I've been waiting for so long…but tonight is Halloween night! I can't wait for the happy celebration about to happen with all of my friends, and of course, my best friend Jack. I've been hanging out in my doghouse in the graveyard all year! So many of my ghost friends and I have been playing and getting ready for this Halloween. Jack has also been busy, sitting outside the gates on his post. I really hope he comes out soon!

While we wait for the event, I shall tell you a little bit more about myself! First of all, I'm a dog. A ghost dog. I died a long time ago, along with Jack. I love flying around and fetching my friend's bones for him. It's a very interesting and fun activity to do. Another thing that makes me unique, is my nose. My nose is a pumpkin, reason is that I was born in a pumpkin patch. My doghouse is right next to the Hinterlands, which is a dark forest. The pumpkin patch is my definite home, and I do love it. Oh look there's Jack!

This chapter...not very good. but it will get more interesting when Zero talks about Jack and everything else. This is only the beginning so that's why. Review plz!