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"Hey, Toni, how do you like my Halloween costume~? Francis helped me pick it out!"

Antonio turned to Lovino just as he gave a happy little twirl, showing off the black-and-gray striped stockings and short skirt of his costume. He giggled happily, the heels on his feet clicking on the driveway. "It's so cute!"

"O-oh, wow, Lovi." Antonio stammered, feeling his cheeks heat up slightly as the skirt fluttered up again, revealing Lovino's short model-type briefs. "That does look adorable."

"Aw, thanks!" Lovino adjusted the long black hat on his head to the side a little, and laughed. "Francis says it's supposed to be a witch, but since we couldn't figure out how to hide my tail, I guess I became a kitty witch!"

The costume Lovino wore could only be described as plain sexy. It was a tight-fitting black dress, stopping just short of his thighs, with small sparkly ruffles on the edges. It was sleeveless, and long equally dark gloves stretched from his forearm to his fingertips. The stockings, pulled evenly on both of his legs, left a few inches of pale skin between themselves and the end of the dress, and two inch heels to top it off.

Antonio stared. It was quite adorable.

Antonio himself was wearing a long, dark cape with a plain black shirt and jeans. It wasn't too special, but when he opened his mouth, fake fangs gleamed.

Lovino's tail twitched from side to side as he said, "And I love your costume! What are you?"

He leaned down a little to touch Antonio's bottom lip lightly, snapping him out of his daze. "E-er..."

"Kesesese! He's most obviously a vampire, silly!"

Lovino looked up, and beamed as Gilbert approached the two, a bottle of beer in his hand. He was wearing what looked to be a devil outfit, with a red shirt and black pants. Fake horns and a tail were also visible.

"A what?" Lovino laughed out.

"You ever heard of a vampire?" Gilbert asked him with a devious grin. "They're mythical creatures with sharp fangs that drink the blood of humans to survive."

He slipped an arm around Lovino, giving his ass a quick squeeze. Lovino squeaked, covering his mouth with his hand.

"Oi!" Antonio snapped irritably. "Hands off."

"Kesese! I was just teasing." Gilbert taunted, taking a swig of his beer.

Antonio took a seat at a nearby chair, and Lovino immediately stepped up to him, sitting on his lap. He swung his legs on the other side of him, and Antonio wrapped a hand around his waist.

Antonio looked up just to see Francis as he walked up to the three, and waved. "Antonio, Lovino! I didn't see you there! How are you liking the party?"

"I love it!" Lovino laughed, swinging his feet as he looped his arms around Antonio's neck. "I'm having a lota fun!"

"Glad to hear it." Francis smiled. "And you, Antonio?"

"You always hold the best parties, Francis." Antonio grinned. "There's no need to ask."

"I wish it was a bit warmer out, though," Gilbert commented, looking up at the night sky. "Guess the rain lately hasn't really helped."

"We have a campfire set up over there if you're chilly," Francis pointed to the middle of the driveway, where Antonio could see flames flickering as others stood around it with marshmallows and chocolate.

"Oohh, smores." Gilbert's eyes glinted. "Might have to partake there, my friend."

"Feel free, there's enough for everyone."

"What's a smore?" Lovino asked, his head tilting. Antonio's hand slid further up his arm, pulling him a little closer to he could kiss the bare skin of his shoulder, before responding, "It's like marshmallows and chocolate on a sugary cracker. They're pretty good."

"I want one!" Lovino declared cheerfully. "Gilly, could you get me one?"

Gilbert's grin broadened. "Cute. I like the nickname. Yeah, sure, I'll show you how to make one."


Lovino jumped up from Antonio's lap, and followed Gilbert toward the small fire. Antonio watched him with a small frown.


Francis' voice made Antonio blink. He looked up to him with a blank, "What?"

"Are you jealous? Of Gilbert?" Francis asked, taking a sip of red wine from the glass in his hand.

"Of course not." Antonio replied quickly. "Why would I be?"

"Well, it looks like you might be." Francis offered. "I mean, just look at you now."

"I just..." Antonio stared as Gilbert showed Lovino the marshmallow sticks. He sighed, and then, "I don't like the way Gilbert acts around him."

"What makes you say that?" Francis asked.

