Who doesn't love a good fairytale?

I most certainly do, because these are beyond fun to write, so I hope you enjoy reading them!

Please note that I am basing these stories (and the quotes) off of the Disney version, not the original folklore. K?

D: Not mine.

The Little Mermaid

"Why don't you go tell my father. You're good at that."


Her father would disapprove, of that much she could be certain. She did not claim to know him well, this quiet, guarded man of whom she lived her life in a reverent sort of fear, but even she knew it to be true.

He would not bluster and storm and forbid her from going as her Uncle Robert might, and he wouldn't take her into his arms and ask her sweetly not to go so as Uncle Renly had been like to do, but he would reject the idea all the same. No, he would look at her with eyes so much colder than her own, displeasure etching a stern frown into his already stern face and put a stop to her plans had he the knowledge of what lie in what for her, of where she intended and go and who she was to meet. Not so much for those facts, as he had been there and seen her as frequently as he drew breath, but she knew he would view it differently with concerns to his daughter. It might be of no consequence that he asked his red priestess for assistance, but if he found out his daughter intended to, if he were to know just what she meant to ask for...

Her father would disapprove.

And yet, somehow that sealed her decision all the more.

She wasn't a troublesome girl, she hadn't ever been, not in the least. She knew her place and she kept it well, and there had never been anything inside of her to suggest she do otherwise. She didn't complain out loud, or slouch in her chair, or speak out of turn, or squint her eyes, or swallow too loudly. She didn't do anything that might be deemed unfitting for a lady, especially a lady who might be the only possible heir to Dragonstone. She didn't do much of anything, actually.

Nothing that mattered, at least. A girl of her position was to keep quiet and look pretty, and since she could not do the latter, she could excel at the other. She practiced her lessons, and her stitches, and she read her books and minded her manners, and when she closed her eyes, she did the closest thing to rebellion that she dared.

She dreamed. She left her chambers and her mutilated body behind and fell away into a world she had never seen the likes of, a world she might actually have a chance of being a part of. The release was exhilarating, and in it she found the sweetest escape into the darkness of night she thought she ever could hope to make.

Until now.

"Have you gone mad? What do you think you are doing?"

"Go back to bed, Edric. This doesn't concern you."

"If it concerns you, it most certainly does concern me. You aren't going to see that woman, are you? Shireen, Shir-"

"Take your hands off of me at once! Do you have any idea what they'll do to you if they catch you and I like this? Let me go!"

"I don't care if they catch me, as long as they catch you too. You can't go see her, I won't let you."

"You are no one to tell me what I can and cannot do." She hissed out, using the shock and hurt that dawned on his face as an opportunity to wrench out of his hold on her shoulders. Collecting himself, he continued to walk after her, keeping up with her brisk pace but keeping his hands to himself.

"I might not be, but neither is the red priestess. She's dangerous, you know that!"

"Do not be a fool Edric, I'll be fine. If my father trusts her, than I do as well. Or do you doubt the judgment of your Lord and future King now?"

"That isn't fair Shireen. At least tell me why you are going to see her, and let me come with you. You shouldn't be out like this in the middle of the night, much less to see her!"

"I've already told you, it is none of your concern."

For it wasn't. After all, what did a silly boy know of such things, even a boy as dear a friend to her as Edric? He didn't and he couldn't, for what was being a bastard to being cursed? For certain that was she was. She had heard the whispers, endured the stares and cruel words for all of her life, and she could not bear them for a moment longer. The priestess was a woman herself, she would be able to help her...certainly, she must. At the very least she should be able to see it in her fires. She had seen so many things for father, there had to be something contained within the flames for her as well.

"You don't need her, Shireen. Whatever you think she can fix for you, you don't need it, listen to me!"

"Why should I? How do you have any idea what I need?

"This is about that Stark boy, isn't it? The one your father's army found living with the Wildlings." She stopped dead in her tracks at that, his words a harsh truth she could not force herself to swallow. Her heart, already beating a rapid tattoo against her chest from fear and anger, seemed to double its frantic pace at the mention of him. "Is it for Rickon? Is he the reason why you are doing all of this?"

"Please shut up and just let me leave Edric."

"You shouldn't have to...I mean, if he-"

"You don't understand! None of you, it's not...maybe she can help me. Maybe...I don't know. And I'll never know, not unless I try, at least this once. Just let me try, Edric, please?"

"You can't ask this of me, what if-"

"It'll be okay. I'll be okay, I promise."

"You can't promise something like that. No one can."


And with the briefest touch of her lips to his cheek she was gone, vanished into the darkness to beg a favor for which she had no way of knowing what the price was to be.

I fear I might be a bit too vague in my retelling (judging from a previous review), so I'll try and lay it out for y'all at the end just in case. This takes place when Ariel goes to bargain for Prince Eric in response to her father's punishment. I know Shireen is an odd choice for Ariel, but I absolutely fell in love with the switcharoo of Melissandre as Ursula! And somehow Edric snuck in there as Flounder...