Author's Note: Hello, people of the internet! Well, I was chatting with a friend of mine about Legend of Zelda, and I was helping them with their fanfiction, and we began talking about the Triforce. Then I thought about how Jirachi looked like it had a Triforce on its head... So, thank you to my good friend TwilightWakerofTime, for helping me come up with this fun little fanfic! Because trust me, I never would've written it otherwise. I don't really write Zelda Fanfictions... annnnyyways, rather than listening to me rant, lets get on with the story!

Please enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Legend of Zelda or Pokemon.

When the Goddesses created the Triforce, they had anticipated that it may cause some trouble. They had predicted that it could change the world. The one thing they had not thought out though was the thing that led to the fall of Hyrule, the destruction of everything. It was a wish so great that it could shatter all of reality and cause the world to start anew.

The three goddesses were smart, though. They had put a defense mechanism within the Triforce. If it were ever to be used, ever to be destroyed, the powerful object would simply recreate itself in another form.

When the time came, it did exactly that.

One day, a great evil took hold of the Triforce. They wished for destruction of the world as we knew it. The Triforce granted their wish and then mysteriously disappeared in a flash of light.

The world was wiped clean of everything. The remainder of the Triforce's power created new life, and plants began to sprout. Oceans rose out of the ground and cliffs shot up from dust. New creatures, the mysterious beings called Pokémon, were created along with new humans.

Time went on, no one having even the slightest idea about the past of the ground they walked on (However, no power, no matter how great, could ever completely destroy all of history; there were still remnants of how the world used to be, even if no one at the time knew what they were or represented). No one knew, and perhaps it was for the best, that deep in a cave the Triforce had been reborn. No, not as just a few golden shards. The Triforce was now living- breathing even. It was a small creature. Its body was a pure white and small, silky wings rested on its back. Around its head were three golden triangles, representing those of the Triforce. The most intriguing part though may be the single, closed eye on its stomach. The eye of the three lost Goddesses, watching over their world even after it was all gone, even during their eternal slumber. If it were ever to be opened, the Goddesses would reawaken. The eye contains their power; touching it would be like touching the Triforce.

In order to protect itself, this Pokémon, which would soon come to be known as Jirachi, created a chosen hero. Just as in the past world, it was a hero in green. The hero that would always be noticed yet forever underestimated. Only those who believed in it would truly see that this Pokémon was destined to be a hero, destined to be number one. With its mighty leaf blade, determination, courage, and lots of help and training along the way, this Pokémon would rise to be a true hero. There was always a reason for Bulbasaur being number one.

I know, I know... Bulbasaur can't use Leaf Blade! Shhh... we'll ignore that because he needs a sword of some sort. Well, I hope you all enjoyed reading it, because I thought it was very fun to write. I think I'll just leave it at this... though if I change my mind I may just write multiple chapters. Thanks for reading!