Chapter Two

When Steve woke up he was still upside down inside the taxi. He looked over where Adam was before the explosion but his seat was empty. There was, however, lots of blood and the window was shattered. Steve looked over at the front of the car. looking at the fatally large gash in his head, Steve concluded that the driver was most certainly dead. Even though there was still a loud ringing in his ears, Steve heard gun fire and people yelling. He hastily unbuckled his seatbelt. When it came undone, the lower half of his body flipped around and came crashing down to the floor. Once it hit the ground, an agonizing amount of pain shot up from Steve's leg which almost made him black out again. Steve looked at his leg to see what the damage was. "I don't think my ankle is supposed to bend at that angle…" Thought Steve.

He slowly dragged himself out of the upside down car. The agent tried to lift his leg to lessen the chance of his ankle getting any more damaged but it didn't help the pain at all. When Steve pulled his entire body out of the wreckage and eventually made it to the front of the car, he saw that there was a firefight going on. People wearing civilian clothing were firing AK-47s into the forest. Steve couldn't see what they were firing at. Suddenly two men literally came flying out of the forest; their guns going off in a frantic attempt to kill whatever had thrown them. After they smashed into two more of the men shooting, a sound that resembled the howl of a wolf on steroids erupted from the trees. The men stopped shooting and cautiously looked at who Steve guessed was their leader. The older man, looked at the obviously frightened men and yelled at them in what sounded to be Greek. Yet before they could lift up their guns again, something huge burst out of the trees.

A werewolf.

Steve could hardly believe it, but there it was. Standing at least ten feet tall, it had a humanoid body with bulking muscles and leathery black skin covered in a thin layer of black fur. It's fingers were long and bony with blood-drenched claws. It's legs and head resembled those of a wolf. Also, the werewolf was wearing blue jeans that was ripped off just below the knee. For a moment, the werewolf's and Steve's eyes made contact with each other. It's ferocious snarl receded for a moment. Steve thought he could see something familiar in those powerful eyes. But Steve couldn't think too much about it because he blacked out again.

Before Steve opened his eyes, the first thing he felt was someone holding his hand. When he forced his heavy lids to open, he saw Claudia fast asleep in the window seat next to him. After glancing around, he realized that he was in a small jet that looked like it could possibly fit twenty people at most. A few seats down the isle sat Pete and Myka who looked to be talking on the Farnsworth. When he turned his head to the other side, he saw Adam in a window seat on the opposite isle. From what Steve could tell, he looked to be reading a National Geographic magazine. A sigh of relief came over him. After seeing all that blood in the car crash, Steve was almost sure that something horrible had happened to Adam. After a few seconds, Adam's gaze made its way over to Steve. He grinned as soon as they made eye contact. "Look whose awake." Announced Adam. This made Claudia stir and eventually wake up. Once she did, Steve was smothered in a tear-filled hug as Pete and Myka made their way over to him.

"Are you Ok?"

"How are you feeling?"

"Did you throw up when you saw your ankle?... 'Cause I didn't…"

At that last comment from Pete, Steve looked down at his leg where he noticed that half way down his tibia, it was encased in several layers of thick bandages and the ankle itself was forced straight with two metal splints on either side of his foot. Steve also noticed that he was attached to an I.V; which explained why he could hardly feel any pain and he felt like he was so high, he was in orbit.

"Thankfully, the regents thought ahead and placed plenty of medical equipment on board as well as a military field doctor." Said Myka

"How are you?" Steve asked Adam. His stoned mind was limited to a few thoughts at a time and currently it was focusing on how successful their mission was: in other words, he was worried about Adam. "I'm fine, Mr. Jinks. No need to worry about me." Said Adam as he set down the magazine.

… A little too fine. Now that Steve thought about it, the explosion went off on Adam's side of the taxi. He should have gotten the worst of the damage. But that clearly wasn't the case. Aside from a few scraps on his elbows and a small cut on his forehead, Adam seemed to not have a scratch on him. There was also one last detail. A detail that Steve was surprised that he didn't pick up on immediately. Steve had no idea if Adam was lying or not. Of course maybe it was the fact that he was stoned. That could have something to do with it.

