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Chapter 2: Renewed Resolve

Hatred, anger and regret. These powerful emotions were currently spreading through Ash like a wild fire. Never before had he been hurt in his life. As Ash stormed up to his room, he thought about all of his travels thus far. Then it hit him like a Brick Break to the jaw. The ones he called friends weren't really friendly after all. He thought of Gary's constant belittling, Misty's constant bitchfits about absolutely nothing, Dawn and May's incessant nagging and Brock's extremely passive nature to all of these happenings. Now, it wasn't like Ash was totally blameless. Sure, he knew he was dense and oblivious at times, but surely it couldn't warrant the extreme behavior of these people. As he mused over these things, he was getting even madder than before, angrier than his Snorlax was when Harrison's Hypno used Dream Eater on it at the Silver Conference.

As Ash entered his room, he started to look for two items. Two items that were once precious to him, but now, they were only a stigma, a reminder of those he now hated. After a minute or two of searching, he finally found them: his half of the Terracotta Contest Ribbon and Misty's special lure. Without a second thought, he carelessly tosses the ribbon in the trash and then breaks Misty's special lure before discarding it.

'Hmph. Good riddance. No more reminders of those bastards' thought the angry trainer

While in his thoughts, Delia came running up the stairs to Ash's room. As soon as she found Ash she embraced him in a loving hug. Ash couldn't help but burst into a quiet sob, while gently embracing his mother's love.

"Oh Ash, don't you worry about them anymore. I love you and I'll always love you. To me and Pikachu, you're always a winner no matter what" assured Delia in a gentle voice.

"I-I-I j-just don't know w-w-what I did to deserve there hate. I only ever loved them and trusted them. I know I wasn't perfect, but I tried to be the best friend to them. But I guess it wasn't enough" said Ash, while letting out a sad sigh.

Delia pulled back from the hug. "It doesn't matter what they think. O know that you were the best friend to them and if they couldn't stand by you in your time of need, then it's there lost because they just lost an amazing young man and the best son a mother could ask for" Delia reassured Ash.

At this, Pikachu came dashing into the room, jumped right into the arms of his best friend and nuzzled his cheeks against Ash's.

"Pi pika Pikapi chu pika Pikachu! (Don't worry Ash; you have all that you need in this house: a mother who loves you, Pokémon who trust you and will be there for you and me, your best friend. You're the best friend anyone could ask for, and I would never replace you!) Pikachu squeaked.

At this, Ash couldn't help but hug the electric mouse tightly. His spirits seemed to be coming back and soon he would be back to normal. His mother joined the two for another hug, and the loving family stood there together, enjoying the love emanating from each other.

"Now, how about I make your favorite foods for dinner?" Delia asked with her infectious smile.

"ALL RIGHT! Thanks Mom! You're the best" Ash exclaimed with his trademark grin on his face.

"PIKA! (Awesome!)" Pikachu exclaimed with his fist in the air.

"Anything for my son" said Delia as she was leaving.

Two hours later…

"Ahh. Mom, did I ever mention how delicious your food is?" Ash said with a satisfied look on his face while rubbing his over-inflated stomach.

"Oh stop it Ashy, you making me blush!" said Delia, with a slight tinge of red on her cheeks.

Ring Ring Ring! Ring Ring Ring! Phone Call! Phone Call! Ring Ring Ring! Ring Ring Ring! Phone Call! Phone Call!

"Don't worry Mom I'll get it!" Ash said as he dashed for the video phone.

When Ash answers the phone, he is greeted by none other than Professor Oak. This was a surprise, because he usually only called about Ash's Pokémon or another Pokémon League.

"Hey Professor Oak! It's been a while!" Ash said

"Hello there Ash. You're just the person I wanted to talk to." replied Oak.

"What's up? Is there something wrong?" Ash asked.

"Oh no. I just wanted to tell you about the Pokémon League in the Unova region. It's starting up again this year" replied Oak.

"Unova? Why does that sound familiar?" Ash inquired.

"Well maybe because the champion Alder retained his title for 10 years with no challenger ever coming close to beating him" replied Oak.

"Oh yeah now I remember! I heard that he might be even stronger than Cynthia! Anyway, you said the Unova League was starting again this year?"

"Yes. I was wondering if you wanted to go to Unova and participate this year. The region is famous for its unique situation. You see, the Pokémon in Unova can only be found in Unova, not anywhere else. Also, no Pokémon from the other four regions can be found there either."

At this, Ash's eyes widened and his mouth dropped. He couldn't believe that there are new, unique Pokémon native to Unova. Being the Pokémon Master in Training he is, Ash knew he couldn't pass up this opportunity to catch new Pokémon and possibly becoming a Pokémon Master. With his famous burning passion, Ash gladly accepts this offer.

"Oh you bet Professor Oak! This time for sure! I'll definitely win, beat Alder and become a Pokémon Master!" Ash exclaimed with passion, determination and desire in his eyes.

"Now there's the Ash I know! I'm glad that you accepted this offer. Now the next plane to Unova will leave next Wednesday. So be prepared for then and I'll see you then."

"Okay, later Professor Oak!" Ash said as they simultaneously ended the call.

"Mom, Pikachu! I'm going to the Unova region next week!" Ash exclaimed.

"That's great Ash! Now, I want you to remember to work hard and try your best. Win or lose, it doesn't matter as long as you had fun and gave it your all. Remember, you'll always be a winner to me" advised Delia with her infectious smile.

"Don't worry Mom, I'm gonna win this time and make you proud" exclaimed Ash.

The fire has finally returned to our young hero. With a renewed resolve, he awaits the fateful day when he arrives to Unova, ready to take the region by storm.

This ends Chapter 2 of Winds of Change. I think the next two or three chapters will cover Ash's adventures in Unova, Team Plasma, his first and last battle with Trip, and his champion battle against Alder. Oh I also plan on adding Ash vs N, similar to the final N battle in Black and White just because. I don't plan on spending too much time on Unova, as the plot is not really based there but on what happens two years after his journey. And don't worry, I plan on introducing Georgia in the next chapter and let's just say she'll be like a female Ash in this story. Then again, she kind of is in the anime.