Chapter 2:

Spencer Hastings was organizing her room. Who knew that Hanna could be so messy! While Spencer's side of the room looked clean and organized, Hanna's looked like Hurricane Katrina hit. Twice. Right now Hanna was off, probably flirting with some guy, while Spencer sat alone in her room.

"You know what, I'm gonna give myself a makeover." Spencer said to herself.

Spencer reached into her bin labeled "semi nice clothes". She pulled out back shorts, the kind with three buttons that goes up to the bottom of your ribs. Reaching in again, she found a simple red blouse with 3/4 lenght sleeves. Spencer tucked in the shirt and walked over to her vanity mirror. Her hair looked perfect, down and wavy. She grabbed black eyeliner and mascara from the pile of makeup. After swiping it on, she grabbed rosy pink blush and dabbed on a dash of reddish pink lip gloss. Perfect, she thought.

Spencer walked out of the dorm into crisp, warm, fresh air. She found a nice bench and sat down.

"Excuse me." said an exotic british voice, "May I sit here?"

Breathless, Spencer replied.

"Of course! Isn't it beautiful out here!"

"Absolutely. By the way my name is Wes."

"I'm Spencer."

"Pleased to meet you!"

"Do you go to school here?"

"Yes. I love it here. It makes me want to live here forever. Minus the homework of cours."

Spencer giggled.

"Well Spencer, I have to be going. If you'd want to, I'd love to see you again! Would Friday night at Cherries be okay?"

"Sure! I'd love to! I'll see you there at 6 then!"

"See you!"


Spencer's phone rang. Ugh, she thought, Hanna probably forgot her room key or something. Spencer got out her phone. She let out a gasp.

I'm back bitch. How are the guys at Princeton? Hmmm, lemme think. I know that British hottie from somewhere... and so do you. Enjoy your time right now cause it's not gonna last.

Luv ya,


Very funny. Some random person probably thought it would be a great prank to text Spencer and say they were "A". Nice try. Ding.

In case you're wondering, Hannakins forgot her room keys again. Oh, and I''m not some little kid making a prank text. This is real sweetie:)

Yours truly,


That one letter stood out, glaring at Spencer. "A". Pushing that aside, Spencer took a breath. This couldn't be real. Besides, Hanna hadn't even texted to say- Ding.

Hey Spence. I forgot my key. Can you come let me in?


Well, didn't see that coming, Spencer thought. Grabbing her purse, Spencer headed back to her room. She was still thinking that maybe, just maybe, A was really back.