A/N: These are just some final spinnets that should've gone even the slightest bit differently. This will be the final chapter for the rewrite of the premiere. I may or may not go on to write some added stuff after the episode that came on this week. Let's see where my 'muse' takes me...


(Scene: Dearing home invasion)

The NCIS team, and Fornell's team, stood surrounding Dearing's home where they'd traced his call. The bomb squad had sent in a sniffer to seek out any possible explosive devices on the premises. No sense in having a repeat of what happened with the car.

They all stood ready, in case Dearing tried to flee the house. He had no where to go without them knowing. It seemed to take ages, but the bomb squad finally gave the okay to enter. They piled in, in hopes of finding the murderous bastard somewhere inside.

But there was no one there. Only a tunnel leading as far as the other side of town...

(Scene: Gibbs goes 'alone' to meet Dearing)

There was no way he would let his boss go into this by himself. But he knew there was no way Gibbs would let him tag along. So all he could do was follow at a ridiculously huge distance. Then park an ungodly distance away from Gibbs' destination, and hike the rest of the way to the house. Half way, he feared he wouldn't get there fast enough, so he picked up the pace to a sprint, until the house was in clear view. Then he made his way stealthily to the house.

He couldn't see inside, avoiding any possible avenue of view from the windows. But he stood at the corner of the back of the house and could somewhat hear the conversation. He knew they were facing away at that point; their discussion becoming but a dull muffling. Tony chanced to peek into the small, curtained window of the back door.

Gibbs and Dearing stood near the picture window at the front of the house. There was a narrow hallway that led to where Tony stood. After a moment, he saw the sun catch on something on the sill, and realized there was a gun. He prayed Gibbs knew it was there, and he readied himself to run in and kill Dearing if he laid a finger on his boss.

He almost did, too, when he saw Dearing reach for the gun. But he saw Gibbs act quicker, running a knife into the bastard's gut. Tony watched in relief as the terrorist fell. But as he watched Gibbs' face, he felt a bit bad for his boss. They'd all wanted Dearing dead. But killing a man, no matter what the reason, especially in the fashion he had to do just then, was never easy. Not for men like them.


Killing Dearing, though satisfied with the ending to a chaotic horror, reminded him of the last time he'd killed out of revenge for someone hurting his family. His morals fought him in that moment. The battle of what's right and wrong weighed heavy on his mind and even more so on his heart. There was nothing wrong with what he'd just done. It was inevitable. It was necessary. And in this instance, it was self-defense. But he'd also known it was coming. He knew what Dearing was going to attempt. But he would always wonder if there could've been a way to end it a different way.

Did Dearing deserve such a quick end? No. No he didn't. He deserved to suffer in a prison he'd never be free from. But on the other hand, there's never a guarantee that monsters can be kept in cages. There's always a chance that they'll get out, and that they would be the end of you, or your family. There's always that fear in the back of your mind. And this...well, this was the only way to ensure that you'd not have to live with that fear...