch in his pants. "Who are you?"

"You... you don't recognize me...?" It asked, its head tilting in confusion, its fingers slowing down a little. He closed his eyes for moment, and then, opening them again, he said, "It's me, Lovi!"

"Lo... vino...?" Antonio asked, swallowing hard as the two fingers inside of his entrance pulled out. He found himself to be staring as the young boy began circling around the hole with one finger, as if teasing himself. But he nodded. "Mm-hm! It's me!"

"Why... why do you look like a human?" Antonio asked slowly.

"Ah!" Lovino squirmed a little as his fingers sunk into himself again, just to be pulled all the way out again. He did this again, and Antonio could see as his ass seemed to hungrily suck up his fingers.

"You- you know Arthur?" Lovino asked Antonio, his cheeks dusted with a pink blush. "He came over today! And-and..." He then frowned. "He did something. I don't remember what. But the next thing I know, I'm right here! Wearing this cute outfit! Do you like it?"

Antonio dared to take a step closer, but when there was no negative reaction from Lovino, he approached him even closer. Outstretching a hand, he touched the cat ears on Lovino's head. They twitched with the contact, and Lovino giggled.

"These are... real?" Antonio asked skeptically.


It was just then that Antonio saw the tail flickering up playfully from behind Lovino.

Antonio didn't know what to do.

He was stuck with his cat, who had apparently somehow been transformed into a rather sexy looking boy. Who was masturbating in front of him.

But Antonio also had another problem... He was getting hard.


"Sit down!" Lovino beamed up at him, patting the couch next to him. "Aw, you look so tired. Hard day at work today?"

"I... Guess...?"

Antonio didn't understand. When Lovino had first been adopted from the kennel, he had been a feisty, spitting ball of attitude, even for a cat. Antonio had thought that he wouldn't be able to handle such a high-maintenance pet, but once he found out how surprisingly sweet the kitty could be at times, he figured he could give it a shot.

And now...? When Lovino was a human...?

He was an absolute darling. Even for being a little... indecently dressed.

Antonio wearily took a seat at the edge of the couch, just a few feet from Lovino. His fingers gone from his ass, but cock still hard as a rock, he scooted closer to the older man. He was smiling sweetly, but Antonio could see something in his eyes that gleamed with mischief.

Hands on Antonio's leg and knees on the couch, with his tail swirling about in the air, Lovino nuzzled against his cheek. Antonio's gaze slid down from Lovino's back, to his perfectly round ass. He wondered just what else he had been doing down there while he was still at work.

And then Lovino kissed his cheek, and asked, "Does Antonio want a little show~?"

"Wh-what?" Antonio squeaked out. "What do you mean...?"

"Look. This feels really good." Lovino told him as he reached back with one hand, towards his asshole again. Hardly believing it, Antonio watched as Lovino stuck two fingers back inside.

"Ahh..." Lovino's eyes closed as he began twisting and rubbing all around with those digits. "And when I add three..."

Blood rushed to straight from Antonio's head to his dick when Lovino attempted to shove in a third finger.

"Mm..." Lovino sighed contently. "It feels really good."

"L-Lovi," Antonio clasped a hand over his swelling jeans. "I-I really th-think y-you shouldn't-"

"I like when you call me that." Lovino's eyes opened again, and he smiled at Antonio as his popped his fingers out of himself. And then he blinked, following Antonio's hand down to where it was pressing hard against his growing erection as he tried to hide it from Lovino's eyes.

"Oh...?" Lovino's head tilted as he pried Antonio's hand away. "What's this...?"

"Nothing!" Antonio yelped. "I-it's nothing!"

"Oh, wow!" Lovino's face brightened up in realization. "That's so big! That must hurt really bad, huh?" He turned to Antonio with a sympathetic expression. "Aww..."

"No, wait!" Antonio cried out when Lovino's slender fingers reached for the button of his pants. "Lovino, please stop!"

"But why...?"

Antonio was startled at how sad Lovino's voice suddenly became. His eyes began to water, his bottom lip trembling. "I... I just want to help you, Antonio..."

