"Lillian, are you alright?" Cam said as he noticed Lillian looked rather tired compared to how she normally looks.

"Just fine, but I'd like to buy a flower from you." Her immediate reaction being to look at the selection she had to choose from today, marguerites, pink roses, and carnations.

"I have seeds as well, you could grow your own too you know?"

"But then my flowers just wouldn't be the same. I could put all the love and care into growing flowers, but it still wouldn't compare to yours. You always just know. What's your secret?"

"...secret...I'm not sure what you're talking about. I just care for the flowers the way I always have."

Lillian looked towards the sky as though there was something actually interesting up there when she spoke again."Perhaps you just have the magic touch, Cam, I'm quite envious, it always seems everyone has something that makes this town special, but me. All I do is raise animals and plant a few plants, but the villagers of both towns can handle those same tasks, heh...heh." She humorously laughed.

"..." Cam lacked the words to express how wrong she was.

Lillian looked back towards Cam and when she saw him with a sort of confusion, as though he were searching for the right words she spoke back up."Oh, but don't mind me Cam. You shouldn't worry about me. I may seem unhappy, but no matter how bad things get I always manage to perk up."

Finally Cam spoke up and expressed what he realized he wanted to say,"...Lillian, you, you're place, you make this place, you make us, us."

Hearing him say that kicked in her skeptical trait and the only response she had was,"Thanks for trying to cheer me up, Cam, but I know you guys would be fine without me."


"Oh no!" Lillian interrupted, "Cheryl will hold this against me if I don't head over to Konohona soon. I'll just get his marguerite for him." She picked through the contents of her bag looking for money as he picked up the flower and was ready to hand it to her.

Cam was alarmed to hear she was giving a flower to some guy. "He...?" He couldn't quite phrase his curiosity correctly.

"Sorry Cam, I'll tell you later. I can't disappoint Cheryl or Ash right now." She snatched the flower out of his hands and threw the money at the table not even waiting for a proper thank you or good bye.

"Oh," he said as his voice fell because of his disappointed misunderstanding. "I-I see..."

Little did either of them know that part of their conversation had reached the ears of a gleeful passerby.

Sorry I got sidetracked I tend to add other elements other than one theme to increase the plot so any questions (besides to the mysteries meant not to be answered yet) ? Any comments on who (of any of the bachelors) you would like Lillian to end up with?