"Well... I mean, take two minutes for instance. He openly violated him!"

"Antonio, that was harmless. But yes, I can see your point. Just remember, Gilbert's always been sort of a flirt. Don't take what he does personally."

"It just seems like he's more of a 'flirt' toward Lovino more than anyone else that I know." Antonio grumbled.

There was a pause, and then Francis suggested, "Why don't you talk to him about it later? For now, let's just enjoy the party!"

"Well, gee, I wish I could, but it seems as though my date decided not to show up~!"

Antonio's head shot up at the new voice, and his eyes widened in surprise. "F-Femke...?"

A familiar blonde girl in a nurse costume stood in front of him, chuckling. She beamed to him, green eyes sparkling happily.

"Hi there, Toni!" She leaned over slightly to peck his nose. "Wow, it's been a while! How have you been?"

It took Antonio a moment or two to actually respond to her. Her costume was very revealing. Very revealing. It was nothing more than a short, tight dress with leggings and red, petite shoes. He cleared his throat, forcing himself to look down. "Uh... Yeah, I guess it has. Yeah, I've been alright. You?"

"Aw, what's with being so shy?" She laughed, sitting down beside him. "Oh! Vampire, huh?" Her smile broadened. "Sexy!"

Antonio bit down on the inside of his cheeks. He had yet to tell Femke about Lovino, but he had the feeling that even if he had, she would still act this way.

"Such the flirt as always, huh?" Antonio grinned, looking up. She laughed in response. "Oh, you know I'm joking. I know Lars wouldn't like me even being here in the first place, so I guess I'd better behave...~"

Antonio just laughed. "How have you and him been lately?"

"Good!" She nodded. "We just got back from a trip to Britain a little while back."

"That sounds fun." He nodded. "How was it?"

"I liked it," Femke replied. "But I don't know if Lars really did."

"Sounds like him, ruining all the fun." Antonio joked.

"Be nice!" Femke swatted him lightly, snickering. "You're just jealous!"

Antonio blinked. It was that word again. He shook his head, regaining posture. "Am not. There's nothing to be jealous of."

"You're so mean." Femke grinned broadly.

Antonio glanced over just as Lovino was walking back to him, a couple pieces of candy in his hands. "Look!" He exclaimed brightly, showing them to Antonio. "Gilly showed me these! This one's really good, try it!"

Antonio took the one Lovino was pointing to, examining it. He smiled. "Yeah, M&M's are pretty good."

"Oh, who is this cutie?" Femke smiled to Lovino. "Are you a friend of Antonio's?"

"Actually," Antonio cut in quickly. "He lives with me."

"Lives with you?" Femke echoed curiously. "Wait... Did you..." She frowned. "Did you adopt him?"

"Uh... You could sorta say that."

"I just thought, since he's too old to be yours, but too young to just a friend of yours." Femke's head tilted. "He's quite the adorable little boy, isn't he?"

"Tonio says I am!" Lovino giggled, rocking back and forth on his feet.

Femke laughed. "How sweet!"

The next two and a half hours passed quickly, in a blur of candy, marshmallows, laughter, and jokes. Antonio found himself more relaxed than ever, his stressful job off his mind for once. It wasn't until about one in the morning when the guests began to disperse, but the majority stayed for the beer Gilbert had recently broken out.

Lovino became fast friends with everyone at the party, charming everyone with his adorable innocence and smiles. Yet he always stayed by Antonio's side, only ducking away to snatch more candy or crackers.

"You should probably watch what he eats," Gilbert commented to Antonio, watching as Lovino picked out different types of chocolates. "Being part cat, all this sugar probably isn't too good for him."

"He's fine," Antonio responded. "Believe me, Gil, I know what I'm doing. His internal systems are just like human's. It's only his appearance that isn't quite normal."

Gilbert shrugged. "If you say so."

"I do." Antonio sighed. "Just trust me on this."

"I didn't mean you couldn't," Gilbert blinked. "I just-"

"Yeah, okay, I get it." Antonio cut it roughly. "Just chill." Gilbert was a little taken aback. "Uh... What did I do? You don't have to get all snappy with me."

