Murder's throne awaited. He stared across at his doppelgänger, separated only by time and space. The Solar looked on, her disapproval as obvious as the empty throne. With a single word, it would end; there was no need to fight himself any longer.

"It is time, godchild."

"I need a minute."

"You must decide."

He used her TrueName. She hesitated. "Very well. The gods have decreed… but the moment you step back into this time…"

"I understand."

"Cespenar has his uses." It seemed the imp knew a great deal of planar lore, and knew where the book of names was held, and who by. It was typical, then, that Imoen went off on an expedition and somehow dragged Sarevok with her. Her grin was one where questions were best left unasked. "Here you go, bro– sis, I guess."

His TrueName should have released him. It took more than a name, even his true one, to return him to what he should be.

"I didn't peak, honest."

Somehow, he didn't quite believe her.

"Oh, and I like the bed – d'you think you could make me one?"

As the waves rose and fell, he stared up at her and lost himself in those eyes. He hadn't asked if she thought he would be a good deity; he saw in her eyes the belief she held in him. No matter what he chose, he would always be great.

She spoke his name, softly, wonderingly, as if turning it over in her mouth somehow made it all the more precious. "G-gods have avatars, d-don't they?"

He smiled.

The End