"I... know." Antonio said weakly. "But it's... it's not right..."

"What's not right?" Lovino asked. He sat up a little bit, and his head turning to a small angle, his lips touched Antonio's in a soft kiss. A shiver ran up Antonio's spine at the contact, and he was suddenly lost for words.

"See...?" Lovino asked him with a smile. "It's okay."

Antonio didn't move as Lovino undid the button and zipper of his jeans. He reached down, his hand slipping between his pants and briefs, and grasped the hard-on with his hand. Antonio gasped lightly, his face heating up.

"Oh, this is no good." Lovino shook his head to himself, letting his index finger brush over the tip of the buldge. He could feel the precum-drenched fabric rub against the head, and he smirked. "Let's get you out of these, okay?"

"E-eh?" Antonio stammered. "A-all right..."

Helping Antonio, Lovino slipped his hands around both his pants and briefs, which he pulled down his legs, and all the way off. Lovino tossed them to the side, immediately turning his eager attention to the bare, hard dick.

"Ah..." Lovino sighed wistfully, kissing the very tip. Antonio hissed under his breath, desperately trying not to yank Lovino's head down onto it at once. Lovino's lips, swollen and wet, pressed another kiss to the side of his member, which only twitched for more touches.

"Mm... This tastes delicious." Lovino laughed out as his tongue darted out to trace all the way from the very hilt, slowly, too slowly, all the way up to the top, where he dipped his tongue into the slit. Antonio gritted his teeth, his hand tangling into Lovino's soft hair.

"Lovino." He growled in a sudden change of manner. "Stop teasing."

Lovino shivered happily, loving how the dark tone filled his ears. "Yes, master~."

Before Antonio could say anything about the lewd nickname, his cock was suddenly engulfed in a wet, warm mouth. He groaned as he was taken all the way in, and he could feel as the head of his cock was jammed against the very back of Lovino's throat.

Lovino's tail continuing to twist about care-freely, he began bobbing his head, his tongue lapping at the slit while his hand rubbed and squeezed lightly at the base.

Antonio swore under his breath, his eyes closing. Lovino's mouth was so hot and awesome... and his hand working at a fast pace, determined to make him release himself. Cracking an eye open, Antonio had an idea.

With his right hand, he found Lovino's hole, and he rubbed at it carefully, testing the reactions. Lovino let out a squeak of surprise, but his mouth and hand didn't stop. He pulled him off for a moment, to give the shaft of his growing member long licks upwards.

Antonio shoved two dry fingers into the entrance, and the digits were greedily swallowed up into him. He heard Lovino give a small 'mmm...', and he continued. He rubbed at his inner walls slowly, sending sparks of numbed pleasure up Lovino's spine, and back down to his dick.

Antonio then began to scissor his two fingers apart, experimenting with just how far Lovino's tight asshole could stretch. Lovino gave a small purr, making his throat vibrate, and Antonio groaned as he gave an especially hard suck at his member.

Once Antonio's fingers were stretched out as they possibly could, he felt Lovino tremble, and his hand slipped from his dick to his lap. He closed his eyes, leaning his head against Antonio's chest.

"Hah..." Lovino whimpered. "Oohh..."

"Now then." Antonio smirked, despite himself. "Where's your prostate, huh?"

Lovino's head tossed back as Antonio pushed in a third finger, and began massaging at his clenching insides.

"Up here, maybe?" Antonio mused, striking upward suddenly with his fingers. Lovino's fingers curled around his shirt as he gave a loud mewl, but Antonio knew that wasn't it. He was looking for an even better sound from the adorable kitten.

"Or here...?" Antonio pondered aloud, and his fingers separated, stretching and burning Lovino from the inside as they prodded about.

"Too much..." Lovino moaned, his eyes slipping closed. "You're... you're stretching me... so wide..."

Antonio grinned, pushing up on his middle finger a little more. He could feel Lovino roll his hips downward on his hand, desperately trying to shove him in deeper.