Antonio shot him a glare, opening his mouth to respond. But he closed it again, shaking his head. Gilbert, a little confused and irritated, just walked off. Antonio glanced up to see Francis sigh at him, turning to speak to a few other guests. Antonio felt guilt twist inside of him. He didn't mean to snap at Gilbert like that.

It was another half hour when Lovino finally returned to him, but this time, his hands were empty. Antonio beckoned toward him, and Lovino obediently sat back down on his lap. He leaned against him, his eyes closing.

"Having fun?" Antonio asked quietly, kissing his hair.

His response was a slow nod. "Yeah..."

"Are you all right...?" Antonio asked him, frowning.

"'m tired..." Lovino mumbled. "'nd my tummy hurts."

Antonio sighed. "You've probably eaten too much."

"Toni... I don't wanna go home." Lovino said softly, opening his eyes a little. Antonio nodded. "Okay."

He saw Francis glance over and smile, and he nodded in his direction. Francis nodded, approaching them. "What is it?"

"Do you have some place Lovino could rest?" Antonio asked him, rubbing Lovino's lower back slowly. "He's really tired."

"Of course! He can use the guest bedroom, it's empty right now." Francis smiled. "He's just the most precious little thing, isn't he?"

Antonio laughed in agreement. "Thank you, Francis."

He then stood up carefully, and Lovino slipped his arms around his neck, nestling against him again. Antonio felt him sigh faintly against his neck, and he made his way toward the front door of the house, which was being left open for the party.

Francis' house had the scent of roses, Antonio noted with a smile. It was a rather large place, bought with the well-earned money of a French professor. Antonio found the guest bedroom down a long hall, and, not bothering to even turn on the light, he very gently laid the younger down on the large bed.

Lovino gave a grateful sigh as he snuggled against the soft comforter, his eyes closing. Antonio began to walk silently from the room, but suddenly stopped when he heard a soft, "Toni...?"

He glanced back behind him to see Lovino looking to him nervously. His body seemed abnormally small in comparison to the bed, and he was curled up against the pillows. Antonio sat down beside him with a smile. "What is it?"

"I want you to stay." Lovino insisted, reaching out to grasp onto his wrist lightly. "Please...?"

Antonio hesitated. Lovino needed to sleep, and there was a party going on just outside. But then again... Maybe staying with Lovino would help him fall sleep.

"Alright." Antonio nodded. He unhooked his cape, leaving it on the ground along with his shoes before laying down beside him. Lovino shifted close to him, resting his head on Antonio's chest. He then began touching light, feathery kisses against Antonio's neck, who tipped his head back a little.

"Lovi... You really should get some sleep." Antonio sighed. Lovino just ignored him as he suckled against the smooth flesh, his petite tongue flickering out occasionally, tasting. Antonio just rolled his eyes, lips curving in a smirk.

Reaching downwards, Lovino slipped a hand to Antonio's jeans, hastily undoing the zipper and button. Antonio's teeth gritted as Lovino took a hold of his cock, the head massaged slowly by lithe fingertips.

"Do you like that?" Lovino purred against him, giving his collarbone a little nip. "Does master like when I stroke his big cock~?"

"You are such a slut," Antonio groaned, reaching a hand down Lovino's back and against his ass, where he rubbed at his tight entrance with two fingers. Lovino mewled, his back arching with want as he squeezed the thick member in his hand gently.

"Yes, master." He purred as Antonio pressed his fingertips into his ass. "Ah... I am a slut."

"Are you?" Antonio's lips curved into a smirk as he slowly stretched Lovino's hole. He whined lowly, his eyes closing. "Y-yes, master. I am a slut. O-only for you... Mm..."

"That's right you are," Antonio chuckled, curling his fingers upwards, and Lovino's eyes widened, "Ahh! M-master, p-please give me more!" He begged out, giving Antonio's cock a long lick. "Please...!"

Antonio only smirked in response, and he suddeny shoved in a third finger, immediately pulling his digits as far apart as he could. Lovino cried out in mild pain, his body trembling.

"O-oh, fuck, I'm such a whore." Lovino gasped, trying desperately to roll his hips back. Antonio laughed as he began pushing his fingers into him as far as he could, making Lovino moan softly before he pulled them out again.

Lovino wiggled slightly at the missing feeling. "M-master, that's no fair." He pouted. "I... I want to feel more..."