"Just a few minutes after we made it to the take-off zone, Adam used your cell to call us and tell us about the crash." Informed Pete "Good thing the taxi's GPS was still on. He used that to tell us your location."

Steve wanted to ask more questions. Questions like why Adam was in a different change of clothes; or whether the scene in the forest right after the crash had actually happened. Unfortunately, the drugs got the best of him and Steve had fallen asleep again within seconds.

Steve woke up at around two in the morning. "Guess that's what I get for being too lazy to lug this moon boot up the stairs. This couch is going to be the death of my spine." He thought as he arched his back to try and force out the aches.

Due to his injuries, there wasn't much that Steve could do other then sit around the Bed & Breakfast for the last month. By Doctor Calder's orders, due to Steve's ankle and severe concussion, Leena didn't let him walk around very much. She had been especially cautious after Steve had been uncooperative and refused to remain still after being confined to his room for the first three days after returning from Rome. He had pushed his way past Leena and Artie but only lasted a few seconds before it felt like his brain forgot which way was up and which way was down. Steve would have fallen down the stairs if Myka hadn't stopped him.

Fortunately after that, Leena tried her best to keep him occupied. She gave him chores like organizing some of the old mission files or cleaning the teslas. She even let him water and trim the flowers outside from time to time. It wasn't much but at least Steve always had a job to do and wasn't dying of boredom. Not entirely anyway. Steve's longing to do something exciting still tried to gnaw its way out of his head; but that was feeling was comfortably subdued every time Pete invited him to play a game of Grand Theft Auto.

Lastly, Steve realized that it wasn't the fact that he was stoned that made it impossible for him to tell if Adam was lying while on the plane. Steve tested Adam on many occasions to see if he could use his skill on Adam just like everyone else he knew. But it was pointless. For some reason, it was impossible for Steve to figure out whether Adam was lying about anything. He asked him questions from whether he likes pepperoni on his pizza to what month he was born in. Every time, Steve had no idea if Adam's answers were genuine. This man was unique. Steve didn't know how exactly… but he was…

Steve heard a noise in the eating area. Soon after, Adam came walking into the living room with a small bowl of grapes.

"I didn't wake you up, did I?" He asked with a cheek-full of grapes "I tried to be quiet."

Steve shook his head.

"I was waking up anyway." He replied as he stretched.

Apparently Adam finally decided to shave off that beard. Good thing too. Any longer and he would have looked like a younger, skinnier version of Artie. His hair was still the same though. It dangled just above his eyes and was parted down the middle in it's usual style. It occurred to Steve that in the past month since they first got back from Italy, he had never seen Adam with a "bed head". Even at the times when it was obvious that he had just rolled out of bed (Like running-into-the-couch-while-drinking-coffee obvious). It made Steve wonder what Adam actually looked like before he made it out of his room in the morning. Maybe he should find out sometime…

"Damn it, Steve! Stop picturing Adam in bed with you!" Steve mentally kicked himself.

At this point, Adam was lazily walking behind the couch and heading towards the stairs. Suddenly, Steve had the urge to ask Adam one of the many questions that had been floating around in his head the past few days.

"What do you remember about the crash?"

Adam paused, set the grape that was half-way to his mouth back into the bowl, and looked down at Steve.

"Why do you ask?"

"I just wanted to make sure I was remembering things correctly. If you recall, I had a pretty bad bump on the head."

Adam came around to the other side of the couch and sat on the armrest where Steve's feet were. He glanced down at the cumbersome moon boot. Adam's eyes looked distant for a second before he spoke.

"It's just like I told the others." He explained "One moment we were driving down the road. Everything seemed fine. Then, without warning, there was some sort of an explosion that flipped the car. You got knocked out and I used your cell to call the other agents and tell them what happened."

