Title: Oh God Dammit!

Pairing: Slight Van x Priscilla and Van x Wendy xD

Rating: T for mild language and short moments of nudity as well as violence

Disclaimer: I don't own Gun x Sword

A/N: Firs t fanfiction :D So excited wish me luck!

Van yawned as he sat up that morning. He was feeling like he was missing something. He still had his blade, his puzzle... Was what he was missing was..?

"GOD DAMMIT!" Van screamed within his room. Rushing out. Seeing Carmen99, Priscilla, and Wendy sitting at the table of their fancy hotel sweet. The girls examined the enraged adult male. He was clearly upset about something.

"Is something wrong?" Carmen asked curiously.

"Damn right there's something wrong..." Van hissed through his teeth. Priscilla tapped her finger on her chin while Wendy crossed her arms.

"There's something different about you today..." Wendy said puzzled.

"Ya don't say.." Van responded in a sarcastic manor.

"You actually slept better than usual?" Carmen99 asked.

"No..." Van face palmed.

"You took a bath?"

"That's not it Priscilla..."

"Your hat is gone.." Wendy said simply. The two girls jumped slight and Carmen99 laughed while Priscilla flailed her arms getting up.

"That's terrible! As your future wife I'll look for it!" Priscilla said with her fist in the air.

"My future what now?" Van asked puzzled.

"NOW HOLD IT!" Wendy ran up front of Priscilla and held her arms out as if she was a shield, "He's already taken by me! I'm gonna be his future wife!"

"WHAT?! Van..!"

"I didn't agree to any of this...!"

"Van.." Carmen smirked holding the hat up. making the ring on the hat jingle. The three stared at the woman as if she was insane. Van snatched the hat and placed it ontop of his bedhead.

"Where was it?" Wendy asked. Carmen pointed her thumb to the bathroom. The three girls started to giggle while poor clueless Van grabbed every condiments in the hotel room and pretty much destroyed their breakfast.

Pasta: A short but entertaining on shot :D

Van: Why did you make me loose my hat? It's important...

Pasta: D: Well can I wear it just once?

Van: NO WAY! I need it if I'm gonna ever need Dann!

Pasta: Lame...

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