Twisting her eyes around the corner Ana checked to see if the coast was clear. But in the back of her mind she was really hoping to see if she could grab a glimpse of him. As expected Christian was in fact still there. He appeared to be facing the building across the street.

Plotting her escape Ana in her mind had three options and revealing her identity was not one of them.

Option one was to turn around and head in the opposite direction. Positives are that it is highly unlikely she won't be noticed, but the negatives are that her apartment is in the opposite direction and being bottled neck between a construction zone and a highway make this option a substantially inconvenient long walk around.

Option two is to wait it out. Too impatient for this option though it is far more practical than the first and was Ana's least favourite.

And then the third option is to hope that Christian doesn't notice her as she sneak past him for a quick and easy escape that puts her back on the path home.

Feeling risky Ana picks option number three, whips here hood of her head in attempt to look inconspicuous.

Pumping up herself, Ana begins her trek home, turning around the corner she makes sure to keep one eye on Christian as she slowly begins to run down the street. Suddenly someone steps onto in front of her; a tall figure cuts her of on the street forcing Ana to slam on the breaks.

Elliot. Shit.


Great! Now my cover is blown, Ana reflects. Mourning her failed attempt of going unnoticed her only option now is to be nice and not look like a jerk.

"Oh hey." Ana whimpered.

Elliot with his overly charming expression immediately turned all his attention to Ana.

"It's been forever, how are you?"

"Oh I'm good, were you out with Kate today." Ana's thoughts momentarily changed to the where bouts of her friend.

"Yeah, we just dropped her off at the apartment."

"Hmm, I should probably get back. She'll probably be thinking that I've been kidnapped or something." Ana let out little laugh at her own comment.

"No, don't worry I'll message her, you should stay. Let's all get a coffee." Elliot tilted his to toward Christian who appears to be unaware of the entire encounter standing on the opposite side of the street.

"Sorry I need to get going, I have to keep the blood pumping." Ana joked as she attempted her escape.

Crossing his path, she begins her run home.

"Well we hope to see you again Ana!" Elliot called out as she trotted down the street.

Spinning around almost tripping on her feet, Ana waved him goodbye while catching one last glimpse of Christian who seemed completely oblivious. As she was turning back she caught him just ever so slightly tilting his head in her direction as if he was resisting the urge to gaze her as she passes out of site.

Just his presence sent a chill down her bones and Ana felt herself sweating buckets even more so as she ran home.

Steps away from the apartment, Ana has to drag her legs up the steps. In the process of booking it home Ana didn't realize how fast she was running, trying to evade Christian once again.

Arriving at the front door, Ana was playing the events through her head over and over again.

"We dropped Kate off." Elliot spoke.


So was Kate hanging out with both Elliot and Christian; even after she persuaded me not to see him, that for my own well being I should stay away from him? The door swung open Ana looked up from the floor quickly snapping out of her moment of deep thought.

"Ohhh, Hey Ana. I thought you died. I came into the apartment and it was so quite. I was afraid to go into the bathroom." Kate giggled.

"What!" Ana questioned Kate by her shockingly morbid comment.

"I'm joking" Kate laughed out. She was particularly bubbly today and bold with how she interacted. Something smells good, Kate's been cooking.

"You see it's just shocking to see you out, doing something besides reading or watching movies on the weekend."

Ana rolled her eyes, even more dramatic than usual. "I mean you are in your prime, you should come out once and a while, get a little dirty." There are definitely cupcakes in the oven.

Ana now standing at the tap pouring herself a glass a water as she listen to the lecture from her friend.

"You're Missing out on life!" Kate grabs Ana by the shoulders and shakes her. "Mia and I had a long discussion about you last night and she misses you that you need to come out."

Nearly choking on her water Ana begins to cough it up as a result of the shaking and Mia's name being brought up.

"Really Kate?" Ana question Kate with such profound astonishment. Kate knows how the Grey's are so close to a painful place in her heart.

"Oh forget about him, Mia is great. Don't let him dictate who you can be friends with."

Whatever, Ana thought.

"You are coming out next weekend and that's that"

"Okay, I give. I'll come," and with that she grabs a spoonful of icy out of Kate's baking bowl, strutting out of the kitchen towards the bedrooms.