Steve thought back to the event that kept being referred to as a dream. He remembered the men shooting into the forest and yelling in Greek. He remembered the werewolf burst through the trees and throw the shooters around like they were ragdolls. He remembered the somehow familiar look in the beast's eye as it glared directly at Steve. He was almost certain that Adam was lying. He didn't need his gift to know that. But why? Adam was fully aware of what the Warehouse was and what it contained. He must have known that its members were no strangers to the odd and unexplained.

"What aren't you telling me, Adam?" Asked Steve, as he slowly made his way to a sitting position.

"What are you talking about?"

Adam's face was like stone. Almost completely void of emotion. Yet there was the very faint flare in his eyes that told Steve that he was putting Adam in a very uncomfortable position.

"Something happed in between the explosion and you calling the others. I woke up for a short time and I remember something going down…"

Adam ran his fingers through his hair. He was clearly agitated. "What do you remember then?" He asked.

"… I remember men shooting at a werewolf."

Adam raised an eyebrow.

"Seriously?... Men... shooting at a 'werewolf'?... Were they throwing grenades filled with mistletoe leaves at the creature as well?"

Adam let out a low chuckle.

"Jinks, do you have any idea how ridiculous that sounds?"

"I've seen stranger things."

Adam suppressed a laugh; which sounded more like it was created out of nerves rather then something actually being funny.

"Jinks... Whatever you thought you saw back in Italy… It didn't happen. You suffered a serious concussion. Did you ever consider that it might have played a role in what you saw?"

"… It might have."

Steve was pretty much convinced now that Adam was set in his story. Whether that meant that he wasn't backing out of his lie or that Steve's concussion actually did cause a very vivid dream, Steve wasn't sure. What he was sure of however, was that he wasn't getting anything else from Adam tonight.

"Well there you have it." Said Adam as he got up and briskly headed up the stairs with his grapes in hand.

Steve didn't get much sleep after the talk with Adam. Not only because he was too tired to drag the moon boot up the stairs, but the scene after the crash kept replaying in his mind. He was certain that it had actually happened; no matter how far-fetched it seemed. Still... Steve had heard many stories about people having extremely vivid dreams after a head injury. Things from people having out of body experiences, to having talks with their dead loved ones, to actually going to the afterlife. What made his experience any different. A small wave of guilt came over Steve. If he really had only dreamed about the werewolf and the men, it meant that he had interrogated Adam for nothing.

He had just stood up, grabbed his crutches, and was about to join the other agents in the eating area when Adam made his way down the stairs with a bowl that contained the seeds and stems of last night's snack.

"Hey, Adam, can I talk to you for a sec?" Asked Steve as he straightened up.

Adam, turned to Steve, he didn't seem to be that much effected by last night's talk.

"Listen, I wanted to apologize about last night. Chances are I did just dream all that stuff."

"Jinks, it's fine, really. I've gotten my share of head bumps. It's hard to tell the fact from fantasy in those moments."

"Right... so I'd like to make it up to you. A way to say I'm sorry for being suspicious."

"What do you mean?"

Steve took a deep breath before he said the sentence that he'd been wanting to say the second he first met Adam.

"I want to take you out to dinner."

Adams eyes widened for a second before he seemed to find something intriguing about the grape seeds inside his bowl. His cheeks began to grow red.

"So this is Adam embarrassed?" Thought Steve "My god, that's adorable!"

"Do you mean... As a date?"

It suddenly dawned on Steve that he'd been gawking at Adam for weeks, but he had never even thought about asking him if he was gay or not. Steve mentally kicked himself yet again.

"Well..." Began Steve, trying to figure out how to back out of the topic of this became too awkward "It could if you want it to. But you know... if you don't want it to be like that, then it could just be two dudes eating together... at a fancy, dimly-lit Chinese restaurant... Or... We could just order pizza here. Nothing weird about that... except that Pete might eat all the pizza... What if we-"

"Whoa, Steve, hold for a sec." chuckled Adam. That was the first time Adam ever called Steve by his first name.

"I love Chinese. And yes; I've found that I like you in that way as well. I was just a little cautious to say anything."


"Aye. So... Let's say we meet here at six? I just got a rental so I'll drive."

The butterflies came back into Steve's stomach. But this time, they filled with joy.

"It's a date.