Suddenly, Lovino's back arched, and he cried out a loud, "Nyaa~!" as his ass clamped down on Antonio's fingers with extreme pressure. His body shook as white streams erupted from his cock, frosting his chest with hot cum.

"You came... from just that?" Antonio asked, pulling his fingers out of Lovino, who was panting.

"That was... s-so good..." The cat moaned.

Lovino looked up with wide eyes, his mouth parted. Antonio smirked when he saw a few flecks of pearly cum on his lip. He brought Lovino up with his hand to kiss him, running his tongue across his lips, tasting and savoring the salty flavor.

Lovino's mouth parted, and he felt Antonio's tongue invade his mouth, quickly dominating. He moaned into the kiss, his head feeling light and fuzzy.

Antonio then broke away, and ordered, "Turn your ass toward me."

Lovino did as he was told, crawling over Antonio as he stretched his legs out over the sofa. "Like this...?" He asked uncertainly, finding himself once again face-to-face with Antonio's long, hard cock.

"Mm, yes, perfect." Antonio said approvingly, as he ran his hands up the smooth, round ass in front of him. He grinned. The perfect sixty-nine position.

Antonio pulled down a little bit on Lovino's thighs, and, much to Lovino's shock, he opened his mouth to give the hole a single, long lick.

"Ahh!" Lovino's eyes closed. "Y-yes..."

Antonio dipped his tongue against the entrance, but not enough to intrude into it.

Opening his eyes again, Lovino remembered the thick, throbbing length in front of him, and quickly took it into his mouth. He let his own tongue flicker at the slit, lapping at the precum gathering there. He paused for a moment to let out a raspy mewl, and Antonio stuck his tongue into Lovino's hole.

Lovino cried out, his hand clenching involuntarily at Antonio's dick as he was licked in and out, feeling every flutter of the tongue as it teased his most sensitive insides, fucking him with it repeatedly.

The feeling of a dribble of precum landing on Lovino's fingers reminded him of the dick in his hand, which was straining for attention. Lovino licked at the shaft, and swirled his tongue around the base. He rubbed two fingers around the thick head, making Antonio shudder with lust.

With a clumsy hand, Antonio reached over and pulled a bottle of lube from underneath the couch, expertly placed there by his friend Francis.

Lovino glanced over his shoulder when he heard the cap of the plastic bottle being removed, and his eyebrows raised. "What is that?"

"You'll see." Antonio responded. "You want to feel good, right?"

"I want to feel good." Lovino answered instantly, giving Antonio's cock another lick. "Please..."

"Are you a virgin?" Antonio asked, squeezing out a worthy about of the thick liquid into his hand.

"What...?" Lovino asked in confusion. "A what?"

"Have you done this before?" Antonio asked him patiently, letting his slick, lubed-up middle finger press halfway into his ass.

"N-nooo..." Lovino's head tipped back. "I-I haven't..."


Lovino moaned softly as Antonio's finger slid all the way inside of him. He squirmed, swallowing with difficulty.

Antonio then sunk his index finger into his ass, right beside his first one.

"Oh, yes." Lovino cried out softly. "I-I like that..."

"Do you?" Antonio asked, beginning to stretch him again. Slowly, this time. He wanted to take his time, and tease this cute kitten, secretly hoping he could see him cum again.

"Yes..." Lovino moaned, giving a shaky lick to Antonio's length. "So much..."

Widening his asshole with his two fingers, Antonio eased a finger from his other hand, and rubbed around, everywhere he could reach.

"Mm!" Lovino purred, his eyes shut. "Toni... Please, give me more. I love it so much..."

"More?" Antonio hummed. "What do you mean? What do you want?"

"I-I want your cock." Lovino breathed out as Antonio's fingers began thrusting into him at a very steady but slow pace. He would hold the fingers inside of him, as far as they could reach, for a few moments, and then pull them out. Then, he would circle around the tight ring of muscle with the tips, before slipping them back inside again.

"Please!" Lovino begged out. "I want this!" He lapped up a streak of precum from Antonio's dick for emphasis. "It's so big and wonderful! I want it in me, as deep and as rough as you can!"