"But, Lovi~" Antonio smirked. "I don't know if we should go too far... After all, there's no lube."

Lovino blinked, his ears twitching slightly. "Eh... Are you sure? This is Francis' house... I'm pretty sure we can find something."

Antonio grinned. "Of course he does... Knowing him."

He reached over to the nearby nightstand drawer, pulling it open. Lovino took the opportunity to begin sucking vigorously at the huge cock in his hand, making sure his tongue lapped at every inch he could as he bobbed his head.

Antonio groaned lightly as Lovino took the last several inches of his swollen dick between his hands, beginning to massage it.

"Fuck..." He mumbled. "You're getting really good at that..."

Lovino glanced up to grin, but looked back down back to his work as his tongue dabbed around the thick head of Antonio's cock. Antonio moaned, his head leaning back as he felt his climax approach. Lovino immediately sensed this, and began sucking harder.

""L-Lovino," Antonio gripped his hair. "S-stop."

Lovino flashed him a confused look, obediently pulling off of him, but his hands continued to stroke his cock slowly. "How come?"

"Hands and knees," Antonio ordered him. "Now."

Lovino nodded breathlessly, hastily doing as he was told. He could feel his hands shake slightly in anticipation, and his breath hitched as he felt the thick tip of Antonio's cock press against his tight hole.

"S-so..." Lovino swallowed with difficult as Antonio gripped his hips. "I... Ah... I-I'm guessing you found that stuff...?"

Antonio gave a short laugh. "Yep. Count on Francis to have it somewhere around here."

Lovino whimpered quietly as Antonio pushed his cock a little further into him, and his hands gripped at the pillow beneath him.

"Fuck, kitten." Antonio muttered. "Y-you feel so tight..." He leaned closer to him, and smirked. "Tighter than usual..."

Lovino moaned against the pillow as his insides were slowly pulled apart with the huge organ, and he could feel his eyes begin to prickle. He struggled to catch his breath.

Antonio wasn't even halfway in when his eyes narrowed. "Lovi... You've gotta relax. I-I can't get all the way in when you're this tense."

"I-I'm sorry...!" Lovino gasped, tears forming in his eyes as he tried to relax, but it seemed impossible. His eyes squeezed shut as Antonio's grip on his side tightened, and Antonio gave a sudden jerk of his hips, harshly shoving the rest of his length inside of the hot, tiny hole. Lovino cried out loudly in pain as Antonio groaned, the tight walls clamping down onto his cock.

Lovino gasped as his claws dug into the pillow, and he gave a choked sob as his insides burned as the thick shaft struck deep inside of him. Antonio's eyes widened in surprise. "A-are you okay?" He asked worriedly.

"Toniii..." Lovino's body's slackened against the bed slightly as he gave a pained moan. "It... It's too much..."

Sudden fear made his stomach twist and Antonio began slowly pulling from him. "You have to relax yourself, Lovi..." Antonio kissed his neck tenderly, his teeth grazing against the soft flesh.

"I... I c-can't..."

Antonio's eyes widened in realization. "Kitten... Am I doing something... different?"

"Wh... what...?" Lovino glanced behind him, his eyes wide and shimmering with tears.

"Am I doing something you like...?"

The only explanation Antonio could think of was that Lovino was so horny that he was tighter than he usually was.


Was it the costumes? Antonio frowned. He didn't think so... Or was it...?


Antonio's lips curled into a devious smirk. "Lovi~ You like that we're fucking on someone else's bed, don't you?"

Antonio rocked his hips against Lovino, who moaned as his cock rubbed his raw hole. Antonio continued, "That we're in someone else's house, that anyone could hear us any minute now...~"

Lovino gasped, and hot pleasure mixed in his stomach with the Antonio's words. "O-ohhh..."

Antonio grinned as he felt Lovino tighten even more around his dick and Lovino's breath became more unsteady.

"D-don't say i-it like tha- ahh...!" Lovino yowled out as Antonio thrust his entire cock into him, the eagerness of the young boy sucking him in deep. Lovino struggled for breath, claws tearing into the pillow.

"But you like it so much." Antonio snickered. "I can tell~."

"O-ohh... God..." Lovino panted heavily, his half-lidded eyes blurry. "I... I-I feel like I just split..."

