Chapter Seven

Upon arriving home, the smell of cigarette smoke and throbbing loud music that vibrates from the apartment above mine aggravates my senses. I shake my fist at the ceiling; really, I don't need this right now, not today. After Elliot telling me a about Christians past, it feels like I have been hit in the stomach by a bag of rocks. I am dealing with some much emotion right now and I don't need to come home from such a long commute to loud, obnoxious neighbours and a stinky apartment.

Flopping over onto the couch with disgust, I check my cell phone. It is quite lonely here.

I soon find myself dialling Kate's number in distress, it rings a couple times and then..

"Hello," answers Kate.

"Can I come live with you?" I say with an exhausted huff.

"Of course you can! I coming to get you," Kate says with great excitement.

"Wha, Wait."

Kate hangs up the phone in a hurry. I can't move out now, this day, it doesn't work like that!

Although everything I own can probably be packed into three Rubbermaid containers.

In less than 30 minutes and after a brief meeting with my landlord, Kate's loud knock on my door pulses across the small apartment's walls.

"I'm here to collect you," she says with her arms extended out, quickly as she enters the apartment reality hits her, "can you even move out today? Don't you have to give a months notice or something?"

"The landlord says I can move out whenever I like so I have until the end of the month," I reply, "she has a niece that wants to move in as soon as possible, so it was no problem with her."

"Perfect, lets get you packed up," Kate says enthusiastically clapping her hands together, "By the way, I'll rent you the room in my apartment cheap, so don't worry about that."

"Okay, that's probably important detail to know."

An hour and half later, my life is packed away and we are ready to leave. It helps that the apartment was already furnished so all I had to collect was my clothing, some books and a blanket.

It is so nice to just have such a short commute to and from work. There was no Jack to disturb me today. Friday is turning out to be a good day and it is almost over, hopefully my luck will make it to the end of the night. Curled up on the couch, I am reading a classic novel and drinking a hot cup of tea. The steam rises up of the cup and the smell immerses my senses, it is so relaxing.

"Come on Ana, we're going out for Supper," Kate calls to me from the other room.

Dressed in my pyjamas, I hug a pillow on the sofa, "I don't want to go, and I'm too comfy."

Elliot and Christian are going to be here in 40 minutes, do you want them to see you in your pink unicorn pyjamas?," Kate says in a authoritative tone.

"What!" I say with a shriek, "There coming here?"

"Yes, soon," replied Kate.

I throw the pillow over my face, "just shoot me now! Put me out of my misery!"

Being extremely dramatic, I slide off the sofa onto the floor flopped over.

"Anastasia Steele, I am not your mother it is time that you grow up and face the world," she says with both her hands resting on her hips, "now get your ass in the shower and pull yourself together."

Why do I have to face the world? Why can't I be just like some hermit that lives in a small isolated cabin? I am such a mess of contradicting emotions, I want more in life, yet I can't be bothered to lift a finger. I need to get my ass in gear and be a stronger person that can keep it together for one night, not flake out when times get tough.

With a brief mental pep talk, I pull myself off the ground and march with confident steps towards the bathroom. I am going to look good; these boys won't know what will hit them tonight.

After finally blow drying my hair, I quickly straighten it and I apply a little makeup to my face, not much, but just enough. Searching through my closet, I struggle to find an acceptable out fit, throwing pieces of clothing across the room. Hmm, maybe I should raid Kate's closet. I run out of the room in a hurry, I quickly glance at the clock on the stove; ten minutes until they arrive, anxiety courses through my veins and I quicken my step towards Kate's room.

As I slide into her room, she is dressed and ready, sitting on her bed working on her computer.

"Can I borrow some clothes?" I ask.

"Yeah, go for it," she swats her hand lazily towards me as she continues to focus on the computer screen. She must be working on her article, she is intently focused.

Making my way towards her closet, I open the doors and clothes pop out as if they are trying to escape their cramped quarters. "Geez you have a lot of clothes," asserting my observation.

Kate just mumbles under her breath, as if she is trying to acknowledging me, but is obviously off in a different world.

I grab a pair of black skinny jeans, and a fancy v-neck top, it is beige with a cropped bottom that is also v-shaped.

All dressed, I think to myself; I look good, these jeans fit great and with the shirt, you can slightly see the top of my hip bone. I grab a pair of skin tone flats and I am ready to go.

Not a second later, a knock on the door suddenly causes me to jump out of my skin and anxiety overwhelms me once again. An idea crosses my mind; I should just hide in the closet, then I won't have to do this… I slap that stupid thought down immediately.

Revving up my nerves to deal with this, I slightly bounce around my bedroom on my tip's toes trying to shake off any nerves that are causing me to feel butterflies; Christian Grey is in the next room. Okay Ana, keep it together, your not some gushing preteen. I really am going crazy.

After taking a brief gasp of air and checking myself in the mirror, I wrangle up all my confidence and I enter the living room. Standing there are three people. Kate and Elliot are totally absorbed by each others presence. The other person is sitting on a stool by the counter with their back towards me. I notice the dark wild copper hair that shines with brilliance. His muscular frame sits slightly hunched over the counter with want appears to be a glass with some type of clear beverage in it.

Kate notices me and asks, "Ready to go?"

"Yeah, I'll just get my jacket."

As I turn back to my room, I see the coppered hair man slightly turns his head and I spot is dark grey eyes. I see a small glimmer as he sees me and it resonates with him. As fast as it happened, his eyes sink to the ground.

I hurry to my room and grab a jacket, his presence has such an affect on me and it sends a chill down my spine.


I'll try and get the chapters out faster. I work two jobs and I have two show horses to keep fit, so life is a little busy... I will get more out tomorrow.