"Rough, eh?" Antonio repeated with a sly smile. "Hm. But such a delicate cutie such as you, I don't think I could go all on on you."

"I'm not delicate!" Lovino insisted, but his body shook and he moaned as his prostate was faintly touched. He choked out, "Please, master! I need you! So bad! Take me, please!"

Lovino's pleas, and the constant throbbing of his aching cock finally got to Antonio. He growled, and, grabbing the surprisingly light-weighed kitten by his hips, he shoved him against the couch. Lovino yelped out, catching himself on his hands and knees. He heard Antonio sit up behind him, and he grasped for the arm of the couch. His own member was dripping in anticipation, and he wanted to badly to touch it.

But Antonio wouldn't give him time for that. Not even a singe warning was given before Antonio's swollen member was coated in lube, he lined himself up, before giving a rapid forward jerk of his hips. His dick was at once sucked inside of the searing heat and pressure by the sex-starved boy.

Lovino screeched, his eyes bolting open as tears welled up inside them. His arms gave out, and his head collided with the couch cushion. He gave a loud, husky moan as his asshole ripped and his insides were pulled open. He could feel his rectum attempt to deny the huge organ, but he refused to.

Luckily, Antonio hadn't pushed his entire length into the first-timer, and Antonio was glad he didn't. The way Lovino's ass clenched down on his cock was heavenly, and he groaned as he was massaged in the most perfect ways. But, Lovino felt so damn tight that Antonio knew that if he had forced anything else onto him, he would have been seriously hurt.

Lovino mewled as he felt himself begin to adjust to Antonio's thick girth. It hurt so terribly, but it felt so deliciously good...

"You... you all right?" Antonio grunted as Lovino's tail weakly flicked him in the chest.

"Nyaaa..." Was all Lovino could drawl out, but Antonio could feel him loosen up, and his body slackened. Antonio took the opportunity to push himself a little farther in, and he felt the younger beneath him shiver in delight.

Antonio thrusted the last inch or so into Lovino suddenly, and Lovino felt his ass jam against his hips in a sudden movement.

Lovino yelled out as his head went light, and his stomach churned and twisted. Tiny, yet sharp claws tore into the cushion below him, and Antonio watched in fascination as Lovino came for a second time, as thick, white streaks of cum coated the couch, staining it with the delicious essence.

"So sensitive..." Antonio panted. "You... you can really... cum that easily?"

"Ahhnn... Mmn-hmmm..." Lovino whimpered out. "P-please, m-master..."

"Please, what?" Antonio gave a rather sadistic chuckle.

"Fuck me, please!" Lovino shouted out, his head whipping around. Antonio could see the tears streaked down his cheeks, his mouth open, his face flushed like a slut's.

"You asked for it." Antonio growled darkly, before pulling his cock out a few inches, to thrust it back in as hard as he could. Lovino yelled, and Antonio repeated this again and again, slamming his hips against his ass.

Suddenly, Antonio's dick jabbed against Lovino's prostate in a sudden movement, and Lovino gave a shrieked, 'kyyaaa~!' as hot cum splattered from the slit of his hard member, which bobbed with every thrust he was rewarded. The shots continued with each pound of Antonio's hips, dying out gradually.

"Oh, oh, oh! M-my tummy!" Lovino wailed out, hands clutching at his middle as warm pleasure boiled up. "T-Toni, I-I'm gonna explode...! It's s-so good!"

Antonio groaned. "Oh, hell... Your ass... Dios, it got so tight..."

Lovino gave a long, throaty whine as his sweet-spot was abused, time and time again, with each and every thrust. "Toni, Toni, Toni..."

"Gonna- gonna come," Antonio hissed, grabbing Lovino's sides, penetrating him as hard and deep as he possibly could, making Lovino toss his head back and scream.

"C-can I cum i-inside of you?" Antonio breathed hard.

"Yes!" Lovino yelped. "C-cum inside of me, please! I-I wanna feel it all! Cum deep inside of me, please! As deep as you can!"

