Name: The Creed's Rebirth

Author: GhostCrystal

Story Summary: Blamed for the failure in the Sasuke retrieval mission by just about everyone, Naruto however no longer views her old teammate as a friend but as her mortal enemy as he discovers her secret of being a young woman instead of a boy and takes advantage of her leaving her with two children to take care of. At the same time she also discovers upon her arrival in the Wave village her clan's hidden legacy and mysterious bloodline that will make her a formidable warrior like none other in the elemental nations; she will live by the Creed.

Rating: M


"Talking." 'Thoughts.'


The dream flowed before her showing her past to her that had led to her current situation in life, it had all began with the failure that was known as the Sasuke retrieval mission.

The only reason he had win in the first place was because she had refused to end his miserable life but afterwards she wished that she had Sasuke had discovered the seal that protected her identity as a woman instead of the man she pretended to be to protect herself, she would discover later that he had in fact taken advantage of her in the most cruel and demeaning way possible for a woman.

He had raped her in the most demoralizing way possible then had reactivated the seal bringing back her appearance of a male, only her three male sensei's who had ever truly knew the truth about her and what the traitorous Uchiha had done to her in his pursuit of power and knew that one day he would come for the prize that was growing inside of her womb at this time.

But thanks to the Civilian Council meddling in the Hokage's affairs and business and had managed to push her to the breaking point where she had finally given into her anger and in a fit of anger and alcohol induced rage she had set Naruto's banishment order into effect that would forever banning him or her as far as she knew from her home, this event would forever create a sense of distrust for anyone from her home village except for a small group of people who knew the truth about her.

Jiraiya and Kakashi were just two of the people who knew the full truth not only about who she really was but also what had been done to her and both had vowed vengeance for her honor, it wasn't until after her banishment and arrival in the village of Wave where she had been declared a hero to the people and even had a bridge named after her that she discovered her delicate condition.

The people of Wave were shocked at what the Hidden Leaf had done to her and even more when they discovered that she was in fact a female and not a male and what had been done to her by her former teammate.

After she had discovered what had been done her she cried for nearly an entire day being comforted by the family that had taken her in as one of their own knowing that at this moment she needed all the emotional support she could get.

Jiraiya knew that he could not be present on the island at all times to train her especially at this moment with her condition and was surprised that she had decided to allow her pregnancy to continue and then came to the realization that although what had been done to her was indeed horrifying and something no woman should ever have to go through this unborn child was indeed innocent and did not have to pay for the sins of its so-called father as well as the only other fact that was that Naruko had always wanted a family of her own and now despite the horrible event that had had made all this possible she would finally have just that, a family to call her own and someone to protect with all her heart.

And if the evil sperm donor as she had come to call him decided to try to take her child from her she would indeed show him what a righteous female fury really was as well as how dangerous a mother was protecting their child from danger in the first place, when Jiraiya sent this information to Kakashi who then response to this information by coming up with a battle plan to make sure that his former student would pay in the most painful way possible in only a way that a former ANBU Capt. could think up.

Jiraiya did everything he could to try to make her life more comfortable during this period of time, she had also learned from the pervert sage that the island of Wave had once been known as the location of the Hidden Whirlpool Village and discovered many things including her clan's knowledge and mastery of seals and what surprised her even more was to learn that her clan had been Masters of the killing arts as they were Assassins of an ancient order and operated by what was known as the Creed with three unique tenants that guided them in their life.

She had also learned that she possessed a bloodline called the Animus which consisted of two parts the first allowing her to relive her ancestors memories and even absorbed their skills and the other was an ability with her eyes similar to the Sharingan or the Byakugan and was known as Eagle vision and Eagle since in it's more advanced form, during the pregnancy the bloodline activated with a vengeance showing her many memories of her ancestors and later memories that would affect her future and that of the Elemental Nations greatly.

During her pregnancy her cravings had put the old pervert's life at risk as she had simply stated a few times, "Get me my Ramen or someone is going to die!" needless to say the men who knew what a woman was capable of in this state and did everything they could to make her comfortable as she awaited the delivery all the while learning more and more about just how much the elemental nations needed the Assassins to return.

When the day came for her to finally deliver her child Jiraiya stayed by her side knowing full well that she needed all the help she could get as the seal that held back the Nine Tells would weaken as she gave birth, with the help of several midwives Naruko had finally delivered her first child only to discover that she was in fact carrying twins a boy and girl, the boy was named Washi and the girl was named Akima, Jiraiya had at several occasions asked the midwives to alleviate some of her pain during the birthing process and overheard many times how she said she was going to enjoy killing Sasuke and his manhood first and then painfully do him in for what he had done to her.

After the birth Naruko had done everything in her power to settle in the village of Wave as one of its people so she could raise her children in peace, over the years she would learned terrible things that had occurred back in the Hidden Leaf Village which had only made her even more resistant against ever going back into Fire Country or even the Hidden Leaf.

Not surprisingly after all of this she had decided to take up the mantle of the Assassins even more and began to hunt down the organization that had killed and hurt so many people that were close to her like her friend Gaara who eventually learned the truth about her real appearance and what had been done to her by the traitorous Uchiha, over time she had made many kills that had begun to heal the Elemental nations as well as finally destroying the organization that had taken so much from her.

Over the years she had eventually become known to the world simply as The Fox, and had even begun to rebuild the brotherhood as the Assassins have become known to help others and so far they had already saved several high-ranking officials Daimyo's and Kage's as well as the innocent people here and there.

The only place she and the brotherhood seem to not operator in at all was of course Fire Country due to what had happened to her so long ago; eventually she had begun to train her children in the arts of both the shinobi and Assassins as well as several other people in the village so that they would have some form of protection in case someone like Goto ever decided to try to make them slaves or build any empire there again.

She had eventually learned that only 3 members of the Akatsuki organization had survived the battles that had been occurring and had gone underground in hiding, she learned that one of the members was a guy who appeared to be a giant walking talking plant and that the other two were the people most responsible for her pain in life such as the loss of her parents and her burden and the other had been responsible for her banishment as well as for the creation of her children.

Unlike what many people would expect she had not kept the truth of what had happened to her a secret and much to her amazement and surprise even her children had sworn vengeance against their biological father knowing that whatever he was up to would hurt their mother in the long run as well as ruined the lives they had worked so hard for.

By the time they were 11 years old the children had grown strong in both the Assassin and ninja arts and could easily give any high level ninja a run for their money, the family had decided to open a small convenience store to assist the people of Wave as well as to be their personal home.

Present time

Tsunami Was currently in the shop helping the children run things as their mother had been forced to take an emergency mission to save a small village from being wiped out which had called for her immediate departure despite not wanting to go in the first place, it was at this moment that the three of them noticed what appeared to be Leaf Ninjas walking into the shop with a clear objective as one of them walked up to Tsunami and said, "We are looking for Naruto Uzumaki, we have a recall order!"

End of C1

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