"Does it feel good?" Antonio asked smugly as he pulled out a few inches, glancing to see Lovino's legs shaking, as if his knees would give out any moment.


Despite himself, Antonio frowned a little. "Are... You sure?"

Lovino nodded fervently, but no words escaped his mouth. With a mental shrug, Antonio began rolling his hips slowly. Lovino gave a soft whimper with every movement, and his eyes remained closed.

Antonio began to search for the one place he knew would make Lovino's eyes go blank. He pulled out a little more, and, angling his cock a little higher, he thrust into him as deeply as possible. Lovino's eyes bolted open as he shrieked, and Antonio moaned loudly as the hot pressure squeezed his dick. Lovino muffled a scream as he came hard, thick white streams of cum splurting from his cock.

Lovino moaned as his head went light, and Antonino immediately began thrusting into his twitching hole, groaning as it tightened around him. Lovino gasped for air with every pounding, and his ears roared as that thick, merciless dick slammed against his prostate with every thrust.

Lovino clawed desperately at the pillow in an attempt to stay quiet, but the huge cock striking widening and stretching his most sensitive insides made it nearly impossible. He shut his eyes tightly as he gave a throaty groan, and tears ran down his cheeks.

It felt so good, it all felt so good...

Suddenly, Lovino cried out in surprise as Antonio grabbed for his wrists, and he yelled out loudly as Antonio yanked him up, his cock slipping even further inside of his hot, tight hole.

"Mm, that's right, Lovi." Antonio purred into his ear. "Feel me nice and deep..."

"I-I do...!" Lovino yowled. "I-I feel so you deep!" He gasped out a sob as Antonio slammed his hips against Lovino's. "It's s-so good!"

Lovino's head tossed back as he bit down on his lip harshly as his his prostate was jabbed. Drool dripped from his mouth as his elbows nearly gave out, and Antonio held him in firm place. Hot cum spluttered from the tip of his bobbing cock and he screeched.

"Don't stop, don't stop..." Lovino moaned, his head lolling to the side. "P-please..."

As much as Antonio would have loved to comply to the request, he could feel his stomach tighten and twist, and he groaned as hot pleasure boiled inside of him.

"I... I-I feel good, d-don't I...?" Lovino glanced behind him, a dizzy, weak grin on his face. "R-right? D-do I feel good?"

"You always do," Antonio panted out. The sharp heels of Lovino's shoes dug into his knees, but he barely noticed. "I... I'm gonna cum..."

"F-fill me up, p-please...!" Lovino's body trembled with lust. "I-I wanna feel you cum!"

Antonio smirked. "If you beg for it." He gave another sudden, hard thrust, making Lovino moan.

"P-please, master..." Lovino licked his lips, trying to rock his hips back against Antonio's. "Let... Let your little slut feel you cum. I- ah... I-I want it to fill me up... All the way...!"

Antonio's began slamming into the boy as he breathed hard, feeling the white-hot pleasure melt though his body. His thrusts grew fast and rapid, his rock-hard cock shoving into Lovino's stretched asshole each movement hitting his prostate dead-on.

Lovino came hard as he screamed out, "Please, master, fill my slutty ass with your hot cum!"

Antonio yelled out as he came, hot, wet spurts of cum erupting from his cock as his hips began to gradually slow. Lovino moaned as the deepest caverns of his body were flooded with the deliciously thick fluid. Antonio's grip on Lovino's wrists loosened, and he pulled his softening member from Lovino's gaping hole, drenched from the cum.

Lovino collapsed from exhaustion, his eyes blank with a satisfied, bleary smile. His eyes slid closed, and his chest heaved as he tried to regain oxygen. Antonio laid down beside him, wiping his sweaty forehead.

"No one... Tells Francis." Antonio turned to Lovino, grinning tiredly. "I would never hear the end of it."

"Mmn..." Lovino shifted, leaning his head against Antonio's chest, nestling against him before closing his eyes. "Right..."

Lovino whimpered quietly as he snuggled closer to him, and Antonio frowned, lowering his hand to begin to gently massage his lower back. Lovino purred sweetly, and Antonio closed his eyes, leaning his head back.

"I mean... after we somehow clean the bedsheets."

Sneak peek: Lovi's fever.