The words were heavy with lust and need, and Antonio didn't disappoint him. With a final thrust, Antonio groaned lowly as a came hard inside of Lovino's ass. The thick spurts of cum filled Lovino up, all the way to the brim.

He rocked his hips back as Antonio continued to cum, being sure to catch every last drop. Lovino mewled again as he felt the warm wetness seep in him, making him feel strangely full. He could feel the liquid drip out of his ass and down his leg.

With a final roll of his hips, Antonio pulled his softening cock from Lovino's hole, which leaked his own sticky cum.

Lovino shakily regained his balance as he tried to sit up again. Antonio wrapped his arms around him, pulling him close to him. He could feel the beautifully sweaty flesh against him, and he pressed a firm, but passionate kiss to Lovino's lips.

Lovino, breathless from the intense high, watched as Antonio slipped his shirt off. He was too hot to keep it on anymore, and he didn't mind Lovino seeing him completely naked.

Lovino met his lips in another kiss, and he slipped his gloved arms around Antonio's neck. Antonio complied, his hands pulling up on his legs, feeling the soft fabric that covered them. As his hands traveled close to Lovino's ass, he could feel the warm liquid drip from his hole, and he couldn't help but smirk.

Pulling up on Lovino's rear to scooch him closer to Antonio, with a leg on either side of him, Antonio's tongue explored his mouth. He could feel Lovino's own tongue press against his, as they intertwined and sucked against one another.

Lovino tasted very sweet, Antonio noticed. Almost like a carmel apple.

It was only just then that Antonio realized that Lovino was grinding against his cock, which was beginning to stir again. Lovi grabbed for it and his own member in the same hand, making him sigh softly. Antonio's teeth gritted as his cock rubbed against Lovino's dripping one.

"It's, ahn, getting hard again..." Lovino purred as Antonio began kissing his way fervently down his jawline and neck.

Antonio couldn't respond to that – he knew he was. And it was no thanks to the way Lovino was rubbing the two cocks in his hand with increasing speed. He rubbed over the head of Antonio's, making him tense up as he felt his climax approaching again.

"I think... It's bigger than last time." Lovino breathed, reaching up with one hand to hold the back of Antonio's head as he began sucking at the junction between his neck and shoulder.

"Keep talking like that," Antonio hissed. "And it's only gonna get bigger."

"Will it really?" Lovino asked excitedly. "Oh, good. Because I love the way it feels inside of me. So, so deep inside of me. I can feel the thick, throbbing tip slam that special spot over and over again... Mm... I see flashing stars every time." He giggled.

… Shit.

Antonio froze, and he knew he was completely hard again. His mind went blank, and suddenly, all he could think about was Lovino's needy, twitching hole, and just how badly he wanted to violate and claim that sexy boy. But before he could say a single demand, Lovino seemed to have read his mind. He lifted himself up a little on his knees, and, grabbing for Antonio's dick, he lowered himself back down against it.

Antonio gasped as the first few inches were quickly absorbed into Lovino, whose body shivered as his insides were forced to pull apart. The pulsing organ shoved itself farther into Lovino, and his eyes closed with a strained moan.

"You shouldn't have done that!" Antonio exclaimed worriedly, trying to resist the urge to pound himself completely into his body. "Shit..." He groaned. "Lovi, it's not ready yet. Listen, I have to lube it up more, understand?"

Lovino gave a strangled mewl as his eyes widened. But, grabbing for Antonio's shoulders, he pressed himself against his hips. He let out a long, pained breath as he was rubbed raw from the hardly-slickened cock.

"See?" Antonio panted. "Hurts, doesn't it?"

Lovino nodded very slowly as twin tears streaked down his cheeks. Antonio felt a pang of guilt, and Lovino began to raise himself up again. But instead of removing the member completely, Lovino rolled his hips back again, and he cried out, his claws digging into Antonio's shoulder.

"Wait, Lovi-!"

"Ahh, it's so good!" Lovino yelped out, his tail curling in and out. "I love it! Mm, Toniiii!"

