A/N: I'm going to say this first: I have no idea what brought me to write a 8059 series, but I did. And I wanted to write an angsty high school plot soooo much I couldn't contain myself any longer. I was gonna die from depression. Anyway, I still haven't made up my mind yet, but don't be expecting this to have a happy ending... This will contain about 5-6 chapters of 500-ish words.

Warnings: A string of profanity by your's truly, Gokudera.

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Amano Akira.

1. "The matter lies in the heart."

Voices. I could hear fucking voices screaming in my head, demanding my attention this way and that.

I hated being in this suffocating classroom as much as I hated almost everything else in this world that did not include unsolved mysteries and the very capable tenth Vongola boss. Though I suppose severely retarded teenage students themselves were a mystery, it was one mystery I would rather leave unsolved. From what I saw of this, leaving most of the future population below the international average intellectual level only served to eliminate the competition for me, and most importantly, the still tender minded Tenth.

Back on topic, the main point being screw everything else in this world but the Tenth.

And that spoke for this very annoying brown-faced girl who is practically rubbing her lardy chest against my arm screeching, "Heey, Gokudera-kun are you listening to me?"

"Would you fucking stop cutting off my blood circuit in my arm with your overly fat chest!" I shouted loud enough to scare off the girl and every other girl in the room in case they had the guts to come on me again in the future.

My hands went to grab my bag that hung from my desk, and I walked out of the classroom that I silenced without a second of hesitation. It was stupid to stay in there any long if the Tenth was not going to be in class.

And as I was turning around the bend, my head that was hung low in a pitiful reflection of the world, I was stopped with a painful impact to my forehead.

Now let me emphasis on the one person walking this earth that I feel the most animosity toward on any regular day. Please take three steps back, because his idiocy is horrendously contagious. Ready?

"…Baseball idiot, watch where you're going." Did you get that? It's pretty easy to guess which idiot has such a distasteful taste in hobbies.

"Woah, there! Where are you going? School hasn't ended yet," the idiot stated the obvious and pulled my arm back when I tried to pass him peacefully.

And it wasn't just his idiocy that made him so irritating. It was his god damn sissy little feelings that he kept trying to push onto me.

"Gokudera, did you open what I gave—"

"No. I'm busy, fuck off." I glared into his ever carefree gaze and bit back a cigarette that appeared between my lips in a sorcery that I was not aware of.

His hands rose in front of him in surrender and allowed me to walk past.

If he was asking about that joke of a gift that I labelled as a bad prank, then yes. I opened it. Only to toss it into some forgotten corner of my apartment after I noticed its contents was a cheesy heart-shaped chocolate the size of a basketball.

There was seriously something wrong with this baseball idiot's mind. Why, god, why did he keep doing these things to me? Why would a guy do that for another guy? A girl sending me a gigantic heart to my door is already creepy enough, but this was…

Stop. Stop this line of thinking Hayato. If I were to go any further it would be mental suicide. I think I was beginning to catch that idiot's stupidity.

And I'm not sorry if I'm sounding too pissy, because my heart could seriously not take any more of this. Even now, I could feel his gaze on my ass.