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That was it, he was too late and now she was gone. She was gone and it was all his own damn fault.

"So what now?" Quinn asked solemnly from the passenger seat.

Finn sat there looking ahead and sighed. "We go back, we turn around and go back to Lima. Probably where I belong anyways, without Rachel I'm nothing."

"Finn that isn't true. I know when we were dating I didn't exactly make that my main selling point but the truth is, you're so talented and amazing." Quinn said in a soothing tone putting a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"I just feel like I have no direction or motivation now you know? I mean that was the girl I was going to marry, the one I was going to grow old with and now it's been ripped from my hands. Well Quinn looks like you got what you wanted. We won't end up together." Finn bitterly spat out not taking his eyes off the spot in front of him.

"No. No that's not what I wanted, not this way. I mean I know I have never been supportive of you guys, hell I've pined after both of you. But I didn't want this, and now she's gone and it's all my fault if I hadn't started stalking her last year she would be alive."

Quinn sat there letting the tears fall silently while Finn gripped the steering wheel with all his strength before starting the ignition.

They were both taken out of there depressed states and put into one of shock when there was a pounding on the windshield.

Finn looked up and saw a drained and stumbling Brody hitting their windows signaling for them to get out of the car.

"I'll handle this." Finn mumbled to Quinn before stepping out of the car.

"Trying redirect me away from Rachel now will do you no good dude. Didn't you hear she's dead, gone."

Finn exclaimed throwing his hands around wildly.

"Finn, that-that's not true. She's not dead she's only heavily sedated." Brody stuttered out as he began to stumble around.

"Are you drunk or something? You keep falling over."

"I'm not drunk, just dying. Kitty had prepared this lethal injection to use on Rachel but I took it from her and used it on myself."

Finn's eyes widened in shock and panic.

"So you killed yourself so she can live? Why would you do that, you did kind of kidnap her in the first place."

"Because she deserved to live she didn't do anything wrong, just go Finn she's only a little ways down the road and I'm not sure how much longer she will last."

Just as Finn began to get back in his car he spun on his heel and faced Brody with a confused expression.

"What about you, do you want me to call an ambulance or something?" Finn asked almost concerned for the other boy.

"No, it's too late anyways. Just go save Rachel she's a great girl, feisty too."

With that Brody was gone somewhere in woods and Finn was moving at the speed of light to start his car back up.

"What did he want?" Quinn asked still crying from the passenger seat.

"To tell me Rachel's still alive. She's not dead just heavily sedated Brody took the injection for her."

"Wait Finn, this could be a trap. I mean it's just a little too good to be true you know?" Quinn put her hand on the steering wheel attempting to stop him.

"Quite honestly I don't care at this point. If it's a trap and she really is dead what the hell do I have to lose. If you don't want to risk it just get out now. Be my guest." Finn said looking at her with a stony look.

Quinn's eyes challenged his before she decided to stay.

"No I started this I'm finishing it." Quinn said in a final tone.

After about ten minutes they pulled up to an abandoned warehouse that smelled faintly of water.

Finn practically leaped out of the car and began his descent inside.

As they walked in they saw Kitty loading up what looked like a gun and Finn put a finger to his lip signaling to not make a noise.

Quinn nodded then took charge and took silent steps forward until she was in pouncing distance and jumped on Kitty.

"What the hell! Get off of me!" Kitty said throwing punches blindly as she couldn't see Quinn's face.

"Give me the gun Kitty. Just hand it over and this will all be over." Quinn tried to reason from her spot on top of the smaller girl.

"No it won't! You want to know how this works Fabray? I give you the gun I then you guys live happily ever after and I go to jail for years. I'm not doing that."

As they fought for the upper hand Finn walked over to where Rachel was and took a sharp intake of breath at all of the bruises and scars and just how pale she looked.

He began to gently untie the ropes that bonded her to the chair and scooped her up.

"Quinn take the gun and let's get out of here!"

"What do you think I'm trying to do Finn! This really isn't as easy as it looks." She was trying to catch her breath as Kitty flipped them over and pointed the gun at her face.

"Wrong move Quinn, and what a shame it would be to kill such a beautiful face as your own. But you know what I'll do it, you wouldn't have picked me even if I had killed the midget over there. You would have let me take the fall for everything and you know it!"

Before anyone could even move a muscle the door busted open and police came charging in.

"Lima Police put the gun down! Oh yeah and if I don't what will you do? Shoot me? Go for it." Kitty challenged standing up from off of Quinn.

"Please put down your weapon ma'am."

"No I don't really feel like it. If you knew me you would know that I can't start something and not finish it." Kitty said as she sauntered over to Rachel who was still in Finn's arms.

Quinn knew exactly what was about to happen so she sprung up and knocked the gun in a different direction. Unfortunately that direction was towards Quinn herself.

Quinn fell to the ground with a thud and just a moment later as Kitty aimed the gun at Rachel another shot was fired this one coming from the police and Kitty was following in the same direction Quinn had just a moment ago.

It was over, it was officially and completely over.

The police sent ambulance over and Rachel was put in it just in case.

Finn sat by her bedside for about an hour until the sedation seemed to wear off.

Rachel's eyelids fluttered open and Finn watched her intently with a look of love and adoration.

"F-Finn? Where am I?" She asked groggily her eyes adjusting to the white walls around her.

"The hospital, they brought you here to make sure there wasn't some hidden injury or something."

"Finn why am I alive? I shouldn't be alive Kitty sedated me and was going to shoot me while I was under what happened?" Rachel asked knowing the answer that was coming wasn't going to be one he liked.

"Well Rach, that Brody guy took the lethal injection for you and came bounding over to our car after Kitty had told us you were dead." Finn continued the story and told her about how Quinn and Kitty were gone now.

"Quinn took a bullet for me?"

"Yeah, it surprised me too. Anyway Rach let's get off that subject, how are you feeling?"

"Tired, I have a headache but overall I'm just really happy to see you and know that it's all over and that we can have our happy ending now."

"Me too Rachel, you have no idea how worried I was when you got kidnapped. I love you so much Rach. I just want to lay with you and never let you go." Finn felt the tears come to his eyes and Rachel's small hand gingerly reached up and wiped it away.

"Soon Finn, really soon."

As the days passed by, things started to get a little more back to normal.

They had moved to a different apartment though, because both Kurt and Quinn's presence was still very much there and it was too much to handle.

They were having a relaxing day just laying there on the couch not moving and just lazily playing with each others hands.

"Is it bad that I'm so happy? Considering that so many people lost their lives so it could be this way." Rachel asked out of the blue.

"No, I mean they shouldn't have had to lose their lives but it's not bad that you're happy. I'm happy too, happier than I have been in a long time." Finn leaned down and placed a soft kiss on her head.

"I love you Finn, I love you so much. I have never felt like this for someone else and I never will. Finn Hudson you are amazing and just incredible." Rachel said as her hand caressed Finn's cheek.

"I love you too Rachel, and when I was on the phone while Kitty was torturing you and you were taking the pain just so I'd know that you loved me and how worth it I was I knew that I could never love somebody much as I love you."

Finn leaned down and placed a light but passion filled kiss on her lips before they continued just enjoying each others company and watching tv.

They would always be it for each other.

They would always be thinking about Dylan, Kurt, Brody, and Quinn who had lost their lives during this whole ordeal. Some more innocent than others of course.

Finally they could live in peace and love.

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