Antonio was stunned, staring at the child as he continued to rock his body against his cock, meowing out pleas and choked begs.

"Oh yes, oh yessss!" Lovino moaned, and Antonio felt his entrance tighten incredibly, before Lovino came again, his dick spluttering cum across Antonio's body.

"Hgnn... ah!" Lovino's hips shifted side to side, feeling the thickened cock rub inside of him.

Antonio cracked a wicked grin. Now he understood.

His hands grabbed for Lovino's hips, and he slammed them down as fast and hard as he could. Lovino's head fell back as he moane, more tears trickling from his eyes. He quickly crushed his lips against Lovino's, and, shoving him backwards against the couch, he entered him as fast as he could, burying himself to the hilt.

What Lovino let out could only be described as an enormous yowl of pure pleasure as Antonio began thrusting back in and out of that tiny, tight asshole as it squeezed his cock with the perfect pressure. Lovino's back arched as he orgasmed for the fifth time.

How many times can he possibly cum in one day? Antonio thought to himself, through hazes of intense lust and want.

"T-Tonio!" Lovino cried, his hands falling down to the couch. "T-tell me h-how good I feel! Please!"

"You feel... Fucking amazing..." Antonio groaned. "You're so tight and hot... Damn it, it's so awesome..."

Antonio couldn't hold back – Lovino's ass clamped down on his merciless cock and he spilled himself deep into him. He groaned loudly, slowing his thrusts as the heated pleasure escaped his stomach and straight to his dick.

Catching his breath with difficulty, Antonio sat up, his limp cock slipping from Lovino's asshole, which was gaping wide with abuse. Lovino, whose face was flushed adorably, opened his eyes, and Antonio smirked at how blurry and bleak with lust they looked.

Lovino whined as Antonio gingerly tucked his arms around him, pulling him close to him.

"Hey..." Antonio commented suddenly, his eyes gleaming with exhaustion and curiosity. "What's this...?"

"What's... what?" Lovino asked slowly, his mind working barely at half-speed. He suddenly inhaled a gasp his body jerking forward when Antonio gripped the curl on the side of his head.

"No!" Lovino meowed loudly. "Don't touch that!"

His face blushed cutely, Antonio noted, and he wanted to see what would happen if he...

Antonio twisted the single lock of hair between his thumb and middle finger, watching as the kitten-child withered and squirmed.

"N-nooo... Stop..." Lovino ordered weakly. "I-if you keep doing that... I'll... I'll..."

"Will you cum again?" Antonio grinned evilly. "Let me see you cum."

"N-no! I've- I've cum too much! I-I won't make it...!" Lovino howled, his eyes shut as his hands wrapped around his belly. "My- my...! Ohhhh!"

Amazing, Antonio thought in bewilderment. Will he really cum from just this curl of hair?

Lovino's cock was swelling from the base, the head throbbing painfully with the need to release himself.

"Gonna... Gonna..." He panted out, shaking his head over and over again, but Antonio held his firm grip on the strand of hair.

Then, with a final firm yank, Lovino screamed, and his entire body shuddered violently as his dick poured out thick, white, hot ropes of cum. His member continued spewing itself all over the two men as he struggled to catch his breath.

Much to Lovino's embarrassing dismay, Antonio swiped up a dab of creamy cum, which he wiped against his bottom lip, and met him into a heated kiss. Their tongues intertwining playfully for only a moment, until Lovino pulled away.

The poor boy slumped forward against Antonio, who pulled him close to him.

"S... so tired..." Lovino mumbled almost incoherently. "So... good... Mmn..." He hid his face from Antonio's view, and he leaned back against the couch. They were both sweaty, spend, and drained of energy.

"Lovi..." Antonio's voice was hoarse. "Did... Arthur say anything about how long you would be a human for...?"

Lovino gave a nod against Antonio's chest, curling up against him as he tucked his tail around his stomach.

"He said... He said... Oh, what did he say...?" Lovino groaned in mild frustration. "Oh yeah... I remember. Toni... What does 'permanent' mean?"

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